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Best iOS Development Courses

iOS is abbreviated from the Internet Operating System or more specifically iPhone Operating System. The OS is prevalently in use with Apple products, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, to name a few.

To pursue a career in iOS in today’s world is something that can be bet upon. The increased use of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and so forth has also led to the increase in job opportunities in the development of iOS.

The jobs are often accompanied by lucrative salary packages which lead to growth and development of the career. The cost to create an app varies, still, a basic version will cost $90,000, and one with medium complexity can go up to approximately $160,000. The developers for Apple devices are in the highest claim and so the opportunities are continuously rising.

The responsibility of a developer is to create and design innovative mobile applications and the progression of already presented ones. The average salary of a developer can range up to $115,359 per year.  

The language in highest demand now is the Swift, which is inseparable from the iOS system, as writing the code using Swift is fun and interactive. It consists of new improvised features that are more acceptable for the present generation. The language Swift UI is of greatest help to create good-looking apps crossways all Apple platforms.

The necessary skills for an iOS developer are;

  • Handling with ease  of Swift programming language
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Designing rules
  • Core data
  • Networking

There are courses available for a deep understanding of the program;

1. iOS Programming by UC San Diego Extension

The programming in mobile is one of the segregated parts of technology and is always up to regular improvement and modernization. Such advancement needs accurate specific training in iOS programming languages. The Apple curriculum followed is equally aimed at students with knowledge of programming as well as for those who are brand new to it who can use the information for the development of software development in the mobile sector. Learners gain the skills required to create application programs that are fundamentally suitable for mobile devices specific to iOS for Apple-based technology. There will be systematic instruction for developing apps for the differently sized screen for Apple Watch and Apple TV.

The professionals get an important insight on SQLite Database Access, Core Data, iCloud, Advanced Networking tools and functions in iOS app development.  The advanced form of the course of study showcases the importance of Swift programming language in Objective-C Code, the real language for writing iOS apps, Xcode IDE, Apple Development center to ensure the students are well fit to construct, plan, code, debug and troubleshoot iOS apps. The following courses are to be taken during the study;

  • Introduction to Swift Programming
  • iOS Programming I
  • iOS Programming II
  • iOS App Production

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2. Computer Programming, Minor by Saint Leo University

The ability to handle anything related to computers is sure a boon to get into any industry. The growing economy of modern time is greatly dependent on the use of skills in computer knowledge. The course is a small but helpful element for those who had been graduated with any major subject. The course takes through real-life situations in accordance with designing, development, support, and management of software and hardware, and multimedia incorporation services.

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3. Mobile Development Bachelor’s Degree Online by Full Sail University

The program is intended to impart knowledge and understanding in designing, developing, and putting into use the solutions to software issues, business modifications, entertainment, and dealing with the client arena. The courses that are of interest in the study are;

  • iOS development I- the learners investigates the development options in the mobile using iOS, and get trained in putting the iOS programming to use.
  • Android Development I –the learners use the knowledge to create wonderful android applications.
  • Advanced Mobile Development they are also taken into other non-standard platforms to attain a wholesome understanding of the application development completely.

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4. iOS Foundations by SwiftUI                         

The course is a beginner course that sets the goal of understanding the foundation of the iOS program. The method of study is set in such a way that the learner has to develop 4 complex apps through the skills acquired through the course. When the course ends, the learner will be completely set to create multi-screened data-powered apps. The student’s confidence is raised in building apps that take up data from a resource such as API, a data feed, or the self file to make it available for the users. Apps for weather forecasts, statistics, or any information are examples. The significance of the study is the user knowledge of the Swift code, easy handling of it to write and read for using it to create the user interfaces.  Practical experience in navigating and making use of official Apple tools such as Xcode, the latest Swift UI framework, and also to create own app are also some of the course highlights.

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5. iOS User Interfaces with Uikit by Razeware

The user interface is the most important part of the application that is the part visualized constantly by the users. The course is aimed at imparting info about layouts in iOS with the help of UIKit and AutoLayout to enable to make working easier with table and collection views, connect SwiftUI and UIKit structures in the app, and incorporating animation in the apps created by the learner. The learning experiences will help the novice to create powerful interfaces which are attractive and strong. The animations included would be spectacular with the help of the above-mentioned course.

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6. iOS App Development Fundamentals by Pluralsight

The program is mainly aimed at building iOS apps for iPhones and iPad. The start of the program will be with the introduction to Swift language in programming. Then it proceeds with Apple’s Xcode IDE along with other general and required ideas and configuration patterns needed to create iOS apps. The self-creating and testing of iOS apps, their debugging methods, user interface creation, and data persistence modes are also taken into concern in the program.

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7. iOS Programming With Swift by Appcoda

The process of learning the coding using Swift and to help create an app from the scrape is what the program is intending to do. SwiftUI, ARKit, and Core ML are also considered in the program. The method adopted here is not merely the traditional learning of the theoretical basis and then using it to practice. The educators emphasize the learners start building the apps way right at the beginning of the course. By beginning with the use of Swift language and understanding all the essentialities in a systematic manner, the learner would be perfectly able to create a real app on App Store. The providers are intended to impart the learning to be fun and worth it, so the method adopted is learning by doing. This is surely going to make a change in the approach to learning.

The programming language is familiarized leading to the creation of a prototype by the student. Slowly it leads to the usage of more and more ideas to build upon the basic features. This whole process creates an unknowing elucidation of the Swift Programming and iOS app development.

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8. iOS App Development For Complete & Utter Coding Beginners by Stacksocial

The course takes an interesting route which is the best for the beginners who are actually those who don’t have any knowledge about coding previously. The program is proceeding in such as way that anyone who is ignorant in programming languages, coding, or even no significant background in the subject can acquire it too. The language for programming in Swift and they learn to read and write in the language. The program is a course of 23 lessons with a fee of around $18. The outcomes of the course would be that the learners will be able to create small programs, build a temperature converter, learn to create apps, and have powerful basics of the concepts and terms in app creation.

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9. Advanced iOS Development by Aboutobjects

The program intends to teach the more advanced techniques in developing iOS apps. It covers a wider spectrum of the course which includes resolution with Core Data, using the URL Loading System to work with REST services, sophisticated use of storyboards and nib files, and procedures for considerably dropping a size, difficulty, and coupling in organizer modules. This course is for those who tend to improve their existing knowledge and to learn more complex topics about iOS development. The learners are supposed to have experience in iOS development and knowledge to work with Swift language.

Several grand practices for using Core Data structure, SQLite relational database, and RESTful web services to hoard, recover, and handle the app’s data are also learned. Ascertaining of the best ways to organize synchronized functioning with blocks, operation queues, and Grand Central Dispatch, and learning more about storyboards and nib files and also the recent attributes of UIKit are the course emphasis. The learner will gain hands-on experience on Core Data, streamlining codes, test automation in Xcode, and ultimately integration of iOS and watch OS apps.

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10. Mobile App Development by USC Viterbi

The course is powered by the University of California, for designing new standards and programs for app building for Android and iOS. It also stresses creating interfaces in mobiles, library construction for app construction to improve the appearance and experience, and manage user input. The skills learned to include UI design, idea formation on mobile apps, and programming in Python, object-oriented programming, Android, and iOS development.

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