What is an Articling Student?

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What is an Articling Student?

As we all know, for a student to become a full-fledged lawyer, they have to complete a 3-year law school degree pass the bar examinations of their state. Okay, you might be wondering what it has to do with the article’s topic. Well, an articling student is someone who has to complete nearly ten months long term (which may differ in many states) after passing the bar to gain significant experience in the real world.

1. What Does an Articling Student Do?

Undoubtedly, students who work right after their degree will not have the necessary experience to deal with complex real-life situations. So this is where you become a lawyer-in-training. During your tenure as an articling student, You learn how to conduct legal research engage in advocacy. You will get to have your clients from your articling period in infrequent circumstances.

It is a massive transition from classroom to courtroom experience, so it is necessary to find the right place to do your articling journey. Moreover, to have full-fledged experience, you can even join any law firm, practicing lawyers, governmental agencies, or even a not-for-profit organization.

You can also have a chance to go through the client’s case files and learn about the legal technicalities of the cases. In fact, you can even help the associates with research and also to find arguments for the issues at hand. This will help you broaden your perspective in different legal fields.

In many instances, articling students will get a chance to regularly conduct disclosure reviews with clients, conduct intakes, and provide free consultations for simple summary criminal matters. But this opportunity is provided in very limited law firms and legal houses.

An articling student will also get opportunities to work as an associate in the law firms. Not only will you have to work on the legal research, after months go by, you can also work towards providing opinions, drafting letters and memoranda, analysis of Bills before the Legislative Assembly, and assisting in the review, resolution, and investigation of complaints.

2. How to Get an Articling Student Job?

Now let us come to the most important question, where to find the articling student job? When it comes to articling student job descriptions, there is no difference as to how to apply and where to apply. You have to apply for the position just like how you apply it for the job.

You have to create a stellar resume that clearly establishes your strengths in legal skills. You should also highlight your internship experiences during your law school journey. Moreover, there should be really good paper publications throughout your school journey.

Another important step after developing a decent resume is to apply for the position and get prepared for the interview. Nowadays, it has shifted to online interviews, but some law firms will prefer in-person interviews. You also have to research the business. Before you go to the interview, spend several hours thoroughly researching the business and sell yourself with confidence. Moreover, excellent communication skills and a high degree of professionalism is a necessity for this position.

Moreover, it is pertinent to note that an articling student should work full-time in the office of a principal for a continuous period of not less than nine months. There is an exception for law clerks or others who have been granted a reduced articling period.

Further, In all cases, candidates must be registered with the Law Society’s Licensing Process in order to be eligible to receive credit after completing the articling position in the law firm.


After you’ve completed law school, passed your bar exams, and fulfilled the 10-month long articling program, you are officially ready to be called to the bar as a licensed Lawyer. Now the future is in your hands. You can choose the necessary stream you want to pursue and stick to a first-class law firm or senior or lawyer or government or anywhere; you can work and spread your wings to become a first-class lawyer.

Moreover, it is also to be noted that it is not necessary that you have to work at the same firm where you did your article position. You can look for different jobs whilst you complete your position. Congratulations, let your journey to becoming a lawyer begin.

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