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ULI Hines Student Competition 2019

The Urban land Institute is delighted to announce the 2019 ULI Hines Student Competition. This is an ideas competition offers graduate students the opportunity to form their own multidisciplinary teams and engage in a challenging exercise in responsible land use. The winning team receives $50,000 and the finalist teams receive $10,000 each.

Who May Eligible:       

To eligible, the candidates must be following all the eligibility criteria:

  • ULI invites teams from accredited educational institutions to participate in the ULI Hines Student Competition.
  • For example, a team could consist of the following:
    • 2 architecture (M.Arch) students
    • 2 landscape architecture (MLA) students
    • 1 business (MBA) student
    • 1 architecture (MArch) student
    • 1 planning (MCP) student
    • 1 historic preservation (MHP) student
    • 1 real estate finance (MS) student
    • 1 real estate development (MRED) student
    • 1 urban design (MUD) student
    • 2 landscape architecture (MLA) students
    • 1 planning (MCP) student
    • 1 real estate development (MRED) student
    • 2 business (MBA) students
    • 1 planning (MCP) student
    • 1 landscape architecture (MLA) student
    • 1 architecture (MArch) student
  • Teams must be composed of graduate students pursuing a graduate degree while fully enrolled for the entire duration of the academic period during which the competition is conducted

How to Apply & Competition Rules:

To participate, the applicants must submit an online application form through the given link: https://americas.uli.org/programs/awards-competitions/hines-student-design-competition/how-to-participate/


  • There is no limit to how many teams may be formed at a given college or university.
  • Team Composition:
    • Each team must be composed of five graduate students.
    • The team members must represent a minimum of three disciplines that grant three different degrees, one of which must be a no design-related discipline.
  • Each student team member must be a currently enrolled full-time graduate student in a degree-granting program.
  • Exception: A part-time student may participate if he or she is enrolled in a program that is offered only as a part-time or work/study program, or if the student has completed one full semester successfully of his or her program by the start of the competition.
  • Students from different educational institutions may form a single team, as long as all other individuals and team requirements are satisfied.
  • For example, if your university does not offer a landscape architecture program and you would like to have that discipline represented in your team, you can work with another university to achieve the mix you seek.
  • For instance, the 2012 and 2013 winning teams were composed of students from several universities.
  • Students enrolled in dual-degree programs must designate which degree program they represent on the team for the purposes of the team composition requirements. For example, a student who is enrolled in a joint MRED/MArch program must state which discipline he or she is representing on the team.
  • Team members—students, faculty, outside professionals—are not required to be members of ULI.

Submission Requirements:

  • Teams that wish to compete must submit the following information via an online application:
    • Name and contact information for all five team members
    • Degree program information for all five team members
    • A one-page résumé for each of the five team members
    • Names and contact information for the team’s faculty advisers (up to two allowed from different disciplines)
    • Names and contact information for the team’s professional advisers (up to two allowed from different disciplines)
    • Signature of the department head of the sponsoring school and
    • Verification forms for each team member who is a part-time student or a fifth-year eligible student, such as Barch or BLA student.
  • Members of the jury; the competition advisers; all officials, current employees, and recent former employees of the Urban Land Institute (ULI); the employees, students, and immediate family members of any of the aforementioned parties; and those whom ULI deems to present conflicts of interest are ineligible to compete
  • All students from the finalist teams in the 2017 and 2018 competitions are also ineligible.


  • The winning team will receive $50,000 and
  • The finalist teams $10,000 each.
  • One representative from each finalist team gets an all-expenses-paid site tour in the selected competition city prior to the final presentation.
  • All participating finalist students attend the all-expenses-paid final presentation in the host city to select the winner of the competition.

Application Deadline:

The 2019 ULI Hines Student Competition submission period opens Thursday, October 18, 2018, and closes Monday, December 10, 2018.

Apply Now

If you have any questions, please email HinesCompetition@uli.org.

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