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VII Arteche Photo Contest

Arteche is a global company, an international benchmark with companies in Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania, and a service that has more than 80 technical-commercial offices, which allows us to directly see the international and local contexts of the electric power industry. Arteche is actively involved in the main international electrical bodies: IEC, IEEE, CIGRE, or CIRED, among others. It is an organization that has very much in mind tomorrow’s challenges and that, today, is internationally recognized for its strength, knowledge, track record, and projection. With almost 75 years of experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture, integration, and commercialization of measurement transformers, they are one of the world’s leading references in this field today.

This year, is presenting to you a VII Arteche Photo Contest for all amateur and professional photographers to come forward and show their talent. The entry for the contest is free and is open to everyone. That means there are no restrictions regards to eligibility. The candidates are required to shares photos that best demonstrates the impact of electric power. There are four categories given from which candidates can choose and submit their photos accordingly. Photographs submitted to the contest will be subject to the following terms of participation, licensing, use and content, as well as to the interpretation that the organizer makes of them.

The jury will select 4 photos which according to them best reflect the theme of the contest and announced them as winners. The winners of the contest will be awarded some exciting and fun prizes. The prizes may not be changed, altered, or compensated in any way at the request of the winning participant. Prizewinning participants may waive the right to their prizes, but in no case will an alternative prize be offered, nor will such a waiver give any right to compensation or indemnification. In the event of problems with the supplier of the prize or with said product, the prize may be replaced by one of the same nature and with similar characteristics, always with prior notice to the participants

Brief Description

Here is a brief description for you concerning the following scholarship:
Educational LevelAll
Access ModeOnline
Number of Awards4
NationalityDomestic and international
Contest DeadlineOctober 15, 2021
Application FeesNot required

Who Is Eligible?

Entry to the competition is free and anyone who wishes may participate (photographs by under-18s should be sent accompanied by the permission of their guardian)

How To Apply?

The interested individuals are required to send photographs demonstrating the impact of electric power considering one of the following categories:

  • Life and Power: electricity brings light, warms us, moves us, and entertains us. The photographs will reflect the influence of electricity in our life and society.
  • Infrastructure and electric equipment: the impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed infrastructure and equipment generation, transmission, and power distribution which permits us to use it to our advantage and which mold our landscapes.
  • Arteche Products: our products are present in more than 175 countries. The photographs will show them in factories, substations, projects, landscapes, integrated into other products, etc.
  • Electric framework: our energy is people. The photographs will represent the connection between professionals in the electrical sector and the tasks they perform.

The photos have to be sent to, identified with their author’s data (name, surname, and contact details) and the work’s data (title and category on which it is presented).

All photographs must be formatted RAW or JPEG with a minimum size of 3 MB. Photographs are valid in color, black, and white, or any other format.


The jury composed of professionals from the article group will review the applications and decide the winners.

The four photographs which, in the jury’s view, best reflect the usage and impact of electric power in each category will be awarded some exciting and fun gadgets

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission for the following contest is October 15, 2021. No submission will be considered after the deadline.

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