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Best Colleges with Dance Scholarships

Dance is the most illustrative form of expression of emotions and art. At present, the individuals are drawn towards pursuing the dance profession. Various colleges offer dance scholarship for individuals seeking assistance to attain dance career.

Dance scholarships exist to provide financial aid for deserving artists and performers who are interested in dance as whatever the variety be, dance requires hard work, talent, and dedication.

Here, we have created list colleges with dance scholarships names, including their details for the individuals pursuing a dance career. Entrants may refer the given scholarship list to look into the appropriate colleges.

The George Mason School of Dance

The George Mason School of Dance supports its students with three different scholarship programs. The Dance Talent Scholarship provides $3000 to $5000 per year to incoming first-year students with outstanding talent in all fields of dance. The scholarship granted is renewable for up to four years. The Harriet Mattusch Special Recognition Award is a one-time award of $2500 offered to an exceptional undergraduate who demonstrates consistent hard work and dedication to dance. The Kevin Campbell Summer Scholarship is available to all dance students to help them defray the costs of attending dance festivals and workshops during the summer break.

Founded In: 1957
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Ranking: 143
Contact: +1 703-993-1000
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Alma College

Alma College offers various annual dance performance scholarships ranging from $1000 to full-tuition awards. To be considered for the scholarship, students must apply to the college and must audition for the Theater and Dance Department. Students must be accepted to the college before they can apply for scholarship awards.

Founded In: 1886
Location: Alma, Michigan
Ranking: 10
Contact: +1 989-463-7111
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Hofstra University

Hofstra University offers a limited number of grants and scholarships for students enrolled in the Drama and Dance Department. The purpose of the scholarship is to helps students pursuing dance profession. Awards range from $500 to $5000 and are renewable. Applicants must audition to be considered for any award.

Founded In: 1935
Location: New York
Ranking: 160
+1 800-463-7872
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St. Olaf College

St. Olaf College offers annual dance scholarships for its attending students. The scholarship aims to succour individuals desiring to pursue a dance career. Awards range from $4000 to $8000 and are renewable for up to four years. Awards are determined strictly based on merit, and students must submit an audition video/DVD with their application forms.

Founded In: 1874
Location: Northfield, Minnesota
Ranking: 67
Contact: +1 507-786-2222
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Mercyhurst University

Mercyhurst University presents the dance scholarships for the individuals interested in pursuing dance profession. The purpose of the support and recognize students working hard to attain a dance career. The applicants will have to audition to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship will grant notable awards and financial benefits to the recipients.

Founded In: 1926
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Ranking: 38
Contact: +1 814-824-2000
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Hope College

Hope College offers the distinguished artist award in dance scholarship for the students interested in pursuing a dance career. Students applying are required to maintain a GPA of 2.6, enrol in a minimum of two dance classes per semester and participate in dance programming to be eligible. The motive of the scholarship is to inspire students and help them achieve a dance career—the scholarship awards $3000 award for four years to the recipient.

Founded In: 1866
Location: Holland, Michigan
Ranking: 112
Contact: +1 616-395-7000
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Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University Dance Team offers partial tuition waiver scholarships for members of its dance teams. The scholarship award is renewable for up to three years. Recipients must audition for the dance team each year to re-qualify for the scholarship.

Founded In: 1965
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Ranking: 62
Contact: +1 808-544-0200
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McLellan Community College

McLellan Community College offers full and partial scholarships to dance team members. The objective of introducing the scholarships is to provide support to the individuals seeking professional dance career. The scholarship aims to grant financial benefits and n addition, and it offers housing, a food allowance and free travel.

Founded In: 1965
Location: Waco, Texas
Ranking: 87
Contact: +1 254-299-8000
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Cowley County Community College

Cowley County Community College offers tuition and books to members of its Tigerette dance team. Members with a 3.5-grade point average or above receive an additional $500 academic bonus. The college provides all performance uniforms and travel expenses.

Founded In: 1922
Location: Arkansas, Kansas
Ranking: 145
Contact: +1 800-593-2222
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