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Best Macroeconomics Courses

The supposed interlink between money supply and inflation has brought a lot of challenges to statisticians recently. After the covid surge, the world economy went downward spiral. Each day, we are presented with new trials and there is always a huge demand for macroeconomists across the globe. The present economists do not stick with the traditional economic thinking and rather, push an actual policy that is beyond the parameters of orthodoxy.

Exploring different approaches to theorizing and relating theory to evidence is a constructive way to address the past failings in macroeconomics. To increase our knowledge of macroeconomics for a prospective future, it is highly recommended to choose the best courses offered by renowned instructors and universities.

1. Fundamentals of Macroeconomics by EdX

The course is the study of how the overall economy operates on a large scale. As an economist, it is important to understand the markets that are the strength and weaknesses. It is a free course which is designed for beginners. The course is instructed by renowned faculty from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The university ranks top1 out of all universities in Spain.

By opting for these macroeconomics courses you will learn the applied tools that will allow you to assess the economic situation in a country. These analytical tools are the ones most used by applied macroeconomists including those at the IMF. You will learn both how to technically implement these tools and to interpret their results.

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2. Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet by EdX

If you want to learn macroeconomics for developing a thriving global economy in an equitable and environmentally resilient way, this course is highly endorsed. The length of the course is 13 weeks which covers the important topics from unemployment, inflation to protectionism and trade barriers.

The course is offered by the leading economics minds of Columbia University Professor and Senior UN Advisor Jeffrey Sachs and former Chilean Minister of Finance Felipe Larraín. The course is an intermediate course that is designed for Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students studying international development or Economics.

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3. UC3Mx by EdX

This course provides an overview of GDP, its measurements and components, The main indicators of the labor market and the nature of unemployment, central banks monetary, fiscal policies, and so on. The course is for 6 weeks with 2 – 3 hours of effort put in per week.

The cost of the course is absolutely free. The course is exclusively available at EdX. You can pursue a verified certificate to add a feather to your skills at just Rs 122 dollars.

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4. AP® Macroeconomics by EdX

Clark ross, a predominant macroeconomic professor will leverage his knowledge to those of you looking for the best macroeconomic course. You can choose your convenient timing to finish the course.

From basic macroeconomic concepts to understanding foreign markets everything will be available under one roof. With 2-4 hours of effort put in per week, you can complete the course in just 18 weeks which is absolutely free of cost. The institute will offer you a verified certificate at just $45.

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5. Macroeconomic Diagnostics by EdX

It is important to assess a country’s macroeconomic situation using practical tools that will help you engage in day-to-day macroeconomic analysis. This course will guide you through the different sectors of the economy.

The duration of this course is just 6 weeks provided with a valid certificate accredited by the renowned International Monetary fund.  Maksym Ivanyna, Senior Economist from the International Monetary Fund is one of the reputed tutors who would clout his valuable knowledge. This course is offered by 4 instructors from IMF.

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6. Principles of Macroeconomics by Udemy

This course provides an introduction to aggregate economic analysis and using the aggregate demand/aggregate supply model for the determination of output, employment, and prices.

It is targeted at those who desire to learn the fundamentals of  Macroeconomics. The specialty of the course is that they provide unlimited lifetime access and certification of completion. The course has 2sections and 21 lectures which require just 4.5hours of on-demand classes.

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7. Economics of Money and Banking by Coursera

This course is offered by Columbia University. For more than 250 years, Columbia has been a leader in higher education in the nation and around the world. You can enroll in the course for free and can proceed with the course at your flexible timings. Popular tutor – Perry Mehrling will be our instructor who is the senior-most economics professor from Barnard College. It is a highly rated course with whooping 4.9-star ratings.

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8. Macroeconomic Management in Resource-Rich Countries by EdX

The highlight of this course is, it is provided by the well-known International Monetary Fund. This course is not provided in the same theoretical base but rather, it focuses on teaching through macroeconomic policy issues and challenges that confront resource-rich countries (RRCs).

The length of the course is 7weeks which requires 6-8 hours of dedication per week. The course is absolutely free. It is an intermediate course that requires some basic background on the nuances of Macroeconomics. The course is instructed by various economists of which,  one is the famous Hamid Davoodi the senior economist from the International Monetary Fund.

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9. Advanced macroeconomics I by MIT

Offered by the Ivy League college, MIT, the Advanced Macroeconomics course is designed especially for advanced learners and it absolutely free of cost. The highlight of the course is instructed by the top MIT faculties which will give you a wide perspective on macroeconomics.

This course is highly recommended to have a great understanding of multiple equilibria, global games, and informational fiction. The MIT instructors will use real-world examples to illustrate the course material.

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10. Macroeconomics: The IS-LM Model by Udemy

For an amount of 273 dollars, you will learn how to understand and formulate economic policies on your own. The course primarily helps to specialize in the IS-LM model to Use the model in interpreting various policy effects on the economy.

The course is designed especially for advanced learners which definitely requires a decent knowledge of the nuances of Macroeconomics. The course is offered in 4sections with 20lectures from Abdullahil Mamun who is a renowned academician in economics.

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