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University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university that accepted just 8.39 percent of applicants into the class of 2022. With 10.2% University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate, the university consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the united states.

Penn offers students an unparalleled education informed by inclusivity, intellectual rigor, research, and the impetus to create new knowledge to the benefit of individuals and communities around the world. It also offers double degree programs, unique majors, and academic flexibility.

Penn enrolls 10,000 undergraduate students and welcomes an additional 10,000 students to our world-renowned graduate and professional schools. It has more than 4,300 faculties, 1,100 postdoctoral fellows, and 5,500 support staff/graduate assistants.

What GPA do you need to get into Pennsylvania?

  • The average GPA at the University of Pennsylvania is 3.93.
  • With a GPA of 3.93, University of Pennsylvania requires you to be at the top of your class.

Is Pennsylvania an Ivy League school?

  • The University of Pennsylvania ranks third in the Ivy League.
  • It also has one of the highest numbers of post-doctoral appointees, ranking third in the Ivy League and tenth nationally.

University of Pennsylvania SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section:

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 760 730 800
Reading 37 36 39
Writing 38 36 40
Composite 1510 1450 1570

What is a good ACT score for the University of Pennsylvania?

The University of Pennsylvania likely doesn’t have a hard ACT cutoff, but if you score too low, your application will get tossed in the trash.

  • The average ACT score at the University of Pennsylvania is 32.
  • This score makes University of Pennsylvania Strongly Competitive for ACT scores.

Is University of Pennsylvania a prestigious school?

  • The University of Pennsylvania is committed to making its practical, powerful, and flexible Ivy League education available to the best and brightest students, regardless of their economic circumstances.
  • With 13,000 University students, faculty, and staff participating in more than 300 volunteer and community service projects each year.

What is the University of Pennsylvania best known for?

  • It is a well-known interdisciplinary tradition, Penn’s research centers often span two or more disciplines.
  • Penn offers 116 different graduate and professional programs within 12 schools on one campus.
  • Penn’s award-winning educators and scholars encourage students to pursue inquiry and discovery, follow their passions, and address the world’s most challenging problems through an interdisciplinary approach.

How much does it cost to go to the University of Pennsylvania?

  • The cost of attendance represents the cost of attending Penn for an academic year, and includes both direct costs that appear on your student bill such as tuition, fees, housing, and dining, and indirect costs that are not billed by Penn, such as books and supplies, transportation and an allowance for personal expenses.
  • Students should consider their cost of attendance as their budget for each academic year.
  • Penn also uses the cost of attendance to help determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid.

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Budget Items Living On Campus Living On Campus Living at Home With Family
Tuition $49,220 $49,220 $49,220
Fees $6,364 $6,364 $6,364
Housing $10,200 $9,351 0
Dining $5,416 $4,635 $1,854
Books and Supplies $1,318 $1,318 $1,318
Transportation $895 $936 $1,511
Personal Expenses $1,890 $1,890 $1,890
Total Budget $75,303 $73,714 $62,157

 What majors is the University of Pennsylvania known for?

  • UPenn’s the most popular majors include Finance, Economics, Registered Nursing, Biology/Biological Sciences, and Political Science and Government.
  • Penn has several highly ranked graduate schools, such as the Wharton School, School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Medicine, and Law School.
  • Dual-degree programs which lead to the same multiple degrees without participation in the specification above programs are also available.
  • Penn offers specialized coordinated dual-degree (CDD) programs, which award candidates degrees from multiple schools at the University upon completion of graduation criteria of both schools.

How much is tuition at the University of Pennsylvania?

  • The 2018 undergraduate tuition & fees of University of Pennsylvania are $53,534 for their students and the 2018 graduate school tuition & fees are $37,134.
  • For the academic year 2017-2018, undergraduate tuition & fees at University of Pennsylvania is $53,534.
  • The undergraduate 2018-2019 estimated tuition & fees at the University of Pennsylvania is $55,687.

Is University of Pennsylvania a public or private school?

  • The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university that was founded in 1740.
  • Students appreciate the wide variety of course offerings and say that professors are extremely well-versed in their subjects.
  • Penn offers many formalized double degree graduate degrees such as a joint D./MBA and maintains a list of interdisciplinary institutions
  • The Institute for Medicine and Engineering, the Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management and International Studies, and the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.

What is SAT score required for the University of Pennsylvania?

  • The average SAT score composite at the University of Pennsylvania is 1510.

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