Which Is the Best Example of External Organizational Communication?

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Which Is the Best Example of External Organizational Communication?

Customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, shareholders, target niche, leaders, banks, public, government offices, insurance firms, and other external audiences are all the people you use external communication with. It’s utilized to share the marketing mix with that outside the company.

External communications tactics include advertising, networking, branding, sales materials, slides, presentations, and other types of external messaging when a company wishes to achieve business goals by interacting with individuals or businesses outside the company.

1. What Is External Organizational Communication?

The conveyance of information between two organizations is known as external communication. It can also happen between a firm and a third party outside the company. Clients, dealers, customers, government officials or authorities, and so on are examples of these people. The feedback of a customer is likewise an example of external communication. An organization spends a lot of effort and money on external communication to promote its image.

External communication is described as a sort of communication in which organizations connect with entities outside of the organization to raise brand awareness and create a positive image of the company among target consumers and society.

To fulfill its objectives, any firm must establish positive relationships with other organizations or individuals. They use external communication channels to convey, share, and exchange information with external entities.

2. Internal and External Communication

A company can conduct internal and external communication. Internal communications are the flow of information between individuals and organizations, and external communication occurs between people and organizations.

In addition to internal communications, organizations should also consider external communications. These are messages sent to outsiders, such as government officials or the media. An example of external communication is a product or a service. A company should communicate information with the public about the company and its products. The goal of external communications is to create a positive image of the organization and provide helpful information to consumers.

Internal and external communication can be distinguished based on the following criteria:

The term “internal communication” refers to the communication within a commercial organization. External communication, on the other hand, is communication between the organization and other persons, groups, or organizations.

  • Internal communication can be formal or informal, while external communication is often official and well documented.
  • The goal of internal communication is to transfer information between different business divisions and departments. External communication, on the other hand, is concerned with maintaining relationships and exchanging information with persons outside the company.
  • Employees and firm management are both involved in internal communication. Customers, shareholders, investors, clients, the general public, suppliers, creditors, and others are the parties to external communication.
  • Internal and external communication is regular, although internal communication occurs more frequently than exterior communication.
  • Internal communication occurs within the organization, whereas external communication occurs in the larger business world.

The use of internal and external communications is a great way to gather customer feedback. If an organization conducts internal communications, it will increase the likelihood of external communication. A company will also improve its brand image by allowing its employees to be more open and transparent. Its reputation will be a vital factor in its future success. Similarly, a culture of openness is essential for external communication.

3. Examples of External Organizational Communications

There are many examples of external organizational communication. Some of these include new products and initiatives. Others may promote brand awareness, build a positive reputation, or influence public perception. All of these methods are examples of external communication. Let us examine them in more detail below:

Social Media

 An example of external organizational communication is the use of social media. The most recent and advanced kind of external communication is social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and a few others are examples of social networking platforms. These are pretty useful for dealing with a company’s external stakeholders. In recent years, most organizations have used social media to disseminate news and information to the outside world. Many companies use social networking sites and online communities to spread the word about their products and services. Other organizations use social media to inform customers about their latest promotions, such as product updates and discounts. These tools help businesses understand the impact of their marketing efforts. Managing social media profiles is also crucial for improving how they communicate with customers. And it can be done through the use of various tools, including email.

Content of Websites

Creating valuable and convenient content for websites is critical and falls under advertising techniques. Content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMO), and more about the brands/companies are all included.

Websites help develop an external communication strategy. Brands may increase the visibility of their websites by using content marketing.

Conferences and Live Events

Various forms of conferences and live events are essential components for improving communication. They are a standard marketing technique. The more people know about your organization, the better this communication is.

Press Releases

Another essential kind of official external communication is press releases. It aids in the improvement of brand image and reliability through press releases, press coverage, and media sources. On numerous channels, press releases ensure a link with new customers and all possible investors.

Developing Public Relations

To create brand awareness and achieve organizational goals, every organization must maintain a positive relationship with the community. This necessitates the use of organizational communication. It serves as a means of communication and connection between businesses and individuals. It assists in disseminating news and information to stakeholders, customers, and other individuals. In addition to social media and websites, organizations can utilize public relations to promote their products and services. Some examples of external communication include customer service, fundraising, organizing public relations campaigns, and employee performance reviews.

Strong Marketing Techniques

Marketing is another area where organizations can use external communication. For instance, a kickoff meeting can help organizations communicate that they need to achieve a goal. Using storytelling and examples can help make the information more exciting and memorable. You can also use skip-level meetings to get information from upper levels of the company. By fostering a culture of information sharing, you can improve your internal and external organizational communications. And you can also post posters to advertise events, policies, knowledge, and more.

Communicating and Collecting Technique

External communication’s primary goal is to share important news and information in the target niche. Still, it’s also helpful in gathering all information from the outside world to optimize the brand’s presence in front of the target audience through external communicators and media relations. The essential part of external communication is to make it two-way. By using the right words, you can improve the way people feel about your brand. By creating a culture that encourages knowledge sharing, you can create a better brand image.

Goals of External Communication

The goals of external communication are to promote and simplify collaboration with particular groups, including investors, suppliers, and stakeholders. It projects a positive picture of the company to current and potential customers. Print/broadcast media, face-to-face meetings, and electronic communication are all utilized for external communication (by internet. External communication occurs through multiple channels, including written communications and social media posts. It helps organizations build brand awareness and credibility and connects them to prospective customers. Different organizations use different types of external communication, such as newspapers, TV channels, radio, and the internet. Some organizations make use of various marketing strategies to increase sales. For example, e-mail messages are forwarded to inform customers about discount offers.

The goal of external communication is to create a positive image for the company. In other words, it helps to communicate the organization with the public. It also improves the organization’s image and makes it appear credible. It is also a way to convey information to customers. Moreover, it helps the organization gain valuable feedback. By incorporating feedback into internal communications, a business can develop a better relationship with its clients and increase profits.


For connecting with external audiences and optimizing brand presence in the outside world, businesses have been adopting external communication channels.

Once a company understands where its customers and other stakeholders are located, it can develop efficient external communication strategies.

Advertisements, newspapers, radio stations, the internet, and other external brand messaging are examples. To attract clients and enhance sales, some businesses offer attractive promotion incentives such as bonus points and coupons. Emails are also used to remind clients about free samples, discounts, and other offers.

How effective do you think external communication is in raising brand awareness and increasing lead generation and sales?

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