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Best Online AP Biology Courses

AP stands for Advanced Placement Biology, an examination conducted by College Boards throughout the United States; hence it is very popular among college and high school students. These examinations help students to qualify for college credits and placements. (AP Biology Examination)

There are various online platforms where you can digitally practice these examinations and gain confidence. AP tests are extremely competitive, so the students are required to have prior training to qualify for these examinations. So keeping that in mind, we have arranged a list of the best online courses that will help you qualify AP Biology examination very easily:

1. AP Biology from Johns Hopkins CTY

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is popularly recognised for its AP courses, most of which are approved by the NCAA. The AP Biology course here is completely online and covers the syllabus of high school and first-year (college) to help students easily qualify in the AP. The course is designed keeping in mind the College Boards Standard and includes online lectures (zoom classes), lab exercises and practices, assignments, and video recommendation (at the end of every class).

AP Biology courses by JHCTY has proven to be very helpful to students and have made them pass the exam easily. The duration of the course is 30 weeks and is ideal for students of grade 9 to 12.

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2. AP Biology from Apex Learning

Apex Learning is another best platform to find useful courses in AP, including Biology. Apex Learning is committed to developing intellectual skills and cognitive strategies among students so that they face no difficulty in qualifying for the AP examination. From micro to macro Biology, lab practices, assessments, to rigorous instructions, the course covers everything required to succeed in the AP examination. 

This AP course by Apex Learning has been authorised by the College Board, which means it can be the best source for you to get your hands on the best and the most appropriate course that can bring success in your career. 

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3. AP® Biology – Part 1: The Cell by edX

EdX has highly ranked courses related to AP Biology that can be of great help to you. The AP Biology course is divided into 4 parts and cover the major areas of the test, helping students understand the important concepts of micro and macro biology. The other 3 continuations of the course can be easily found in the suggestion area so that you can easily access them. 

The AP Biology Part-1 course is offered by the prestigious RICE University and will cover topics related to cell and their structure. The instructions are provided by highly experienced AP Biology teachers who would guide you in the right way to success. This course will feature important lecture videos, multiple-choice questions similar to the AP exam, and tutorial videos to help you solve problems. This course by RICE has been authorized as an Advanced Placement course by the AP Course Audit, which was created by the College Board to instil confidence among students so that they can qualify for AP tests easily. 

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4. AP Biology Chapter 1: Life in One Look by Udemy

The 4th course on our list is from Udemy and can be a good way to understand AP Biology. Since the course is introductory, it will begin from the basic information to give you a perfect outlook of the subject. The course is provided by a medical student itself; hence it is not highly rated (not a professional instructor), but it can be very helpful as the provider himself has experience with AP Biology examination. 

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5. AP/SAT/General Biology by Udemy

Another course by Udemy (provided by a professional instructor) is based on Biology topics that can be of great help to students who are going to appear for AP and SAT examinations. 

The course will mainly focus on the fundamentals of living organisms and proceed with informative video lectures and online tests to improve your skills and experience. This course is progressive; hence, new materials are added based on the requirements of students to improve their experiences of learning and understanding. 

This course is ideal for college students preparing for AP/ SAT or high school students who want to begin with their preparations. The duration of the course is 1 hour, and you will receive a certificate after the completion of the course.

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6. On-Ramp to AP* Biology by edX

Another course on edX provided by Weston High School covers useful information in relation to AP Biology. This course will introduce basic concepts, advanced challenges, and a curriculum based on the AP Biology examination. Alongside, you will also learn how to create mathematical models in Excel, population models, experimental designs and data analysis and much more. If you are in high school and hoping to begin your understanding of AP Biology, or you are a student who wants to gain advanced knowledge in Biology to expand their Understandings of various concepts, then this course is designed just for you. 

The duration of the course is just 3 weeks and is free to attend, but to earn a certificate you must pay a small amount of $50. This course is also self-paced to help students proceed at their comfort.

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7. AP Biology from Khan Academy

The last course on our list is by Khan Academy, which is recognized for its student-helping courses. The AP Biology course includes everything exercises, quizzes, and tests to develop your intellectual skills. These exercises are divided into sections based on important topics of AP Biology; this breaking down of topics helps students to put emphasis on each section. These sections are also included with mastery points that help you know your progress, strengths, and weakness. Join the courses of Khan Academy today to get an in-depth knowledge of Biology and qualify for the AP examination with good results.

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8. AP Biology Course by eAchieve Academy

The AP Biology course by eAchieve Academy is ideal for students who have taken a major in Biology or are willing to study in the medical field and want to crack the entrance. This course follows College Board guidelines and focuses on Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics, Mechanisms of evolution, Evolutionary history of biological diversity, Plant and animal form and function, and Ecology. 

Since eAchieve Academy provides NCAA-Certified courses, it meets all the requirements of the original AP Biology examination. The course duration is 1 year, and students of grades 10, 11, 12 can apply without thinking twice and begin with their preparations. 

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9. AP Biology from AP Central 

AP Central offers the best college-level introductory course of AP Biology that assures student’s success. The best part of the website is it helps students to understand the AP Biology examination as a whole at first, from its pattern to syllabus through its downloadable PDF files that cover every query of students and then encourages students to take up the course. 

The course is divided into 8 units focusing on important sections of the examination and includes practices that help students test their progress. AP Central will provide the most authentic guidance to students and lead them to success. 

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10. AP Biology Course from 

The last course on our list by will focus on advancing your knowledge of AP Biology by focusing on genetics, mitosis, cellular structure, and other main sections that are a part of the main examination. The course includes video lessons, quizzes, test preps, and a total of 27 chapters covering the whole syllabus of AP Biology. is not only a renowned website but also has been providing constant support to students of every discipline. Hence, opting for an AP Biology course from will give you a chance to learn from the best instructors with the support of the latest learning materials and video lectures. 

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