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Best Elementary Schools in Utah

Elementary schools provide children with safe environments to grow in, as well as equipping them with motivation and skills that enable them to handle individual circumstances. Moreover, by children being in school, they are in a better position of being able to explore new ideas, as well as allowing them the chance of spending more time with their peers who help in developing their personality and individual skills. Elementary education promotes the rapid development of fine and gross motor skills in children as they do numerous activities and plays. This includes the singing of songs and saying of rhymes that provide children with a sense of direction and space. On the other hand, elementary education enables children to enhance their reading abilities and math skills. However, the quality of the education they get depends on the school chosen; therefore parents and guardians have to look for quality which is an important factor.

Elementary education is useful in ensuring that people are not illiterate, the quality of primary education they get determines the level of their intellectual capacity even when they are adults. Every student in the state of Utah is guaranteed enrollment at their local public school. However, Utah’s open-enrollment policy also allows a student to transfer to any public school of his or her choice based on availability. Parents interested in enrolling their child in a different school or district other than their local school must apply to the open enrollment window. For all salt lake county districts, this window is between Dec 1 and the third week of February (we recommend verifying this with your district of interest). Park City school district has closed its schools for open enrollment for the 2020-21 school years.

Below is a list of the top elementary schools in Utah. Check out the list for a better understanding of the schools and colleges that offer elementary applications and other relevant constituents about these schools as properly.

Bonneville Elementary

In conformity with their concept, the Bonneville elementary school contributes academically precise lessons based on the Utah core curriculum, maintains large expectations for all learners, reacts to individual learner requirements, and implements a secure and robust context for undergraduate education. Remarkable classes may additionally contribute to unique training opportunities for learners. The training opportunities obtainable at Bonneville elementary school incorporate: following school programs, neighborhood ELP levels, general song preparation, full-day, kindergarten, orchestra, a Beverley Taylor Sorenson arts show, dance, visual arts, theater, and a guaranteed teacher-librarian. You can contact the Bonneville department if you ought to a child joining Bonneville as the 2020-2021 school session for the primary season to create a preliminary booking (get notified) information. Additionally, please take the following needed information to the province: birth record and 3 copies of evidence of residency.

Founded In: 1977
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah 
Ranking: 1
Contact:  (801) 578-8388
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Sunrise Elementary School

Sunrise elementary school eagles perceive themselves as students who enjoy their education. They understand where they are presently and where they want to work following to master abilities. Sunrise holds canyons school district’s gifted including talented programs supporting advanced learners towards the achievement (Salta). 80% of pupils on the student risk screening scale order status in the following internalizing (emotionally flat, demure, worried, afraid, and lonely) behavior’s class by 2022. Coaches will concentrate on developing all learners’ abilities to cope with internalizing management within the class environment.

Founded In: 2019
Location: Sandy, Utah
Ranking: 2
Contact: 801-826-9550
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Best Elementary Schools in Utah

Brookwood Elementary

Brookwood elementary has a straight story of educational superiority and learner achievement. Our learner test rates measure consistently amongst the best elementary institutions in the nation. Scholars, learners, and parents, serve difficult to experience that all their kids are thriving, free, unique, reliable, and dressed to face their next challenge and level of education. The Utah state core curriculum is carefully and regularly organized to improve and stimulate the entire child-mind, form, and quality. Brookwood elementary is an association of motivated pupils and teachers operating concurrently, making the best global enlightening activities, and possibilities to develop lifetime students. The purpose of Brookwood elementary school, where perfection and society reflections are stories, is to provide extremely knowledgeable, productive, independent learners, by contributing, connected, innovative learning within the united efforts of motivated learners, a dedicated and caring team, concerned parents, and the efficient utilization of neighborhood support.

Founded In: 2017
Location:  Sandy, Utah 
Ranking: 3
Contact:  801-826-7900
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Best Elementary Schools in Utah

Canyon View Elementary

At canyon view, the learner proceeds as the most all-embracing. Their team strives difficult to satisfy learner requirements. They understand that all learners are competent in delivering perfection in acquiring the fundamentals of prescribed training. Their principal purpose is to present activities that will benefit all pupils to reach their most grown intellectual potential. In extension, they require to encourage pupils to discover the significance of regard for people and affairs, to develop compassion for personal estrangements, and to present possibilities for learners to improve management experience and obtain a feeling of self-worth. Canyon view elementary helps clients found in cottonwood heights city where citizens are satisfied with their identity and class. Canyon view’s origins, coaches, and team support to understand that the institution keeps a high measure of educational distinction and a training atmosphere that promotes educational growth.

Founded In: 1997
Location: Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Ranking: 4
Contact: 801-826-8050
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Cottonwood Elementary

Cottonwood elementary is established in the east-central region of the granite school district. They match a part-time optical arts expert and a part-time production professional. The belief at cottonwood is to present an improved curriculum to assist scholars to achieve. They include benefits of the essence and essential knowledge, the value of family engagement, and kindness towards others. Their origins are an essential component of their institution and are completely included in PTA including community council. Cottonwood is one of the top-level establishments for end-of-year trials and they proceed to operate diligently to implement modified education to serve the requirements of their different students. The academic distinction is a preference at their school. In appreciation of their computer lab, each classroom is outfitted with different machines. Learners at cottonwood are skilled in utilizing machines as a means to develop designs.

Founded In: 1970
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Ranking: 5
Contact: (385) 646-4798
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Draper Elementary

Draper elementary serves clients established in the draper region where residents are proud of their community and school. Draper origins, learners, and workers support to understand that the institution keeps a high measure of educational distinction and knowledge background, which promotes educational extension. Draper assists about 785 learners from kindergarten to fifth class. School is in concourse 180 times a time on a conventional nine-month program. The organization is state accredited and has accomplished the situation of an extremely adequate supervisor if they continue a level ii certification. The curriculum reflects the state core curriculum guidelines and matches or surpasses all district and state requirements. Draper is proud to have a culturally rich curriculum, including Chinese dual immersion, fine arts, music and orchestra, and cultural celebrations. The aim is to prepare all students to be enthusiastic, responsible, life-long learners who achieve to the best of their abilities and are prepared for the challenges of a global society.

Founded In: 2013
Location: Draper, Utah
Ranking: 6
Contact: 801-826-8275
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Granite Elementary

Tucked beyond in the little township of granite, granite elementary was founded in 1976. Granite elementary holds at the substructure of little cottonwood canyon with the most famous view in the state. They are a place to the grizzlies boastfully reducing hues of blue and gold. Granite serves 400 pupils in grades k-5. Incorporated at granite are three spectacular extended core partner classes where students are involved in cultural and studying actions with learners with specific requirements. Granite also carries a one-room school corporation established in the gold miner’s daughter resort at Alta. Granite remains to be in the top ten primary classes in Utah. They concentrate on leading educational achievement forward with accurate quality features. The purpose of granite elementary school is to encourage all pupils to learn; improving the abilities, experience, and individual components required for students to reach progress in their individual and educational experiences. By achieving this, learners will be career-ready and enhance as actual supporters to their community.

Founded In: 1976
Location: Sandy, UT
Ranking: 7
Contact: 801-826-8575
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Peruvian Park Elementary

The Peruvian park organization understands that pupils need to be completely included in their education. Hence, Peruvian park’s purpose is to enable learners to create their breakthroughs. They will assist trainees to demonstrate the skills and methods needed to encourage academics, quality, including self-esteem. They understand that every learner proceeds to class with different powers and provocations. As the team presents education and activities centered on these particular requirements, learners concentrate on composing original and meaningful improvement. Peruvian park is acknowledged by the U.S. Department of education as a blue ribbon school of excellence.

Founded In: 1965
Location: Sandy, Utah
Ranking: 8
Contact: 801-826-9100
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