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Best Baking Courses in Bangalore

Have you ever thought of converting your interest into a paid skill? A paid skill which is baking cakes? Who does not love cake? Duh! Securing a career in the bakery field is a decision that won’t be regretful. Bakery is a top-grossing business with great future prospects. The great thing about a bakery is it could be something you love for which you’re getting paid. Sounds like a dream ain’t it? Starting a profession in baking career has great advantages of its own. The work is widely flexible- it is your choice to pile up the whole week’s work for a weekend or do the following work every day. Ordinary bakers, who usually work in grocery stores or restaurants make, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a median annual salary of $23,140. Skilled bakers, however, can get jobs in places where they can earn more.

Bakery is a profession with high pay, passion and a promising future. Choosing a bakery course will help you to carve out your bakery skills for a good pay job. Do you want to flex your creativity on cakes, cookies and pastries? Bangalore is filled with great bakery and culinary art courses. I have listed down the top bakery courses available in Bangalore, so stick around Chef!

1. Courses by Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

With 90% hands-on training, the Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts offers the comprehended course and has a Pan-Asia presence in a lot of countries. Located in Koramangala, this academy was the winners of the World pastry Cup, France 2019.

The culinary advanced and pastry advanced diploma program takes a duration of 9months. The cost of the course is whooping Rs. 6,00,000 which is relatively expensive. They offer a culinary and pastry part-time program which will have 12weekend sessions. The cost of the weekend program is Rs. 1,25,000. The course is worth every penny. It starts on 9th May 2021.

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2. Courses by Bangalore Culinary Academy

When it comes to patisserie and confectionary course, hands down, Bangalore Culinary Academy is the best in the market. The course primarily focuses on building a career for the students in the bakery and pastry business.

The course gives a holistic training experience with great practical knowledge. It is 6weeks fast track professional training. This course is highly recommended for its 100placement opportunities and paid internship assistance in reputed 5star hotels.

For Indian Nationals, the cost of the program is  Rs. 90,000 INR* which will differ for international students. The fee includes uniform and study materials for the course. The course focuses on Breadmaking, Baking methodology, Wedding cakes, Tortes and plated desserts.

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3. Bakery Training Unit by University of Agriculture Sciences

The University of Agriculture sciences has its own bakery training unit. The bakery courses offered by the university is famous since they have been serving bakery classes for 50years. It was started in 1968. Moreover, the Bakery Training Unit received the “National Productivity Council Award” from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India.

The course emphasises more for professional bakers, industrialists, SHG’s members and youth. With more than 8 lakh students, the 14 weeks certificate course in Baking Technology (Commercial Production) is a top-rated course offered in the town.

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4. Courses by Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts

Located in Domlur, Lavonne Academy is an excellent institute for bakery arts. They offer a wide range of courses. The first course is Diplôme de Pâtisserie which is a 960-hour course that is a combination of practical and theoretical learning. The course starts in January 2022.

The second course is a six-week certificate course in Baking and Patisserie. This is the right course for students who don’t prefer a 5-month diploma in the patisserie program. There is a great offer of placements and internship at 5star pastry kitchens. The courses are taken in fun activities where there will be student café’s and cake decoration classes.

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5. Courses by Institute of Baking & Cake Art

The Institute of Baking and Cake Art offers a wide range of baking classes. The diploma in baking takes a duration of 14weeks which has more workshop practice. The training fee is Rs.2,20,000. The fee includes Student Kit Bag with Hand-Tools Chef Coat and Apron.

There are short 3days courses on structural cakes, a home baking course, royal icing themed cake and artistic bread. This course is highly recommended.

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6. International Master Diploma in Bakery & Patisserie Pastry Arts by ASKIBC

The Ask Institute of Bakery and Confectionery is accredited as the best educational boards across the globe. They offer three courses in the bakery field- Firstly, International Master Diploma in Bakery & Patisserie Pastry Arts, the second one is a course on Bread Arts and Boulangerie and the final one is on cake décor.

The courses offer 600hours of hands-on training by veteran chefs. The highlight of the institution is, it provides 100%placement at major 5star hotels in the country. The course also includes a scholarship for all degree courses upto Rs. 10,000 if they have scored 90% in entrance exams conducted by ASKIHMCA and upto Rs.25,000 for degree courses. For Foreign Students, the scholarship details can be procured from the admission manager.

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7. Bakery Staff Training by Celesteyum Academy

Located Opp to Forum Neighbourhood mall, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Celesteyum Academy is one of the most exceptional institutes offering culinary classes for a wide range of career opportunities.

The academy has over 12 years of experienced chefs who have helped more than 5000 students to start their career in the bakery. The institute offers a lot of courses on fondant basics, bread, pies, tarts, macarons and eggless baking. If you want hands-on training for our students with high-end facilities, this is the right course for you.

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8. Baking Classes: Cake Baking & Pastries Classes by Manju’s Cooking & Baking Classes

Located in the heart of Bangalore- RT Nagar, Manju’s Cooking & Baking Classes in Bangalore is an economical comprehensive course comparative to other bakery courses at Bangalore. The online classes do not cross more than INR 1500.

The course offers cut-rate prices on a variety of courses on chocolate pastries and cakes, Kerala cuisine, brownies and cupcake baking and decorating classes.

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9. Level 2 Certificate in General Patisserie and Confectionery by Cook n Bake with Deepali Sawant

Last but not the least, Cook n Bake with Deepali Sawant has taught bakery classes for over 16000 students across the country. They offer 36 cooking and baking classes for home cooks and professionals.

The classes are straight-up hands-on practice. The pastry and Confectionery course is a 100-hour (22 days) intensive, focused primarily on General Patisserie and Confectionery. This course is highly recommended.

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