Which of the Following Forms of Communication is the Most Expensive?

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Which of the Following Forms of Communication is the Most Expensive?

Verbal, visual, and mass promotion are the four most common forms of Verbal is the most expensive when it comes to costs because it enables faster transmission of thoughts and opinions. The most effective form of communication is oral, and the oldest form of communication is the letter, which costs only pennies. While it isn’t as popular as other forms, it is still a powerful tool.
A telephone allowed everyone to talk to anyone in any part of the world. Mobile phones and smartphones have overtaken mainly traditional modes of communication in recent years. With the advent of the internet, everyone now has a personal cell phone, and it is now assumed that when someone calls a person, the call will be answered by the same person.
The world nowadays is reliant on virtual ways of communication. Essentially, these are modern communication platforms. Thanks to modern communication systems, people can stay in touch with their loved ones without having to be physically present. Because people could still be there for their friends and family throughout the current worldwide epidemic, virtual modes of communication increased demand.

What is Communication?

The transfer of messages from one person to another via any media is communication. Intrapersonal communication, Interpersonal communication, Group communication, and Mass communication are all communication degrees.
Because it reaches many people, mass communication is essential. There are two types of mass communication: interpersonal communication and media communication.

What Are the Forms of Communication?

Interpersonal Communication

Intrapersonal communication occurs when you communicate with yourself. There is only one Source (sender) and recipient in this case. As a result, the response is uninterrupted. For instance, a person can express himself through suffering, thought, feelings, and emotion, among other things.

  • Dyadic Communication
    Two people are involved in the communication process in dyadic communication. Because of the dynamic communication process in which the feedback is transmitted between the Source and the receiver, the Source becomes a receiver, and the receiver becomes the Source.
  • Small group communication
    When more than two people are involved in the communication process, the communication becomes group communication. Small group communication occurs when the number of people engaging in group communication is kept minimum. Everyone becomes a source and a receiver in this communication process by sharing information and providing feedback to one another.
  • Mass Communication
    We need a specific tool or technique for mass communication because we have many audience members who can’t all be together in one spot. However, there is no direct contact with the receiver in mass communication. As a result, media such as newspapers, radio, television, and the internet are required. The audience’s response is either non-existent or delayed in this situation.
  • Public communication
    A single person’s message or Source will reach or be received by many people via public communication. However, unlike small group communication, this communication has no mutual feedback between Source and recipient, and it is solely focused on the speaker.

Which is an Expensive Form of Communication?

When it comes to cost, mass communication is expensive. It doesn’t provide the intimacy of personal communication. Mass communication relies on images and words, which are not always clear or comprehensible. Likewise, it lacks the immediate feedback loop of interpersonal and group communication. Although participants may write to a newspaper or broadcaster ore-mail them, they don’t get immediate feedback.
Mass communication is the most expensive of the five types of communication. Despite the fact that it’s the most popular, it’s also the least researched. Studies show that it’s the most expensive and most effective. It also lacks the personal connection between participants.

What is Mass Communication?

The practice of sending, receiving, and exchanging messages or information on a big scale to a large number of people via the media is known as mass communication. Mass communication is the simultaneous broadcast of messages to a large number of people. It comprises the use of a variety of media technologies, including journalism and advertising.
The existence of mass communication has aided in the dissemination of knowledge and the taking of action to avoid any danger. The unsaid, under voice, have also been given a voice and a platform to speak up thanks to mass communication. It aids people in seeing and comprehending things from many angles.

What are the Types of Mass Communication?

Media in Print media is one of the numerous traditional mediums of mass communication. Magazines, newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, books, novels, comics, journals, and periodicals all fall under this category. Journalism is at the heart of print media, as it involves the creation and distribution of reporting on current events throughout the world, whether for knowledge or enjoyment.

  • Media that is broadcast
    Broadcast media is one of many sorts of mass media that helped usher in a new era of mass communication. The invention of the radio and television irrevocably transformed the face of journalism. Radio, television, recorded music, and movies are examples of this sort of media.
  • Outdoor Advertising
    Companies and businesses utilize outdoor media advertising to reach out to customers in a specific geographic place.
  • Public Transportation
    Outdoor media corresponds to the transmission of information and advertising through our outer environments such as billboards, posters, boardings, banners, and other forms of mass communication.
  • Media in the Digital Age
    The whole mass communication sector has been altered by digital media. It is now the new means of information communication. For the past two decades, it has been the most effective mass media weapon.

What Makes Mass Communication Expensive?

It is due to advertising. The primary disadvantage of advertising is its expense. Although marketing costs vary depending on the medium, television ads are among the most expensive. However, digital and print ads are more affordable. Another downside of advertising is that it is difficult to avoid. Even ads that initially catch people’s attention often become stale after some time. Lastly, advertising is a one-way form of communication. Consumers are bombarded with competing messages and are easily turned off.
Although advertising is a great form of communication, it’s also the most expensive. The main disadvantage is its cost, which varies depending on the medium. Generally, the cost of advertising is higher in television, while digital and print ads are much less expensive. In addition, consumers have no real way of knowing how to respond to advertisements. They don’t read the message but are more likely to tune out the message.
In addition to these drawbacks, advertising is a one-way process. This means that consumers are often overwhelmed by the competing messages that they see and hear.

Why Mass Communication is Expensive and yet it stands Out?

In a short period of time, mass communication can spread across a large geographical area. It can aid in the dissemination of information throughout a country or the globe. The following are some of the most important advantages of mass communication.

  • Helps to Maintain Contact with Friends and Family
    People can stay in touch with one another thanks to mass communication. For instance, if one works in a different state, country, or is travelling. They can communicate with each other thanks to mass communication. So far, whether it’s distant relatives, long-lost pals, or anyone else, mass communication has got your back.
  • Continuous and Quick
    The flow of information is constant and reaches the intended audience rapidly.
  • Trade with other countries
    Foreign markets for things to exchange, sell, or buy are being created by mass communication. Cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and so forth are examples.
  • Endorse Services and Products
    Advertisements and endorsements rely heavily on mass communication. It broadens the scope and makes products and services more accessible to a larger audience.
  • Creating New Businesses and Bringing New Products to Market
    People from all around the world can learn about a new business or product thanks to mass communication. This is how international sources of funding are sometimes used to fund future startups.

What is the Least Expensive Communication?

Despite its complexity, the cost of intrapersonal communication is the least expensive. When it comes to cost, it’s difficult to determine which is the most expensive. In this case, it’s easy to understand why: Intrapersonal communication is the most popular type of communication, while interpersonal communication is the most costly. Moreover, intrapersonal communication is the most intimate form of communication. When it’s private, it’s intended to be read by one person.
Public relations involves the dissemination of information. It involves a press release or an advertising campaign. It also helps build trust between the employees. It also boosts morale, as people feel more respected and understood. Conversely, an uninformed employee may be more likely to be unproductive and dissatisfied. In short, effective communication is the key to organizational success. It is an essential part of the workplace.


Communication has developed over time as technology has advanced. Smoke signals were among the first forms of communication, followed by the adoption of the morse code for military objectives. With the evolution of the telephone, wired communication came into existence.
Thus we looked into the most expensive form of communication- Mass communication and its benefits. We also looked into the factor why this form of communication is expensive. While it’s an effective way of communicating, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Unlike other forms of conversation, it’s not personal and is more likely to be impersonal.

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