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Best CFA Courses in India

CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst, as known internationally, is a required qualification to pursue a career as a financial or business analyst. The degree is usually awarded by CFA Institutes after getting through levels I, II, and III of examinations. In India, it is often referred to as CA. The course is comparatively tougher than other courses of the genre. 

In the U.S., to get admitted to the course, one should have a bachelor’s degree with 4 years of compulsory experience.

The duration of the course is 1.5 to 4 years, with a course fee of INR 40,000 to 1.25 Lakhs.

After the course completion, it offers a lucrative career with a payment of around INR 1.81 Lakhs annually. As experience broods, it can rise to INR 20 Lakhs per annum in India. In the U.S., the salary ranges from $60,000 to $1 00,000 annually. This course is usually done along with MBA in Finance for more opportunities in the work area.

The international CFA degree has been accepted in further 138 countries too. There are several careers that can be taken up after the degree;

  • Portfolio manager
  • Research analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Financial analyst

There are institutes in and around India where the interested candidates can take up the course related to financial management and planning. Some available details are given below:

1. CFA Certification Program – FinTree Education Pvt. Ltd.

The institution group situated in various parts of the country is one of the leading contributors in courses related to finance and to provide aid to those aspirants trying to make a start in the financial sector. The course follows 3 levels of training;

  • Level 1 – Basic knowledge and simple analysis using investment tools 
  • Level 2 – Investment tools are set out for application and knowing about valuation techniques for all types of assets.
  • Level 3 – -Focusing on synthesizing the concepts and analytical methods and applying them for the management of portfolio and planning of wealth.

The course provides insights to those interested but confused regarding taking up the course and leads them to become elevated professionals. 

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2. Chartered Financial Analyst – International College of Financial Planning, New Delhi

The course is recognized worldwide as a program with expertise and reliability when finance and investment are considered. It also equips the students to be well trained to cope with real-life financial scenarios. It also caters to the need to be successful in all phases of one’s career. The course promises the following;

  • Equipping for complex decisions in investment
  • Getting connected with an elite group of professionals in the field
  • Attaining confidence and the ability to find out solutions for relevant issues

The topics under study:

  • Level I – Knowledge and comprehension of investment tools
  • Level II – Application and analysis of asset valuation
  • Level III – Synthesis and evaluation of portfolio management

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3. CFA Charter Program – CFA Institute, Mumbai

The CFA Program tests the essentials of investment tools, valuing assets, portfolio management, and wealth planning. Those who have a background in finance, accounting, business, or economics could find it easier. 

The program provides a sturdy base in complex savings analysis and real-world assortment administration abilities. There is a constant update from the financial industry so that the curriculum can be on par with the ongoing status of the market. They are trained to have a supervisory role at the distinctive level on the career side in a variety of industries utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during the course and training of the study.

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4. Diploma in Financial Management – CIIMS

The experience that the students are going to receive at the institute would surely transform them to help them excel in business ethics, personal integrity, and commitment to the profession. The course creates chances for the students to develop interpersonal relationships within the campus, thereby helping them build acquaintances in the future, contributing much to professional growth. The institute guarantees to mold the students with the strongest desire to well-destined business magnets in the future.

The course mainly includes the topics; 

  • Elements of Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Indian Financial System
  • Financial Management

The course duration is 6-11 months. The fee structure for international students is 550 USD.

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5. Preparatory Course for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Acca) – FTMS Global Academy, Chennai

The institute assures to provide a concrete basement on which one can build his financial career. The course goes in-depth about principles of accounting, techniques in management, and other essentials to smoothly go through a career in finance in the future. The students are made to prepare the financial statements as starting activity to be technically capable of managing the finance of industry in the future.

The course duration is for 36 months. The modules included are:

  • Accountant in Business
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Performance Management
  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Financial Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Ethics
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Business Analysis
  • Advanced Financial Management

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6. CFA Program – EduPristine

The training mainly emphasizes finance and its various disciplines. A certification in CFA is considered to the highest label in the field of finance. The training makes the students perfectly fit to face the reality of a career in any industry. The course is divided into Level I and Level II, with a duration of two years, and covers the following important areas:

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Quantitative methods 
  • Economics 
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Analysis of taxes
  • Debt 
  • Global operations 
  • Corporate finance  
  • Equity investments and portfolio
  • Performance measurements
  • Fixed income
  • Alternative investments in real estate
  • Private equity
  • Commodities 
  • Portfolio management
  • Wealth planning

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7. CFA Program – Proschool CFA Institute

The course offered by the institute has two levels of training programs; Level I and II. They assure to create the required proficiency and expertise to cope with the necessities of the Finance industry. The certification can easily take you to top-rated jobs in superior quality banks, investment banks, and the corporate finance industry. The total time period advised for completing all the three levels of the course is 900 hours.

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8. Chartered Financial Analyst – Narayana Business School, Gujarat

The institute claims to have the best CFA course in India. The course takes the pattern of getting completed in three levels. It charges a fee of around INR 2.5 Lakhs for one year. 

The course follows a curriculum of international standards and is of the graduate level. It is based upon investment analysis in close relation to the current scenario along with the realistic awareness needed for today’s industrial setup. The standards set up are relatively high, and they tend to create students with that level of precision to outshine themselves in the career of finance in their future.

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9. Undergraduate Program in Finance – Flame University

The course is designed in a particular way, such that the students get an occasion to study the subjects that closely and interrelated to finance. A career in the finance industry is highly challenging, as the responsible person should have the smooth running of the whole management system; only then will their ability be noticed and considered by the company. So it is very much significant to gain such a competency skill during any such course. 

Here, the students are pledged with various attributes that they will be earning during the period of study. Some of them are; making it possible for the aspirants to have the right to enter into a symbiosis with the global business settings. By doing so, they can comprehend the possible issues they might have to face in their future profession, especially those that might influence the state of business worldwide. The other major aspect of the education in the institute is the in-depth know-how about investment management and corporate finance.

The following topics are considered during the study:

  • Principles of management
  • Business research methods
  • Strategic management
  • Quantitative methods
  • Financial management
  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Managerial economics
  • Operations management
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Marketing management
  • Entrepreneurship and creativity
  • Taxation
  • People management
  • Legal aspects of business
  • Banking and insurance
  • Accounting for managers
  • Business ethics and corporate governance
  • Investing 

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10. Chartered Financial Analyst – VL Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

The course is advancing through three levels; I, II, III. Various topics are included in the three levels of training and study. 

Level I:

  • Quantitative methods
  • Economics
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Portfolio management
  • Equity investments
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternate investments


  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Equity valuation
  • Derivative investment
  • Portfolio management


  • Behavioral finance
  • Individual investors and institutional investors
  • Capital market expectations
  • Asset allocation
  • Fixed income and equity portfolio management 
  • Risk management
  • Application of derivatives
  • Portfolio: execution, evaluation, and attribution
  • Global investment performance standards 

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