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University of Virginia Acceptance Rate

The University of Virginia and inaugurated a bold experiment – a public university designed to advance human knowledge, educate leaders and cultivate an informed citizenry. In its third century, the University of Virginia offers an affordable, world-class education that is consistently ranked among the nation’s best.

UVA has served as one of the nation’s premier academic institutions. UVA offers 48 bachelor’s degrees, 94 master’s degrees, 55 doctoral degrees, 6 educational specialist degrees, and 2 first-professional degrees (Medicine and Law) to its students. It has never bestowed an honorary degree to any person.

University of Virginia acceptance rate is 29.8%. It Combining outstanding coursework, world-class faculty, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, they are dedicated to advancing knowledge for the common good. UVA students, faculty, staff and alumni challenge convention, break barriers and pursue the greater good.

What GPA do you need to get into the University of Virginia?

If you’re a junior or senior, your GPA is hard to change from this point on.

  • The average GPA at the University of Virginia is 4.23.
  • This makes UVA Extremely Competitive for GPAs.
  • With a GPA of 4.23, UVA requires you to be at the top of your class.

Is University of Virginia an Ivy League school?

  • The University of Virginia is one of the most selective public institutions in the United States.
  • The University has attracted a vibrant and capable new leadership team possessing enormous talent, energy, and
  • The University of Virginia heads into its third century with a strong financial foundation.

University of Virginia SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile


700 650 760


35 33 38
Writing 35 34


Composite 1410 1330


 What is a good ACT score for the University of Virginia?

  • The average ACT score at the University of Virginia is 30.University of Virginia
  • This score makes UVA Strongly Competitive for ACT scores.

Is the University of Virginia a prestigious school?

  • The University integrates several tenets and resources vital to its role as one of the world’s leading institutions of higher learning.
  • UVA students learn in an environment of honor, self-governance, diversity, affordability, service, and classical architecture.
  • UVA makes global cultures and issues central to its curriculum.

What is the University of Virginia best known for?

  • The University of Virginia is known for its historic foundations, student-run honor code, and secret societies.
  • They have several global research centers and a worldwide presence, partnering with international universities and governments to educate students and solve societal challenges.
  • UVA is experiencing generational turnover of faculty.

How much does it cost to go to the University of Virginia?

Estimated Undergraduate Cost of Attendance, 2018-2019

Additional Categories (Separate from Tuition and Required Fees)

Virginian Non-Virginian


6,490 6,490




Books and Supplies






Direct Loan Fees 72





Travel 410

410 to 1,510

Total 15,912

15,912 to 17,012

 What majors is the University of Virginia known for?   

  • The most popular majors at the University of Virginia include Economics, Business/Commerce, Biology/Biological Sciences, International Relations, and Affairs; and Psychology, General.
  • UVA provides a world-class education to talented students who meet our rigorous standards.
  • The community and culture of the University are enriched by active student self-governance, sustained commitment to the arts and a robust NCAA Division 1 Athletics program.

How much is tuition at the University of Virginia?

  • The 2018 undergraduate tuition & fees of the University of Virginia-Main Campus are $16,155 for Virginia residents and $47,650 for out of State students.
  • The 2018 graduate school tuition & fees are $18,272 for State residents and $29,450 for others.
  • For the academic year 2017-2018, the undergraduate tuition & fees at University of Virginia-Main Campus is $16,155 for in-state and $47,650 for out-of-state students.
  • The undergraduate 2018-2019 estimated tuition & fees at University of Virginia-Main Campus is $17,211 for in-state and $49,362 for out-of-state students.

Is the University of Virginia a public or private school?

  • The University of Virginia is an iconic public institution of higher education, boasting nationally ranked schools and programs, distinguished faculty, a major academic medical center and proud history as a renowned research university.
  • They are currently entering into arrangements with other medical service providers to intensify our focus on the most acute care patients and further develop their research and clinical capabilities.
  • UVA researchers focus on intellectual and societal challenges that impact the greater good, creating new knowledge that moves the world forward.

What is the SAT score required for the University of Virginia?

  • The average SAT score composite at UVA is 1410.

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