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What are the Best Courses after Bsc Computer Science

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, you might be wondering what to do next. But there is nothing to worry about because there are a plethora of opportunities in different disciplines after completing your Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Since Computer Science is a multidisciplinary field of study and shares its ties with almost all the fields in the world hence, you have a plethora of options to pursue your higher studies in. Here on our list, we are going to feature the 10 best options after completing your BSc in Computer Science, that will prepare you for the professional world in the best way, and make you eligible for various job roles in different sectors.

1. M.S in Computer Science by Stanford University

The Master of Science in Computer Science is an online program presented by the prestigious Stanford University, that is especially for students who have completed their bachelor’s in the same background. One of the best things you can do after completing your BSc in Computer Science proceeds with a Master’s degree program. And by doing that you can opt for future research programs, or land up with jobs in higher positions such as Managers of esteemed organizations.

This program can be completed within a span of 3 to 5 years, and upon completion, you earn a valuable certificate from the university that will be of great importance in building your career.

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2. Master’s in Applied Data Analytics by Boston University

The Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics (MSADA) at Boston University’s Metropolitan College (MET) is a great choice to pursue your master’s degree in. For students who want to work in prestigious positions in the field of Data Science and Analytics, this program is just for them.

This program will expose students to the world of Data Science, various database systems, data mining tools, data visualization tools, and much more. Students will get to enhance their skills, face real-world problems, analyze and bring solutions to them. After completing this course, students will be able to work in multiple industries including Healthcare, Entertainment, IT sectors, Government agencies, and so on.

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 3. Master of Science in Cybersecurity by GIT

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity can secure your future in the fields of Ethical Hacking and Network Security, and you may get the opportunity to work for the country’s government agencies to protect them from attacks and threats of valuable data, that sometimes make nation’s security at stake.

The MSc in Cybersecurity from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology is an interdisciplinary program that will introduce you to the impact of privacy and security in businesses and government organizations, and how you can overcome risks. This program is offered in both modes, online and on-campus, so you are free to choose your preferred model. This program will prepare you for the professional world of Cybersecurity and help you establish a successful career.

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4. Master’s in Web Designand Development by University of Denver

If you are hoping to do something different than the mainstream of Computer Science, then Web Designing is the best option to pursue your master’s degree. This program by the University of Denver will mainly focus on design websites and mobile applications, and also the areas of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). This online master’s program will transform you into a skilled web designer and developer, who is ready to showcase his/her skills to the world. While gaining practical skills, you will prepare for your job role in the industry, and work like a pro. After completing this course, you can work as a Lead Web Developer, Systems Administrator, Designer/Developer, Technical Architect, UI/UX Designer, and in many other respectable positions.

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5. Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Game Development by Academy of Art University

The perks of having a background in Computer Science is that you can choose any area to specialize in that is related to it, and so is Game Developing. The Master of Fine Arts in Game Development from the Academy of Art University is totally something different to try. Imagine developing games with the best graphics and features, and that becomes the favorite of millions of players worldwide, amazing isn’t it?

In this program, students will be introduced to the traditional art and design fundamentals that synthesize with advanced technologies of the modern world. This course will provide hands-on experience to students, so that they understand the process of game development, and get familiar with the essential tools and techniques. While learning about game design and development, students will gain the required skills to become successful developers who are capable of producing engaging games with the best graphics, script, and characters. Your dream to become a Game Developer is just one step away!

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6. Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by MIT

The Professional Certificate program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from the reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a course for those professionals who have a background in Computer Science, and are looking for a course to hone their skills, that will eventually help them rise to a higher level in their career. This course is ideal for professionals who have at least three years of work experience with an idea of Data Analysis, and want to get their hands on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Even Managers can opt for this course to broaden their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This course will focus on essential concepts and skills needed to develop effective AI systems, understanding the challenges faced at the AI workplace, gain skills and knowledge in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that are absolutely mandatory for the industry and so much more. After completing this course, your career will witness a positive change, and who knows you may land up with the job position you were dreaming of!

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7. Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence by University of San Diego

Artificial Intelligence in today’s world makes the technology even better, and pursuing a Master of Science Program in it from the University of San Diego can make your career and life even better. This course will help students expertise and develop ethical A.I. systems to solve modern technological problems.

A program designed with key industry stakeholders to make the young generation ready for a more technologically advanced future that largely depends on Artificial Intelligence. Focusing on areas like robotics, computer vision, and text analysis, this program is designed to transform the young generation into ethical and socially responsible artificial intelligence experts, who understand the values of technology and use AI for good purposes, to build a better tomorrow.

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8. Master of Science in Engineering Management (M.S.) by George Washington University

Another online Master of Science program in Engineering Management from George Washington University is a great choice to pursue your higher studies in. A program that will take to the world of Management, where they will learn a range of leadership responsibilities in technical organizations and other business-oriented roles.

This master’s program is designed to help students develop skills necessary to tackle complex Engineering Projects with technical, leadership, and problem-solving skills, and will open doors to a wide range of opportunities for the future. This program is led by industry experts with hands-on experience, who will mold the students into professionals ready for the challenging industry. Some of the key skills you will learn in this course includes Planning, organizing, and supervising projects, Systematic approaches to decision making, Financial planning and budgeting, Strategies for improving organizational performance and so much more.

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9. Master of Information Management and Systems by University of California Berkeley

After completing your Bachelor’s in Computer Science, another great option awaits in the field of Information Management and Systems. This Master’s program from the renowned University of California Berkeley is designed to mold students into successful Information Professionals, who are ready to face the challenges that come with their job roles.

In this course, you will be learning to identify and address user and stakeholder information and resource needs in context, take important information design decisions, organize the collection of information, apply foundational principles at work and so many other significant things that lie in your professional role. While pursuing this course, you prepare for the professional world and develop skills to land up prestigious job positions.

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10. Master of Science in Software Development Degree from Boston University

The last choice on our list, the Master of Science in Software Development is undoubtedly one of the best courses on our list to pursue after completing your BSc in Computer Science. A program that prepares you for the fastest-growing and demanding industry of Software Development through practice and a comprehensive understanding of your role as a Software Developer.

While preparing for the competitive field with this course, you will gain skills in analyzing business and technical requirements for Software Development, work on complex projects with a competent team, create reliable software designs and codes, learn many programming languages for better work performance and many other important areas are to be covered. This master’s program by Boston University is one of the best online programs and is one of the only software development graduate degrees in the United States. Prepare to excel in the professional world with the help of a course that is the MSSD ranked number 8 among the Best Online Master’s in Computer Information Technology Programs (U.S. News & World Report).

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