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Top Ten Fun Games for College Students

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” similarly, all studies and no play can make the lives of college students boring. To add that pinch of fun into your lives of busy schedules and the pressure of work and studies, we have brought a list of exciting games that can be played with your gangs over gatherings and parties or even during outdoor trips.

Be it at parties or on regular college days, these interesting games can take your boredom away instantly and will let you have a wonderful play-time full of laughter and funs. Check out these games on our list to choose the best one for you, and pay for them with your friends and family.

1. Who Can Do It – 250 Action Cards

Who Can Do It is a party game that comes with exciting challenges and can be played with a group. This is basically an adult game for people above 17 years of age and can turn up the party mood in a fraction of seconds. This card game includes 250 action cards that have interesting questions or tasks written on them, if you are a “Truth or Dare” kind of person then this game is surely your type.

Parties are incomplete without fun games, and Who Can Do It can take all the toll and turn your boring evening into a night full of laughter and fun. This game is designed keeping in mind the taste of college students, so you won’t have to dislike it, rather you will become a fan of it.

2. Uno Family Card Game with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin

Uno is a card game extremely popular worldwide, and a great one to play with your friends and family. The best part about Uno is that you can play them with people of any age group and have fun times together. Friends gatherings, college parties, family gatherings, Uno can be a part of your every fun occasion.

This easy-to-pick game comes in 4-colored cards and has numbers written on them. Uno is very travel-friendly meaning it requires almost no space to carry, can be taken along anywhere.

3. Wit’s End Board Game for 16 Years Old Kids to Adults

Wit’s End Board Game is a very interesting pass-time game for youngsters, especially those who are above 16 years of age. This game is equally challenging and entertaining and will test your knowledge and thinking skills. This game will keep you and your gang totally engaged in some fun problem-solving and mind-challenging questions, this game is truly for youngsters with wit.

The cards in the game are categorized into four sections such as Teaser, Odd1Out, Sequence, and Wild Card, each of these cards carries interesting questions that will test your thinkability and knowledge. This brain-teasing game is way more interesting than it sounds, and you will only discover that when you play it. An amazing game for students of High And College that can be thoroughly enjoyed with friends.

4. Secret by Hitler Game for 5 to 10 Players

Secret Hitler is one of the best games for adults and especially college-goers. This dramatic game with political intrigue and betrayal is set in 1930’s Germany, which takes players into the past time.

In this game, players will be electing a President and a Chancellor, and the game becomes extremely interesting with fascist laws, government powers, and the figuring out betrayals. Secret Hitler is a fast-paced game of deception and betrayal that is thoroughly interesting. This game includes wooden components, solid game boards, hidden roles, and secret envelopes. This game can be played with 5 to 10 people at a time.

5. Magnetic Poetry College Kit – Words for Refrigerator

The Magnetic Poetry College Kit can be a part of fun games for college students however, this kit requires a declaration that an individual who is purchasing it is above 16 years of age meaning, it is strictly for grown-ups.

This poetry kit can be used for passing quirky comments, sending love notes, some weird and funny compliments, and having ongoing conversations on the fridge. You can invent new words, entertain your friends, or even turn a boring day into a fun day. This kit can also be used for genuine purposes such as for showing gratitude with “Thank You!” and “Sorry” messages. Magnetic Poetry will become a part of your everyday college life. Magnetic Poetry has a hundred themes, so if you love this one, you can buy more of your choice.

6. 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game by PlayMonster

Another fun game for youngsters above 17 years of age, PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game can turn out to be a party hit. You might have watched Ellen DeGeneres playing this game with her guests on her show, which means this game is actually very popular across the country. This card game is way too funnier than you can think about and will leave your friends in laughing tears.

The game is very easy, involves quick-witted skills, you have to dig into the smutty corners of your minds to answer those hilarious questions. You can play this game with three or more players and have a fun time.

7. Never Have I Ever College Edition NSFW for 2 to 12 Players

Here comes a College edition game by NSFW that is made for entertainment, education, and escapade from boredom. A sensible game for 18 and above, this game features fun facts, funny “Never Have I Ever” questions and much more to keep you and your gang laughing and enjoying. This game can be played anywhere on parties, road or camp trips, dorm rooms, college get-togethers basically wherever you like to. This game can be played with a large number of people so you can imagine how fun it is going to be!

8. Spank The Yeti – Adult Card Party Game

As fun as the name suggests, Spank the Yeti is for people who are above 17 years of age. This game is hilarious, can serve as one of the best party games ever, and can be played with many people. Find out if your friends are human-faced Yetis and have hearty laughs when they try to fulfill those hilarious dares.

9. Power Hour Tower Party Game – Stacking Wooden Block for Adult Group

Enough of card and board games on our list, here comes a unique party game that is made exclusively for adults. Make your parties extremely fun and entertaining with this block game where many secrets will be revealed and unexpected things might happen.

Bring life to your party with this classic childhood stacking game – turned into an epic adult party game. The game proceeds with pulling blocks on turns and performing the tasks written on them which are absolutely hilarious. Give yourselves a night to remember and bring life and laughter to your party with this game.

10. Quickwits Party Card Fun & Adult Tabletop Game

The last one on our list is a fun table-top party game for 18 years and above, that will try on their wits and turn a boring lifeless party into an exciting one!

This card game is easy to learn, can be played with many players, and takes unexpected turns even before you can think. You just have to think faster and shout louder than your friends to win this game.

The game takes around 20-30 mins to complete and can bring unexpected entertainment to your party. This game is especially for the quick-witted and fun lovers who will take this game as fun and not personally.  

These 10 fun games on our list are not only ideal for college-goers but are great for any occasion, especially to enjoy a friend’s gatherings or night parties. Since your college days are going to be the best days of your lives, we want you to make the most out of them with these games and have hearty laughs, and create memorable moments with your friends.

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