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Best Free Arabic Courses

Arabic is a language spoken by about 315 million individuals in 58 different countries. Which makes it the fourth most spoken language in the world.  You gain essential language abilities when you learn Arabic. It is comparatively easier to learn Spanish or French and these languages will allow you to work or travel or in several countries, specifically in Europe. However, in these languages, you have more competition because there are more speakers and learners of these languages. But, if you learn Arabic, you are sure that there would be a great demand for your language skills as the supply for such people is short. You will have an advantage over the competition even if you are from the West. The demand for people with fluent Arabic is high and only a very low number of people from the West seek to learn Arabic. The secret services in the U.S. need people with Arabic fluency. There are many businesses, including interpreting and translating that require Arabic speakers. Other fields that need fluent Arabic speakers include foreign service and intelligence, banking and finance, consulting, journalism, and education. Here we have searched and added some free Arabic course list so that you can take advantage and create more opportunities in your area of interest.

1. Free Arabic Courses from

This website has a “First Step” series for beginners which is completely free, and also has courses for intermediate learners, advance and corporate learners as well at a certain cost. Under the First Step, there are two set-ups: Easy Arabic, and Beginners Arabic.

Easy Arabic: is a free introductory unit course. It is perfect for individuals who have no prior knowledge of Arabic. This course unit uses transliteration to make it easier to learn Arabic. This is a part of the beginner to intermediate program and can be accessed via mobile or tablet.

Beginner’s Arabic: this course is good for individuals who have tried their hands on Arabic before. You can access this course on tablets, laptops, or computers.

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2. Speak Arabic by Madinah Arabic Tuition Center

This institute is providing a free course for people wanting to learn Arabic at all levels. You can select the course as per your standing with the language. They have 24-hour live chat support in case you have any issues related to the course. This starting level course Speak Arabic starts with your introduction to sounds, alphabet names, pronunciation of letters with differences in sun and moon letters. Then you will be introduced to short and long vowels to make you strong over the pronunciation. The next step in the course is an intro to Tanween and Shaddah (doubling of short vowels and emphasis), after which you will be taught to join the letters and writing names.  This completes your base. In the next step, you will learn frequently used phrases, sentences. This course is divided into three levels and at the completion of this course, you will start communicating the basic things in Arabic.

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3. FSI Written Arabic Course from FSI Language Courses

FSI offers multiple courses in Arabic. We have selected the FSI Written Arabic course here. This course is made of three units. People with a basic understanding of Arabic letters, pronunciation, and basic knowledge of spoken Arabic can find do this course to get an advantage in written Arabic. As you go through the three units, you deal with more and more complex texts that highlight how the formal written language works in terms of grammar and vocabulary. The first two units are followed by audio recordings while the third unit comprises solely of extended Arabic narratives for you to read. The whole course consists of 96 modules, and after completing them all will have you a high level of competence in modern standard written Arabic.

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4. Learn the Arabic Alphabet: The complete Beginner’s Guide from Arabic Quick

Arabic Quick devotes its text-based tutorials to teach you the Arabic script. It has an attractive, colorful user interface that will give you an understandable formation for your learning and is probably the most complete free guide you will find online. The lessons are devoted to each letter of the alphabet, which are run-down by how they are written at the initial, middle, and last of a word. You’ll find samples and clarifications for different pronunciation regulations, plus mnemonic tools to easily recall how each letter is written. Arabic Quick also assists you to compare variances between similar-looking letters, so you are ready to avoid mixing them. This is a great platform to start or continue your learning of the Arabic script. It can easily be used side by side by other means that teach you conversational Arabic.

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5. Learn Arabic by Duolingo

If you’ve been too keen to start learning Arabic, here is your best chance. Though Duolingo’s Arabic course has less than 50 segments, it may be one of the extra fun choices to start learning the Arabic basics. The sessions teach you through patterns and rehearsal, and you’ll likely need to track with a pen and pencil to benefit from every exercise. But the helpful owl and gamified setup will ensure that you do not get bored. Whenever you’ve taken in a bit of the script, you can advance through the learning tree to secure new vocabulary and grammar structures. Duolingo will not teach you a very viable language, and you’ll have to look at other platforms to learn the more complex features of the Arabic script. But it will help you learn the basics of the language without getting disheartened.

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6. Arabic Course by Memrise

These are 100% free community-added courses in the form of a gamified flashcard. You select a language or dialect, then go through a flashcard game of “watering plants”. It’s highly compelling and quite successful. There are lots of distinct Arabic dialects secured but not all courses are very good. To select the best just look for ones that have audio as well and, teach phrases instead of words. This is an effective memorization device for words and phrases. The best part about its learning is that you get addicted to the game and you keep coming back often to continue learning. There are multiple community-driven courses to select from, choose that you feel is best for you.

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7. Arabic Grammar Lessons by Arabic Learning Resources

This site is only for Egyptian Arabic. Arabic Learning Resources looks a lot like the wide range of various language sites out there. In case you’re needing a speedy update on language structure focuses, it’s an extraordinary site to utilize. In any case, what is great with regards to Arabic Learning Resources is a portion of its activities that you probably won’t discover somewhere else. Egyptian Arabic abuses and rough language show you, indeed, as it says. However, there aren’t numerous sites out there showing the Arabic for such things, so this is a Fun change to the standard. You can see the words in Sentence Structures or Individually to use as you wish, so make up your own abuses. Another incredible segment is the prologue to the Arabic sentence which shows you all the distinctive ways sentences are assembled in Arabic and gives pointers for how to structure your own. This action delves into a great deal of detail without being excessively perplexing and is a truly supportive device.

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8. Arabic Learning by Goethe Verlag

Goethe Verlag is an extraordinary asset for Arabic learning. There are 100 Free short exercises on the site training you everything from Adverbs to Small talk. On this rundown is Grammar focuses just as Vocabulary and some extraordinary guidelines for how to Conjugate Verbs or structure Sentences. Each activity gives you Audio, Arabic, and Pronunciation utilizing the Latin letters in order. Utilizing giving reasons 1 for instance, you have questions followed by reactions, and the sound document utilizes both a male and female voice so you can hear how the sentences ought to sound. You can likewise go straightforwardly to the jargon page which gives you pictures of different subjects that you would then be able to get familiar with the Pronunciation and Spelling of. This is a basic spread-out and extremely successful site to assist you with rehearsing Arabic.

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9. Arabic Course by Learn 101

Assuming you need a simple to explore website to compliment your Arabic learning, Learn 101 is by and large what you need. From the highest point of the page, you can work through vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and numbers, or further down the page you can pick things like tests that will give you a different decision test to perceive what your level resembles. What is especially useful with regards to this site is that nearly all that you click on is written in English and Arabic, then, at that point utilizes the Latin letters in order to assist you with articulating better, lastly has an audio document so you can hear how it definitely should be said. In case you’re battling with the grammar of gender in Arabic there is an incredible segment to give you pointers. There is even a console to assist you with evaluating writing in Arabic.

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10. Arabic Language for Beginner ! Short n Sweet Introduction from Udemy

You will take this course to learn Arabic Basics, and what is meant by basics is that you will be ready to read Arabic letters, how to write them, Arabic numbers and how to spell them additionally, close to beginners’ sentences, for example, intro sentences a few words that you need to use for instance in the restaurant, airport, or even in the street, in addition to how to greet yourself to other people. In this course, you will learn for over 130 minutes, more than 60 quizzes in tests including numerous decisions and valid/bogus inquiries. The course will show you how to pronounce letters and join them together to make words, then, at that point, you will attempt to make sentences by yourself.

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