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Valentines Cards for Classroom

We all have people in our lives who we adore for various reasons. Valentine’s Day is all about commemorating this and demonstrating your love for those important people in your life. Of course, you may show someone you care about them on their birthdays or during holidays such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Valentine’s Day, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to this. Instead of many days throughout the year, you may celebrate all of the individuals you care about on one day. It will be simpler to schedule activities and purchase gifts. Valentine’s Day is a celebration that even children may enjoy. In elementary school, we all remember making and exchanging candy grams and writing letters to our friends and crushes. Children, for the most part, enjoy these parties, and it’s disappointing if they know that their classmates are having a Valentine’s Day party and receiving cards, cupcakes, and candy, but they aren’t. As a teacher or a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kids get to take part in the festival of love.

It may seem as though it’s going overboard to give cards to the entire class and your students may even complain about giving cards to kids they don’t like, but the reasoning is simple enough. Giving cards to everyone is the best way to avoid hurt feelings. If your kids express concern about giving cards to everyone, don’t dismiss their concerns, but do make sure they understand that it’s not negotiable. But what if the cards are just bland and boring? Can you really blame the kids then? You probably imagine something a touch dreary when you think of children’s Valentine’s Day cards.  Perhaps with a cartoon character on it and hearts sprayed all over it. Kids get them, read them enthusiastically, and then promptly forget about them until the next year, when they select fresh flat, cartoon cards to distribute.

That is no longer the case. Valentine’s Day cards for kids are on another level. Stickers, tattoos, sweets, and other goodies are included. When they’re finished, some turn into craft items like cootie catchers or paper aircraft. Some are stand-alone exercises, with riddles to solve or messages to decipher. All these make Valentine’s day card exchange seem a lot more enjoyable in the classroom.

But the problem can be that there are a lot of choices out there if you are looking to buy a set for your class. The following buy-in-bulk, boxed card sets are sure to be a favorite with the class, from preschool to middle school. Of course, you could go the DIY route and make your own Valentine’s cards with a message inside each one, but where’s the joy in that?  Teachers deserve love too on this special day. That’s why this article has got your back.

1. Geefuun Paper Airplane Colorful Valentine’s Day Cards Comes with 132 Stickers

The package contains 42 valentines day paper airplane cards & their envelopes plus 132 stickers that include 84 heart stickers and 48 cockpit stickers. They’re made of sturdily constructed paper. There are five distinct Valentine’s Day designs to choose from, all with vibrant colors. On the cards, there is a spot to write with a pencil to and from. The best part is that once the kids have read the messages on the cards, they can make paper airplanes out of them! When you attach heart stickers on the back of these planes, they’ll fly far. To create the airplane, instruct the children to follow the dashed lines and fold the paper in half. If you wish to display it to a younger audience, there is an instruction printed on the back of the box. Due to the risk of choking, this is not suggested for children under the age of three.

2. Different 3 Styles, Multicolor Valentine Mazes Cards by Peaceable Kingdom

These cute and humorous cards come in three distinct layouts, each containing a colorful valentine maze that kids of all ages will enjoy solving. Each of these cards also has a different maze, such as a maze that leads a cupid cat to the heart-shaped cheese and helping a frog to get to a valentine lollipop. Things like these are sure to crack the kids up. Also contains tongue-in-cheek puns like “Hey pal, have an amazing valentine’s day!”. A maze is also printed on the back of the card. This deck contains 28 cards.

3. Zoo Animal Valentine’s Day Cards by Red Robin Greetings Contains 28 Cards for Kids

This one by Red Robin Greetings is both a valentine’s day card and a boredom reliever. Each card includes a punch-out jigsaw puzzle to complete. The deck contains 28 cards and their envelopes. The puzzles are also educational for young kids as they solve each puzzle and learn about the animal that they end up with like monkeys, giraffes, lions, and elephants.

4. Kangaroo Cootie Catcher Valentine’s Cards Comes in a 4 Unique Designs for Kids

Learning how to utilize a Cootie Catcher to “catch” their own Valentine’s Day messages will be a blast for kids. Desserts, unicorns, monsters, puppies, and kittens are among the 28 designs on the cards. Simply fold the Cootie Catchers for a fun and interactive way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The KANGAROO store sells this on amazon for a price of $8.50 for the pack of 28.

5. Playhouse Yummy Donut Scratch and Sniff Cards includes 28 Designed Cards with 4.75″ cards for 4 Years and Above Kids

Although the annual classroom Valentine’s Day party may lack the typical festive buffet of heart-shaped snacks and pink-frosted doughnuts, everyone may at least experience the lovely fragrances of the saccharine treat with these scratch-and-sniff cards. The Super Valentine Exchange Card Pack includes 28 cleverly designed huge, 4.75-inch cards with actual envelopes, allowing your child to give more than simply a greeting to everyone in their class. The Yummy Donut set includes four varieties of die-cut donut-shaped cards with a delectable icing design on the front and room on the back to write To and From. Designed for kids 4 years and older.

6. Joyin Valentines Day 28 Sets of Non-Toxic Scratch Paper Cards for Kids with Variety of Designs

Encourage your little artists to make their own scratch paper valentines with their own words and artwork. It comes with 28 sets of Valentine’s Day Scratch Papers in a variety of designs. To improve their social skills and provide great pleasure, kids can surprise their pals with a nice greeting with the heart and play along with the charming messages. The toy is also child-safe, non-toxic, and compliant with US toy safety regulations. The designs include a variety of shapes and figures, such as heart-shaped locks, cupid, teddy bears, cupcakes and so much more. The attractive design will also make sure that the kids love it, if not for what’s within.

7. Dino-Mite Eraser Valentine Cards Includes 2 Dozen Cards with Different Patterns and 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ in Size

These dinosaur valentines with erasers are sure to make your students roar with excitement. The bundle includes 2 dozen cards in various patterns. Each paper card has a “To:/From:” space as well as a 2.5-inch rubber dinosaur eraser, allowing kids to make mistakes in their adorable attempts to communicate love.

8. Foldable Monster, Non-Toxic, Funny, Odor Free Valentine’s Day Cards by AmuseNd

You have the option of opening or folding the greeting card. What a delightful surprise for children to find sweet phrases hidden in the lovely monster’s mouth. 25 folding monster cards, 25 lovely envelopes, and 25 heart stickers are included in the box. With a total of 75 pieces in the Gift Pack, most children’s needs for Valentine’s Day cards are met. Learn and practice several basic social skills with these preschool or elementary classroom exchange activities. On Valentine’s Day, youngsters can enjoy a sweet and joyful experience thanks to funny valentines’ cards. These will not easily tear or curl at the edges. There are no strange odors, and there are no dangerous or toxic compounds to the human body or the environment.

9. JOYIN 36 Pieces Animal Design, Candy Holder, and Non-Toxic Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

The Animal candy holder, which comes in a set of 36 pieces, features 12 adorable animal designs with double-sided stickers on the hands that will hold the candy. These adorable Valentine’s Day cards are as sweet as candy, and each one can hold a lovely surprise. Simply insert the candy in the center and clasp your hands together, and you’re done! You can write an extra message on the card, stick this to a gift, label package wrapping, or other places where you want to stick. This Valentine card features a multi-purpose embellishment that may be used to embellish sweets, cake pops, chocolate pops, gift packages, home décor, and other tiny items. Comes in a pack of 36 on amazon.

10. Playhouse Silly Joke Scratch-Off Valentine’s Pack Contains 4 Different Designs & Colorful Cards for 6 Years & Above

These scratch-off joke cards, available on Amazon, will add some hilarity to your child’s Valentine’s Day. The Silly Joke Scratch Off set includes four different designs of colorful cards, each with a bright graphic on the front and room on the back to write To and From. To make the cards even more unique, each friend reads a goofy joke before scratching off the heart to reveal the punch line! Designed for ages 6 and older. The package includes 28 cards and envelopes.

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