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Udemy Best WordPress Courses

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by Web Developers and Designers to build and maintain an attractive website that can be used for commercial purposes. WordPress is the easiest to learn and work with since it requires no knowledge of coding to build a website. Whether you want to begin with your own blog or a website for business, WordPress offers the easiest way to build them.

This universal nature of WordPress makes it one of the most used software around the world that can be used even by people who don’t have knowledge about Web Design and Development. If you are one of those who want to learn how to work with WordPress like a pro to begin your career or enhance your professional life, then here are the best courses offered by Udemy that can make a difference in your life.

1. How To Create A Website using WordPress (Step by Step)

The first one on our list is a Free course which is designed especially for beginners who are thinking twice before investing in a course. As the name of the course suggests, it will introduce students to Step-by-step procedures to learn how to use WordPress and make the most out of it.

This course will mainly focus on how you can create a fully functional website by just attending this 1-hour course. The fastest way to learn to create a website, this course will develop the skills required while working with WordPress so that you face no problems in the future. Also while learning to work with WordPress, the instructor will also introduce students to how to create a Logo, that plays an important role in a website. The lectures are downloadable, and the instructor guarantees student satisfaction for it will prepare them in less than an hour. This course is open to all and is a golden opportunity for people who want to work with WordPress.

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2. WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly

A perfect course for beginners, and a wonderful opportunity for them to learn to create an attractive website using WordPress that not only looks impressive but also is highly functional. It is not a problem if you do not have any prior knowledge about website building or WordPress since this course will begin with the basics and by the end, students will have a comprehensive knowledge of working with WordPress.

From installing WordPress to running your website successfully, you will be learning everything step-by-step from the instructor who will make you a master of WordPress in just 8 hours. You will be learning the main features of WordPress, creating pages, posts, custom menus, navigating systems, work with plugins & themes, and finally creating a responsive Website that looks good on any browser. If you are a complete beginner or a professional who wants to build websites using WordPress, this course is designed specifically for you.

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3. Learn SEO For WordPress Websites Free Course

Next on our list comes a free course especially for students and professionals who want to begin with their Blog and make it SEO friendly. A blog is of no use unless it is able to reach the right set of audiences, and for that one needs the right set of SEO keywords to get highly ranked in search engines.

This course is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of WordPress, and this prior understanding will help them quickly equip the skills that they will be learning throughout the course. The main aim of this course is to provide quick and easy methods to take your WordPress Blog on the top list of search engine rankings. If you are seeking a course that will take your WordPress website to the next level and will help reach a wide range of audiences, then there cannot be a better option for you than this one.

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4. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

For students aspiring to become WordPress developers, here comes a highly-rated course of Udemy that is going to introduce them to the “power of coding”, and help them learn coding languages including PHP and JavaScript that can make their experience of working with the WordPress platform even better.

WordPress is not just a mere platform to create blogs and websites rather, it has much more to explore, and this can be done with the help of coding. Beginning with installing WordPress, the instructor will introduce students to the language of PHP and JavaScript, and also the uses of WP REST API. There is so much to learn from this course and is going to prove beneficial for aspiring Web Developers and students who want to learn about Rest APIs.

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5. The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

Now if you are someone who has no prior knowledge of coding or any programming language, but wants to begin with WordPress, don’t worry, this course is just the one for you. This course is particularly for individuals who are business-minded and want to create commercial websites for clients or for themselves.

While WordPress may be one of the easiest platforms to build websites, there are still many things to learn before beginning with it if you want to succeed in the long run, and for that, you need to learn from an expert instructor who has 10+ years of experience. In this course, you will mainly be learning about using software tools to build the most amazing commercial websites through WordPress, create a blog-style website, including the category and tag navigation systems, and post formats for organizing content, working with Themes and Frameworks, customizing Dashboard for clients, website security and much more. This course can benefit anyone wanting to work with WordPress, and especially those who want to build commercial websites professional websites.

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6. WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap in (2021)

Another beginner’s course on our list, Bootstrap is a widely used framework, and also can be used in WordPress to build a modern website. This course will focus on how you can use Bootstrap and efficiently decrease the time required to build a website on WordPress. This course can turn any beginner into a skilled Web Designer or Developer through its easy-to-follow instructions.

Some of the key skills you will be learning in this course include creating HTML and CSS websites with Bootstrap, using PHP to build websites and themes, turning static websites into dynamic ones, and lastly building a fully functional website in WordPress. Anyone who wants to gain knowledge in PHP, HTML, and CSS, and wants to build powerful websites with the help of Bootstrap in WordPress will enjoy this course.

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7. The Complete WordPress Website & SEO Training Masterclass

Another top-rated course on our list that will focus on WordPress and SEO, this course is a wonderful way to transform yourself from a beginner to an expert. This course will help you master building and publishing your first website, using proven techniques and designs for your websites, securing your website from Hackers, making your website rank high with SEO, and become a professional designer.

After completing this course you will be able to create optimised websites for you or your clients, design attractive websites in WordPress, create SEO-friendly content for your website that will help you rank higher in search engines, and lastly, you will be able to create a professional WooCommerce Online Store that can become a huge source of income for you. Apply for this course if you want to know about the wonders of SEO and web designing in WordPress if you want to work as a Freelancer who designs customized websites for clients.

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8. WordPress Complete Web Design :Latest WordPress Design Techs

This course on our list can serve as a great beginning for students aspiring to become Web Designers. If you are looking for a short course that will introduce you to the world of web design in the medium of WordPress before opting for any diploma or degree, then this course is going to be of great help to you. From understanding WordPress,  installing it on your device to running a full-fledged website that is also SEO friendly, you will be mastering everything in this course.

This course will focus on some of the most important areas of web designing including page building, image optimizingusingPhotoshop, creating a professional and modern website, installing Plugins, converting your WordPress website into HTML secure and many more interesting things that you will be learning during the course. After the completion of this course, you can either opt for an advanced level Web Design course, or you can create your own Business websites.

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9. WordPress Security – How To Stop Hackers

In this technologically advanced world, Hackers can create great chaos by stealing useful information. Protecting your website from attacks like these is very important if you want to run your websites securely and smoothly. In this course, you will learn how you can secure your WordPress website for a lifetime and stay away from the threats of hackers.

The course will begin with an introduction to hacking because it is very important to understand the problem first before going after solutions. Then the course will proceed to the tools and techniques that can be used to secure your website such as, you will learn to install and work with WordPress Security Plugin step-by-step from the instructor, and by the end, you will successfully be able to make your websites hack-proof. This course is open to anyone who runs a WordPress website and wants to secure it.

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10. Learn Elementor – WordPress Front-End Development Course

The last course on our list will focus on Elementor page builder, which will make your web designing experience in WordPress much easier and better. You will be learning about Elementor page builder and theme creator, how it can be used in your WordPress website for themes, designs, colors and fonts, and templates. You will also be learning about how you can use motion effects in your design and procreate your own theme with the help of Elementor. This course is especially for WordPress Web Designer who is tired of trying to get a WordPress theme to look good and want to give their websites a different dimension and outlook.

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