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UC Berkeley Top Majors

Are you confused regarding choosing the best major at UC Berkeley? Not to worry. We are listing out some of the best majors under UC Berkeley that you can choose. There are so many universities that are compared with the best Universities. Among them, the University of California, Berkeley is also the prominent one. There are several degrees provided by the university which makes it a student acceptable university of 97%. The university is also famously known as “Cal”. It has wider than 130 academic departments and 80 interdisciplinary research units divided into five institutes and one academy.

The first establishment of the University of California arrangement, UC-Berkeley was established in 1868. Since its establishing, Cal has nourished its employees, learners, and alumni to learned accomplishments. Freshmen credited to UC Berkeley have grades and examination numbers similar to those who wanted to pass for admittance to especially judicious special academies. The ordinary unweights GPA was 3.9 between accepted learners and just 17 percent of the pupils who attempted to register for the beginner group in 2017 were granted certification.

Below is the list of the best majors at UC Berkeley which you choose to get your specialization done. Have a look at the below-mentioned lists of majors and get the best one out for yourself.

1. English

The Department of English grants courses in literature, language, and writing. This department’s literature courses have many different focuses: major authors, historical periods, genres, critical theories, and methods, as well as cultural and multicultural education. Studies in language offer instruction in both the past and the formation of the English language. Writing programs extend education in both informative and productive writing. The major in English is intended to offer learners to the history of literature written in English; to inform them with a diversity of historical times and geographic and social precincts of English language and writing; to produce a comprehension of techniques and methods of learned and refined analysis, and to present advanced exercise in analytical writing.

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2. Philosophy

The program searches for planning a major in philosophy are structured to ensure that student gets an all-inclusive education in philosophy. At most limited twelve (12) fields must be accomplished in whole, meeting the delivery specifications. The Philosophy Department administers a major and minor in philosophy, as strong as a minor in logic. Fit majors in philosophy have the additional advantage of joining the honors curriculum. Features on the conditions for a major in philosophy, minor in philosophy, minor in logic, and honors in philosophy serve enormously for the learners, as well as knowledge on-field importance in philosophical frameworks ready in the Data Sciences Major. To minor in philosophy, learners must take six sessions. The Honors Program is for undergraduate majors who want to serve more intensively and individually on a topic that they have crammed in the field of their undergraduate education.

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3. Astrophysics

The Department of Astronomy allows a graduate program directed at the Ph.D. Level in astrophysics. Beginning learners must not have majored in astrophysics, although some knowledge in astronomy is advisable. A sound background in physics, though, is required. An analysis is a major component of the Ph.D. program, including the department, grants events in a broad assortment of disciplines, including academic and observational astrophysics; infrared, visual, and radio astronomy. The department has authenticated six years as the regulating point to a degree. Standardizing time is the past record time in years that under natural circumstances will be required to fulfill all requirements for the Ph.D., allowing a pupil who registers without needs, who is interested in the full-time continuous study, and who is getting pleasing course approaching the degree.

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4. Bioengineering

The Department of Bioengineering grants a Master of Engineering (MENG) in Bioengineering, a Ph.D. in Bioengineering, and a Master of Translational Medicine (MTM). The Ph.D. and MTM are conducted in connection with UC San Francisco, and degrees are awarded simultaneously by UCSF and UC Berkeley. The Master of Engineering is a one-year master’s degree with powerful importance on engineering and entrepreneurship intended for learners intriguing to pass straight into the industry after finishing the program. The Ph.D. in Bioengineering is awarded together by Berkeley and UCSF, two of the best unrestricted academies in the world in engineering and health sciences. Their interdisciplinary program blends the leading sources in biomedical and clinical sciences at UCSF with the perfection in engineering, physical, and life sciences at Berkeley.

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5. Chemistry

The Chemistry Ph.D. Program is intended towards improving the capacity to do productive experimental study. Consequently, the only most significant aspect of the curriculum for an individual is his or her study plan. In agreement to foster an environment of educated, autonomous study, regular education qualifications are minimum and diversify between obedience. Coaches tailor education wants to best serve the learner for the preferred analysis area. The doctoral curriculum covers the following thoughts, all of which has special degree conditions:

  1. Physical Chemistry: In overall, the Physical Chemistry Graduate Program includes laboratory physical, scientific, atomic, biophysical, and analytical chemistry.
  2. Synthetic Chemistry: The Synthetic Chemistry Graduate Program combines importance in the development of natural or artificial composites, improvement of processes for their synthesis, and their characterization and application.
  3. Chemical Biology: The Chemical Biology Graduate Program includes research fields at the interface of chemistry including biology, extending from the integration of bioactive substances to the characterization of existing policies.

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6. Economics

The department of economics was founded in 1903. The department holds remarkable teaching staff and excellent students which makes it one of the important majors of UC Berkeley. The university also provides Ph.D. in economics. The program at UC Berkeley is intended for scholars engaged in seeking forward study and accompanying the independent study in economics. The Ph.D. Degree is granted in appreciation of the recipient’s requirements as a global economist and of the capacity to perform learned participation in areas of specialization. Fresh admissions to the graduate application are limited to learners seeking a Ph.D. Title. There are no visible, final plans for the MA level.

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7. Information Management & Systems

The Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) plan is a two-year full-time curriculum, intended to guide learners in the abilities required to succeed as data experts. Such specialists need to be close with the principles and practice of collecting, creating, recovering, and interpreting data in a kind of context in marketing, the government area, and the educational system. Professional expertise simply is not enough for victory; I School alumni will be required to make and maintain a multiplicity of information-related jobs. Such a situation is essentially interdisciplinary, challenging features of computer science, cognitive science, medicine, autecology, finance, marketing, government, library/data studies, and information.

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8. Data Science

The Data Science Major Degree curriculum blends computational and probable thought to form judgments based on data regarding any appearance of the physical environment. Data scientists get from all avenues of time, all fields of education, and all settings. They yield an admiration for the practical application of scientific and logical thinking and the potential of computing to recognize and solve queries for marketing, analysis, and societal influence.

The Data Science Major will provide learners to form valid inferences from data in connection, applying principles of mathematical reasoning, computational methods, data administration procedures, area information, and data. Learners will study to carry out reviews of data into the full circle of the investigative method in scientific and realistic settings. Learners will obtain knowledge of the social and moral assumptions of data analytics and combine that experience in planning and leading out their profession.

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9. Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s (CEE) undergraduate curriculum allows possibilities for accurate educational learning, teamwork, hands-on experience, and management. Classes are comparatively short, so learners learn to understand both the staff and fellow learners.The curriculum in civil and environmental engineering, which is top-ranked nationwide, equips learners with a solid theoretical grounding in engineering science, composition, and usage. Scholars acquire to resolve societal obstacles—in California, the US, and the globe such as: Promoting civil infrastructure, Preserving resources, Mitigating risks, and constructing effective and sustainable civil arrangements

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10. Social Welfare

Berkeley Social Welfare teaches scholars for guidance in the field of social welfare including the role of social activity. From 1944 they ought developed across 11,000 social work experts and social work learners for administration in the area of research, pedagogy, forward work, and administration purposes. The department offers two graduate credentials: the licensed Master of Social Welfare (MSW); and the learned Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare (Ph.D.).Berkeley Social Welfare grants the acknowledged Master of Social Welfare (MSW) qualification, which is completely approved by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Learners are served to train with specific abilities at special interference levels and are completely trained in human scientific knowledge, social welfare organizations, and social assistance systems.

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Aid and other requirements for Education at the UC Berkeley:

At UC Berkeley, a learner can achieve financial aid as well as scholarships based on various majors and qualifications. Approximately two-thirds of undergraduate scholars pass for financial aid. More than 65% of Berkeley Undergraduate students receive aid. The university holds in-state tuition fees of $14,098 and our state tuition fees of $42,112. The total enrollment counts as $40,174.

Admission related information:

  • Apply to Berkeley by filling out the UC application.
  • Admission to UC Berkeley is a two-step process: satisfying requirements and selection.
  • If you have complications you can contact the UC Application Center at ucinfo@applyucsupport.net or (800) 207-1710.

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