What is the GRE Test Used For?

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What is the GRE Test Used For?

For anyone who aspires to get into a graduate school after the first degree, they are most likely going to take the GRE test. The GRE test is so important because it is an essential requirement for most graduate schools. That leaves some applicants asking, what is the GRE test used for? 

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a conventional test that is used to measure the test-takers skills for abstract thinking in vocabulary, arithmetic and analytical writing. It is a test that was adopted by many graduate schools for testing the eligibility of the applicant for the graduate program. It is acceptable in most schools in the United States and Canada, the test is usually taken online, but for areas where there are no excellent computer networks, a paper-based test would be issued. The areas of focus for the GRE test are dynamic depending on the institution and the course of study. However, the GRE test generally is a requirement for most graduate school applicants irrespective of the school or the course of study.

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Some business schools make GMAT as the requirement for candidates applying for an MBA and not GRE but some others accept GRE as an equivalent. Whatever the case, the GRE test is an edge closer to getting admitted into a graduate school.

Although, the GMAT focuses more on the arithmetical skills of test-takers, unlike the GRE that also measures test-taker vocabulary skills. That is why many business schools accept the GRE as a requirement for their MBA programs.

What is the GRE Test About?

The GRE test is an entrance exam for most graduate school programs and a medium to prove to the school of your choice that you are worthy of being admitted. The GRE test is an essential requirement, and you decide the schools you want to send your scores to. The GRE test can be retaken in case you are not comfortable with the first score, and you can send the result of your choice to the schools of your choice. The GRE test can be taken on a computer and has a paper test option. It is the only admission test for professional and graduate school that allows a test-taker to skip questions and return to them later and allows test-takers to begin with any section they want to answer first.

The GRE test is split into three sections, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. Each section test a specific ability of the test-taker and some schools may require a higher score in a particular section for a specific field of study.

The areas on the GRE test are:

Verbal Reasoning: This section tests the candidate’s ability to analyze and come to a conclusion about a particular discourse. It also involves incomplete reasoning data, summarizing texts, understanding the meaning of words, books and sentences, understanding different levels of meaning such as author’s intent, figurative and literal, understanding the relationship between terms and concepts. This section emphasizes the general verbal reasoning skills of the test-taker.

Quantitative Reasoning: The section measures the test-taker’s ability to understand, interpret and analyze arithmetic information, finding solutions to arithmetic problems using mathematical models, application of data analysis, algebra, geometry and various arithmetic concepts. This section emphasizes the general quantitative reasoning skills of the test-taker.

Analytical Writing: This section measures analytical writing and the critical thinking skills of the test-taker. It measures the test taker’s ability to articulate and support complex ideas with practical examples and reasons and creating personal claims with evidence. This section emphasizes the general analytical writing skills of the test-taker.

Who the GRE Test is For?

The GRE test is for anyone who is an applicant for a graduate or business school program. Applicants from all around the world who are ready to go for a master’s program, MBA, J.D, Doctorate, or any form of a specialized graduate program are required to take the GRE test. Applicants can be from different cultural and educational backgrounds, but the GRE provides a general measure to schools for comparing the qualification of each candidate. The admissions panels and fellowships use the results of your GRE as a support to your undergraduate degree, recommendation letter and other graduate-level study qualification to aid in getting you admitted for a graduate program.

When and Where can the GRE Test Be Taken?

The computer-based GRE test is available in more than 1000 test centres in more than 160 countries. The test is continuously available all through the year in most countries. In China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan, the test can be taken up to three times a month.

What Schools Accept the GRE Result?

The GRE test scores are generally accepted as a requirement for entry into thousands of graduate school, law and business schools. Some individual departments and divisions in these graduate schools also use the GRE test as a requirement for admissions.

How the GRE Test is Used For Admission

Graduate and business schools use the GRE test for screening prospective candidates. However, some schools require applicants to take the GRE test to test the applicant’s knowledge in a particular field of study. The subject areas may include literature in English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and psychology, tests for biochemistry and computer science have been discontinued, but the scores from previously taken tests are still applicable.

How the GRE Test is Scored

Each section of the GRE test has a unique scoring scale. The present scoring scale for quantitative and verbal reasoning sections range between 130 to 170 with an increment of one point. At the same time, the scoring scale for analytical writing is between 0-6 with a half-point increment. The perfect GRE score is one that is good enough to get you into the graduate school of your choice and for the graduate course applied for. The admissions committee uses the GRE test scores to eliminate the weakest applicants. It is vital to get a high score irrespective of the requirements for your course of study.

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