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Best Online Brand Building Courses

If you’re onboarding a new business, Let’s say, you’ve worked from A to Z for the company, targeted on advertising, marketing, and managing your business but does it feel like something is lacking? Is it not reaching the target audience after spending a good chunk of money on advertising? Are you still confused about what your company is lacking? Don’t worry, this piece is a god-sent article for you. We have acknowledged what most of the start-ups lack in the biz- Brand Building.

Good branding is not just to attract customers but to make your brand their habitué. It is all about building loyalty and stability which will ultimately spike your business. Also, spoiler alert, the brand building does not succumb to logos, color, and catchphrases, it is more than that. For a modern entrepreneur, considering the digital nuances of the market, there is a necessity to educate themselves with the top brand-building courses. After in-depth research, we have brought down the 10 best brand strategy courses on the internet which are paid as well as free. The list is taken considering the affordability, ratings of the course, instructor, and various aspects. So let us jump right in!

1. Brand Strategy Guide by Ebaqdesign 

The course is a practical guide for running your own brand strategy workshop. Instructed by Arek, he runs his own branding agencies and works at top companies for branding. The cost of the course is $497 and it is relatively expensive. But the course is worth every single penny because it not only focuses on Brand core and brand positioning but also helps you to learn your brand personas like personality and tagline.

The highlight of the course is, it does not overwhelm you with lecture videos but takes classes using 9 step by step branding exercises which will give a complete practical knowledge on how to build a brand

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2. StoryBrand by Business Made Simple

David Miller, the New York Times bestselling author and CEO of StoryBrand is known for helping more than 1000 companies to build their brand. The purpose of the course is to personalize your company’s message to reach the target audience. The cost of the course is $275 which has comprehensive 28lecture videos which will prolong up to 20hours. The course also includes plenty of workshops and exercises which have a more engaging and fun type of scoreboard. If you want to grow your business, hands down, this is a top course to understand the nuances of leadership, marketing, and strategy of your business.

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3. How to Develop and Market Your Brand by CreativeLive, Inc. 

With around 32.4 k students, this course will help you to learn to Create and utilizing a Brand that connects to clients. The course is instructed by Sandra Coan who has experience in business branding over 16years.

The course has 1h 19m of class content which will have 6video lessons that are HD. If you want to build a unique and instantly recognizable brand, this course is rightly tailored for you.

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4. Business Strategy in a Digital Age by Section4

Scott Galloway, the profound professor of Marketing at NYU Stern is the founder of L2 Inc, Red Envelope, Prophet, and Prof G, a new online education startup. The credibility of the course is on the instructor who is the bestselling author of The Four and Algebra of Happiness, host of the Prof G Show, and co-host of Pivot with Kara Swisher.

If you want to learn how to value the proposition of your firm and how to outmaneuver the competition, this is the right course for you. With a 2week self-paced program, the course costs $750 and it is highly endorsed for its case studies based on 8 winning strategies of the most innovative and valuable firms in the world

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5. Branding 101: The Complete Toolkit by CreativeLive, Inc. 

With around 20k students and the highest rating, this course is the best one in the market to define your vision, core values, and how you position yourself in the market. According to the Creativelive survey, 81percentage of the students recommend this class. The course includes 9 video lessons with 2hr 34m of class content.

If you want to create cohesion through every touch-point and communicate to the target audience through your brand, this is the right course for you. The course is instructed by Danielle McWaters, the CEO of Designsake Studio is a specialized brand creator for multiple companies.

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6. Courses by Branding MasterPlan

Founder at Highly and author of Branding Masterplan Course, Daniel Patterson has curated the course primarily using google sheets. The unique method is used so way you can populate the answers and arrive at strategic insights right in the Google Sheets.

This course is unique and comprehensive from other courses. Graphic designers, agency owners, and people who own creative businesses can opt for this course. The instructor is a Uk Based branding specialist who will help you to create an unforgettable brand that does not require deep pockets.

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7. Branding: The Creative Journey Specialization by Coursera

Offered by IE University, this course is a top-rated comprehensive course on branding which primarily focuses on mastering branding strategies, branded content generation, image creation, and customer experience. The course is absolutely free of cost which is designed for beginners in branding.

If you pick this course you will learn how to create a value proposition for a brand and how it can be positioned and mapped. At the end of each MOOC, you will find a capstone project which will help you to find out all the stuff you studied practically. The course is instructed by top faculty from the IE Business School who are specialized in marketing and branding.

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8. Branding & Marketing for Startups: Learn How to Stand Out by Udemy

If you want to learn Top Brand Design Strategies To Build Physical Product Brand & Grow Your Business, this course is the right fit for developing your business. The course helps you to define the real value of your particular brand.

The course does not speak the same marketing myths, it focuses on real-life strategies to build a brand within a 1.5-hour on-demand crisp video. The course has around 6sections with 40lectures. The course is instructed by Mac Piechota who is a Creative Entrepreneur and a Brand Consultant. The course is primarily focused on lifestyle brands.

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9. Digital Branding and Engagement by EdX

Through the creation and distribution of content using an owned digital channel approach, the course is highly recommended for business start-ups who want to build a standard brand. The course is offered by Curtin University which is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university, with over 50,000 students from over 130 countries.

The length of the course si 4weeks. The course can be completed by the stipulated period if there is a dedication of 3-4 hours per week. The course is a valid micro master credential that requires taking the certificate which costs around 100 dollars. It is an intermediate course for business which is already established in the market.

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