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Best Free Touch Typing Courses

Has your typing speed worried you these days? Have you been looking for solutions to increase your typing speed and enhance your skills, but haven’t found a good opportunity yet? Then all your problems are going to end because there are numerous options available online to make you a typing master. Did you know that you can opt for Touch Typing training, lessons, and courses and that too for free? Yes, that’s absolutely true, because there are many popular websites that have helped thousands of people like you, struggling to maintain their typing speed.

The moment you take Typing more as a fun thing to do, and less as a training, boring, stressful job, it becomes easier for you. And this can be possible through these online free courses featured in this article. As soon as you adopt a fast typing speed, you will save more of your precious time, and rather enjoy your typing job like never before. If you really want to bring this positive change, then have a look at these Best Free Online Touch Typing Courses, waiting for you to get discovered and applied.

1. Touch Typing Made Easy – From Beginner to Mastery in Typing (Complete Course) by Skillshare 

The Touch Typing Made Easy course by Skillshare is ideal for beginners to learn the A to Z of touch typing. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, because this course will begin right from teaching you to place your fingers correctly on the keyboard, to make you a fast and accurate typing expert.

This course consists of a total of 24 lessons and will cover every important area you need to learn as a beginner.

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2. Touch Typing Training by is one of those valuable platforms where you get numerous courses all for free, and the Touch Typing Training course is absolutely free too. You can now rapidly improve your touch typing skills by just attending this course, which will make you a skilled typist in less than 3 hours.

The best part about the courses in is that they are CPD Accredited, and prepare you for the best in much less time. In this course, you will enhance your touch typing skills by completely understanding the Keyboard, improve your skills with tests, memorize the location of keys in such a way that it positively impacts your typing speed. After completing this course, typing will no longer be an exhausting task, rather your fast speed will save a couple of hours more.

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3. Free Touch Typing Training by TypingAcademy

The TypingAcademy is your one-stop solution to obtaining free training in Touch Typing and keep on practicing until you ace it. The TypeLift free online courseware organized by TypingAcademy is what you need to boost your typing speed and test your progress from time to time.

From learning the fundamentals of typing while using all your 10 fingers, to practicing and testing your progress, you can do it all for free. The most important part about any online course is tracking your progress, and TypingAcademy lets you do that too, to make it an easy yet fun learning experience.

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4. Free Touch Typing Lesson by

Another amazing platform to get trained for free, has more than 10 free Lessons to introduce you to the methods of touch typing, and increase your typing speed. Whether you are seeking free online training options simply for the sake of increasing your typing speed or aspiring to work in areas related to typing such as Data Entry, Transcription, or any other related job roles.

There are Keyboard Layouts available in more than 50 languages spoken and written across the world, and there are options for you to test your progress through Speed and Typing Test available on the website. There cannot be a better way to improve your typing skills than this.

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Best Free Touch Typing Courses

5. Free Touch Typing Courses by TypingClub

TypingClub is another amazing option if you are seeking free online courses in Touch Typing. TypingClub offers the most effective way to learn how to type and master it in much less time. This free online training is web-based and highly effective for students and adults of all ages. TypingClub is free for both individuals and schools, to reach and help any individual across the globe to become a skilled typist.

Learning at TypingClub is fun because it is much like an entertaining game, where you keep on practicing unless you earn a 5-star. Just by spending a few minutes or hours a day, you can ace touch typing in the most easiest and enjoyable way. You can track your progress anytime, and keep on earning badges and stars unless you reach the top level, where you have finally acquired a fast typing speed.

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6. Touch Typing Free Lessons by Typing Trainer

One of the most organized or you can also say sorted ways to boost your typing speed and that too for free is by opting for the most helpful lessons from TypingTrainer. There is a total of 14 Lessons available on the website, each of which focuses on one significant topic such as “Letters E and I”, “Ergonomics and Letters R and U”, and so on, and the last lesson is a “Final Test” to check your progress.

Apart from these 14 Touch Typing Lessons, there are other helpful Lessons focusing on “Speed Building”, “Number Row”, “Symbols” and “10-Key Number Pad”, that will help enhance your typing skills more. Truly, there cannot be a more efficient way to enhance your typing skills than this online course offered by TypingTrainer.

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7. Touch Typing Lessons by TypingMaster 

As the name of the website says, you can now become a TypingMaster, and boost your typing speed with much less effort and time. While you download typing master 10 for your Windows PC and Laptops, you get a chance to practice touch typing in a fun way.

While testing your speed and accuracy, and playing top-notch games, you become a skilled typist with speed, within a span of just 1 week. The TypingMaster 10 application is absolutely free to download, also, the Typing Game and Typing Test are free, and you can get unlimited access to them. 

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8. Ratatype Free Touch Typing Lessons

Another incredible online platform that deserves a mention for its free Touch Typing training, Ratatype is your ultimate destination to take free typing lessons unless you become an expert.

Be it developing keyboard skills or taking online tests to find out your progress, and the impact on your typing speed, and when you are all set to go, you will have a personal Typing Certificate to be proud of. Available in many languages including English, Russian, Spanish, French, and Ukrainian, you can choose the language you are comfortable in while pursuing your course. Learn typing in Game Mode or compete with Groups who are learners just like you, either way, it is going to be fun and effective.

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9. Free Online Tutoring by Learn Typing

From e-Books, online lessons to Galaxy Typing Games, Learn Typing has it all waiting for you to explore. Whether you are a complete beginner, or someone with a bit of typing experience but looking for opportunities to boost your typing speed, Learn Typing offers its lessons in two types, one for “Beginner(s)”, while the other one is for “Advanced” learners.

The Learn Typing free online typing tutor has brought success to learners worldwide for more than 40 years and has helped beginners or amateurs into professionals. You can take the help of Typing Coaches, or take part in Galaxy Typing Games arranged by Learn Typing, to become a part of a learning experience never to forget. For more details regarding the free online courses, visit the website directly from the link below.

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10. Online Training by Keybr

The last website on the list that offers free touch typing lessons to learners, Keybr is a place where you can practice for unlimited times to completely understand the keyboard, its features, and boost your speed of touch typing. You can sign in for free, create your own profile, and keep on practising unless you have reached a level that can compete any professional typist. You can track your “High Scores”, compete with your friends or other learners through “Multiplayer” games, and so much more. Keybr is one of the simplest websites with fewer features, but that is enough to make you an expert.

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You might have decided by now which website is going to be your ideal match, to turn you into a Touch Typing expert. Each of these websites and courses featured on the are no doubt free of cost, so there is nothing to lose, and only gain skills in return. No matter if you are a complete beginner, or someone fed-up of slow typing and spending hours and hours in the process, each of these courses covered on the list will boost your typing speed for sure, and save your precious time.

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