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Which Tally Courses Are Best

For two decades, Tally has been considered to be a mainstream tool for accountants. It is an essential skill to have for great job opportunities. If you are an entrepreneur or a freelance accountant or just want to learn tally, you have come to the right place. Tally ERP is not only subjected to accounting; there are various tools like Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, handling TDS, TCS, Inventory, GST, Taxation, Return Filing, Finalization of Books of Accounts, Reporting, and Auditing.

In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 tally courses which are available on the internet. After deep searching, I found these gems. All you have to do is choose a lesson from these suggestions and become a tally expert. Tax practitioners, consultants, students, GST consultants, and anyone with a commerce background can bag this course. All the courses mentioned below give you a step-by-step approach towards learning tally. The 2021 update has become a bit challenging, and all these courses will cover the updated nuances of tally software. So what are we waiting for? Let us dive right in!

1. Tally ERP 9 Expert Course by the Tally Training

The Tally ERP 9 Expert course is offered by the Tally Training online educational platform itself. The courses give a complete practical implementation of concepts, and this course will not be subject to boring lectures. This step-by-step tutorial for learning tally is free.

Moreover, if you are looking for a course that will have the option of taking classes in Hindi, this is the right course for you. There are language options for this course. The 30 days course is primarily designed to meet the industry’s requirements and is approved by C.A. & Business Experts. Therefore, this course is highly recommended.

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2. Tally Course by FITA Training

This real-time live course is offered by industrial experts which comes with a very flexible schedule. You can take this course whenever you are free. The projects given in this course are exclusively live. The tax system of India is a bit challenging; tally will help you from scratch. This course provides a complete hands-on to implement tax entries like GST, TDS, TCS, and returns filing using Tally ERP.

The highlight of this course comes with a placement opportunity to work after this course. This is the best hands-on training course with a curriculum compiled with the aspect to have comprehensive coverage of Tally ERP from Book-keeping to Payroll processing.

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3. Tally.ERP 9 with GST(Incl. Tally Prime)Tally Authorized Faculty by Udemy

Offered by Udemy, this comprehensive course- Tally.ERP9 with GST(Incl. TallyPrime)Tally Authorized Faculty is a top-class 4.1 star rated system designed for beginners. This 32 hours self-paced program comes with a practice test, and it is divided into 22 sections.

Urs Ravi offers the 197 lecture program. He is a first-class instructor of Udemy. Ravi is the founder of Vedanta Educational Academy, specializing in MS Office Tools, Tally, Focus, Wings, SAP, IBM Rational Tools, HP Testing Tools, and Software Testing. Through this course, you will learn more hidden tally features that are usually not known to experts.

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4. Tally ERP 9: Step by Step Guide to Accounting With Tally by Udemy

Thi Tally ERP 9: Step by Step Guide to Accounting With Tally course is regularly updated with first-class lecture videos. It is just an 8-hour on-demand course that will help you learn from GST to corporate payroll. The course is divided into 15 sections with 59 lectures.

Chirag Mehta offers this short and crisp course, one of the stars rated instructors of Udemy. The course is presented really well by Chirag. Additionally, you will learn about implementing necessary and advanced GST topics like GST Set-Off, Reverse Charge, Goods Transport Agency, and entering its related multiple journal entries in Tally.

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5. Tally Course by Institute of Tally Learning

Institute of Tally Learning is a first-class tally course designed for corporates as well as students. Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. is a group company and an education initiative of Tally Solutions, the makers of the popular Tally software. It is the only entity authorized to issue certifications on Computerized Accounting and Tally.

Taking this course will help you get many career opportunities, give you a tally job portal, and is designed in a necessary way for career progression and management. This course teaches advanced Accounting, Inventory, Taxation (GST, TDS, TCS & Income Tax), and Payroll along with Simplification of Company Books of Accounts.

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6. Tally Accounting Software Course by City Commerce Academy

City Commerce Academy is considered to be the number one Accounts and Taxation Training Institute in India. Tally ERP 9 is considered to be one of the most popular software in India. This course is designed especially for beginners. There are many shortcuts, methods in Tally which are usually not known to people.

This course teaches various methods of recording business transactions through their software. Every student will get updated classes regularly after enrolling in this course. Industrial experts will give the training. The doubts and clarifications can be cleared via classes.

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7. Tally Online Course with Certification by Inventateq

Inventateq is a top-class ISO Certified company. The course comes with live project training and gives you a flexible schedule for lectures. All the modules are pre-recorded, so you can learn the system anytime you want. The course additionally gives you tips on resume building and interview preparation tips to strive in your career.

The training is delivered by 14 years of experienced training experts in tally. The course instructor is a certified trainer and has trained over 7,000+ professionals in the past nine years. Get Hands-on Real-world Tally Project during Online Training through Inventateq.s comprehensive course.

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8. Diploma in Tally ERP 9.0 Course by Indian Institute of Skill Development Training

The Indian Institute of Skill Development Training is a first-class institution. It is an ISO Certified Govt. Registered Skill Development Training and Placement Autonomous Organization. The course will be taken, and after the completion, you will be required to write an exam which will have a duration of 60minutes.

The 30 multiple-choice question test will make you eligible for the Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification. After completion, the course also additionally gives you job assistance as per your interest area. In addition, you will learn accounting inventory, finance, banking, payroll, GST, income tax, etc. complexities of the business at ease.

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9. Tally Online Training by GangBoard

Tally industrial experts offer this certification course with more than 15 years of experience in this field. The course duration is just 30 hours and it comes with 24/7 support to clear our doubts regarding the curriculum. The course additionally comes with assignments that have a span of 15 hours. These assignments will give you complete hands-on training on the tally.

Tally Online Course gives training on the integrated accounting software which is accepted globally. The course also offers one on one live training at your flexible timings. Trainers selected for the Tally Online Course with the institute will gain experience with the basics of tally software and periodical changes in tax-related documents.

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10. Tally Online Training by Besant Technologies

This tally course is considered to be the best-selling course on Besant Technologies’ online educational platform. This live instructor-led online training course is highly recommended for absolute beginners who are just getting started.

This course is designed for students who want to land a job as an  Accounts Executive, Junior Accountant, Tally operator, or Accountant Trainee. From TDS methods, FBT process, CST value study, TCS overview, ED cost centers, Budgets study to tally software ledger creating methods and stock management payroll, this course will completely cover A to Z.

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