What Can You Do with an Associate of Arts Degree?

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What Can You Do with an Associate of Arts Degree?

Students in the Associate of Arts Degree program can choose from various general education courses emphasizing humanities. The adaptive and versatile degree will guarantee you a job in various fields. Students who desire to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a specialized discipline might get a head start with an Associate of Arts degree. Aside from that, the degree program provides a solid basis for individuals who want to begin their professional careers. In this post, we’ll glance at the response to your query, ‘What careers can I earn with an associate of arts degree?’.

An Associate’s of Arts Degree is a great way to get started on a career path. It can open many doors for you and is recognized by various industries. Here are some of the most common jobs you can get with your associate’s degree. Let’s dive in! This is the perfect time to find out what you can do with your new degree!

Several careers can be pursued with an Associate’s degree. Some of these occupations are very flexible and can offer high salaries. Other options include being a veterinary technician and a dental hygienist. All of these jobs require detailed work and training, so it’s crucial to choose a career that interests you. If you are interested in art, you could also become an art historian. You can write about art and become a museum curator. You could also become an admissions advisor. It’s all about you what you want to choose.

Choosing a subject for your undergraduate degree is a significant decision to make, as it will determine your future career route. This means it’s a fun, yet sometimes challenging, decision to make. While several options are available, an Associate of Arts (AA) degree is a popular choice for individuals who wish to lay a firm foundation before deciding on a specialized study. This blog is for you if you’re interested in pursuing one of the Associates of Arts degree career options and want to learn more about the job opportunities available.

1. Why Choose an Associate of Arts Degree?

People are motivated to obtain associate degrees for a variety of reasons. However, these factors are reduced to two key factors: speedier education and a lower tuition structure. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to pursue further education. With an associate degree, however, anyone may acquire a great job without spending a lot of money on their schooling.

The program’s schedule is set in stone to attract non-traditional students to enroll. Aside from all of this, there is always room for advancement after earning an associate degree.

Students can now continue their higher education while still working through associate degree programs. You can have a flexible career path and achieve personal progress in your current job. Furthermore, obtaining an associate degree is equivalent to taking a significant step toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree. With an associate degree under your belt, your odds of being laid off are little to none.

You are taking baby steps toward a stable career and academic future by enrolling in an associate degree program. Unemployment rates are lower among those with associated degrees. The program also teaches you how to balance your academic and personal responsibilities.

2. Career Opportunities with an Associate of Arts Degree:

Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants are responsible for compiling and disseminating financial and statistical data, analyzing questionnaires, and preparing reports. They work on initiatives under the direction of marketing managers to increase sales and profitability for the company. They collaborate closely with other departments such as advertising, production, sales, and market research and assist its marketing initiatives.

Marketing assistants make an average of C$38,226 per year.

Assistant Retail Manager

As an assistant retail manager, you’ll be in charge of dealing with the store’s operational needs, as well as arranging personnel schedules and giving them assignments.

An assistant retail manager’s average annual income is C$38,192.

Customer Service Person

A customer service representative is responsible for assisting consumers with product or service problems, complaints, and questions. They must communicate with consumers over the phone and via email to provide information, assist with issues, take orders, and process returns and refunds.

A customer service representative’s average yearly income is C$39,145.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant serves as a point of contact for an organization’s personnel. They ensure that an office’s operational tasks run smoothly and efficiently.

An administrative assistant’s average annual income is C$39,916.

Bank Teller

Counting cash, filing paperwork and deposit slips, balancing figures, and managing ATM deposits are all responsibilities of a bank teller.

A bank teller’s average annual income is C$34,103.

Production Assistant

Production assistants aid directors and producers on creative sets such as television, theatres, and movies. Helping the cast prepare for the day, managing the production schedule, doing numerous errands, and communicating across departments are just a few roles. A production assistant job is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in a career in the creative arts.

Production assistants earn an average of $13.36 per hour.

Pastry Chef

A pastry chef prepares delicacies such as pastries, bread, and other baked goods. Pastry chefs either own and operate their own business or work in a small portion of a more oversized kitchen, such as a restaurant. The pastry chef’s responsibilities include: Preparing and creating menu items, creating bespoke dishes as needed, Teaching new personnel, and Managing inventories and ingredients.

The national average hourly wage is $14.34.

Human Resources Assistant

Assistants to human resources directors and managers with HR-related activities. Human resources job entails many administrative responsibilities, which the HR assistant will support the HR manager. Filing performance reports, documenting terminations, and completing compensation information are among these obligations. HR assistants may also help with new employee recruitment and hiring. HR departments can be found in companies of all sizes. However, HR assistants are often needed more in giant corporations.

National Average Hourly Wage: $16.31


Estheticians are primarily concerned with skincare and wellbeing. They work in spas and salons, providing consumers with skincare treatments like facials and pore cleanings. They sell beauty items and offer skincare advice to customers at the salon or spa. Some estheticians can work in plastic surgery offices to help with equipment cleaning and patient instructions.

The national average hourly wage is $20.36.

Web Designer

Web designers produce user-friendly websites and web pages. They collaborate with their clients to fit their needs while also giving a pleasant user experience. They accomplish it by employing various web design tools and computer languages like HTML and CSS. Web designers must have a high level of technical expertise while still being creative.

The average hourly wage in the United States is $22.49

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of a company’s social media accounts, which are used to raise brand recognition and generate leads. They usually work for a single company and handle their entire social media business or manage a small number of clients. Social media and internet marketing approaches must be well-understood by social media managers. They will frequently require customer service training to answer consumer questions and concerns.

The average annual wage in the United States is $48,221.

Account Executive

Account executives are commonly found in marketing and advertising firms. They are in charge of customer management and acquisition. They ensure that clients remain satisfied with the firm for which they work by building personal relationships to understand their demands better.

The average annual wage in the United States is $65,871.

3. What Is the Duration of Completing an Associate of Arts Degree?

Compared to a bachelor’s degree in the same discipline, an associate degree in fine arts can be completed in less time. Associate degree coursework is typically completed in two years or four semesters, for full-time students, with some programs allowing part-time students to complete their studies in as little as six years. Fine arts bachelor’s degree programs are typically completed in four years or eight semesters.

4. What Cost Do You Have to Bear with Approximately an Associate of Arts Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is substantially more expensive than an associate’s degree. According to the College Board, the cost of two-year in-state public university tuition and fees reached a national average of $3,131 per year in 2012, while four-year programs cost an average of $8,655 per year.

Note to Remember

The possibilities listed above are only a tiny part of what an Associate of Arts degree can provide. After completing the training, one can be assured of finding work. A student who pursues an Associate of Arts degree in any discipline makes $887 per week on average. This likewise stops the chance of joblessness among the enlightened.

Associate degree holders earn less than Bachelor’s degree holders, but they are better off than their classmates who dropped out of school after high school. Furthermore, there is always room for development for people who want to upgrade their associate degree into a bachelor’s degree and make more money.

When picking a career, ensure sure there will be prospects for employment in the future, especially after completing all of the school requirements. Don’t pick a job just because it has a good job outlook or is on a list of the top careers. Check to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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