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UBC Best Courses

The University of British Columbia has been a globally recognized university since 1915. Currently, UBC is ranked number 31 in the best global universities list. The Vancouver campus and the Okanagan campus located in Kelowna are UBC’s two top campuses in Canada. Vancouver campus is considered to be the top one since it holds nearly 85 percent of UBC students. UBC offers the best college programs.

 I have decided today to curate the top 10 programs which are made available for the students. These high-rated programs are curated according to their scope, reputation, and international collaboration with other organizations. UBC offers 100s of unique courses, and most universities will not even have those programs offered. In this article, I have mentioned the fantastic, excellent, and intensive courses which have a lot of scope for the future. Isn’t it exciting? The courses mentioned below are considered after in-depth research on its global research reputation. Most importantly, these are the courses that will be perfect for electives and GPA boosters. I have also mentioned the course with its course code, so you don’t have to do a lot. Also, a big note- all the courses mentioned below are considered popular in the aspects of interest and passion. You will not find the basic engineering, medical and management courses here. We are here for something better. So what are we waiting for? Let us jump right in!

1. ANTH 210 – Eating Culture

This Anthropology course is considered one of the highly-rated courses offered by the University of British Colombia. This three-credit course is an anthropological exploration of how food’s collection, cultivation, and consumption shapes human society and culture. This is a fascinating topic since we all know how sushi represents japan, idly represents south India, and roti represents north India. However, the more profound impact of this culture is what we are going to learn in this course.

The classes will be held only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and currently, they serve 150 seats for this course. While some food traditions are deeply rooted in place, others emerge from the processes of globalization, migration, innovation, and change. Therefore, this will course is highly recommended.

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2. ANTH 217 – Culture and Communication

This anthropology course is a lot different from the eating culture program. The program covers the relation between communication and its cultural context, emphasizing verbal, non-verbal, and cross-cultural communication. The highlight of this course is it is made eligible for credit/ fail grading.

The course has a credit score of three, which mandates in-person attendance. It is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for two terms. Anthropology classes are, no doubt, one of the fun and engaging programs you will ever learn. So now get ready to understand the unfamiliar hand gestures used by someone you know; gain a deeper understanding of their culture as well as their cultural identity, ethnicity, power, and ideology.

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3. ECON 221 – Introduction to Strategic Thinking

ECON 221 – Introduction to Strategic Thinking is personally one of the most recommended courses. It will draw many aspects from how people think strategically through political science, history, psychology, law, biology, military history, economics, business, and anthropology perspective.

The main intention of this course is to develop a strategic intuition. It is not a lecture-based course; they also offer discussion on several days of the week to decode rational human behavior. It is an exciting course, but the only problem with this course is it involves a lot of quantitative analysis. If math is not your thing, move on to the next program.

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4. ECON 351 – Women in the Economy

Women in the Economy is more than a feminist debate topic. When it comes to discrimination, the wage gap, and employment equity, it affects the woman and the economy itself. The course will cover the historic patriarchal abuse women have been facing, which lead to this discrimination.

The course is more of an economic analysis of markets and policies particularly affecting women. This course is available only on the Vancouver campus. There are a total of 122 seats available for this program. This topic is fascinating and gives a complete economic perspective rather than boilerplate tv debate points.

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5. FNH200 – Exploring Our Food

This may sound like a general topic that everyone knows, but FNH200 is more than that. You will learn everything from this program. Starting from Chemical and physical properties of foods, issues about safety, nutritional value, and consumer acceptability to government regulations about food safety, quality, and preservation techniques.

This course is eligible for credit grading at three credits. To appear for this course, you will need to have completed your first year in UBC. The highlight of this course is they also offer distance learning programs. So now get ready to know what you eat, where it comes from, and every detail that will be very helpful for your future.

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6. FNH 330/335 – Introduction to Wine Science I/II

This is not yet another food-related program. Instead, this whole course is dedicated to understanding the chemistry of wine. Ranging from the taste of the wine to its selection, this course is exciting. And a bonus point picking this course is, you can also consider this course as a GPA booster.

The highlight of this course is it involves a lot of practical classes. Yes, that includes wine tasting. There are a total of two parts involved in this course. First, the program covers all the essential topics in wine like Principles of viticulture, oenology, and wine microbiology and chemistry. Second, you will also learn about the market, regulations, and the health aspects of wine consumption.

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7. FIST 220 – Hollywood Cinema 1930-1960

MOVIE BUFFS! Hey, this is the right course for you. Never in my wild dreams would I have thought of picking a course that boosts my GPA and is something I love. Finally, the number of nights wasted watching movies, and tv shows aren’t a waste of time.

But this course is not just a program where the story of the movie is discussed. Centered around the analysis of aesthetics, economics, history, and technological characteristics of the Classical Hollywood period, this class has a weekly one class and a tutorial. It is a 3credit course as well.

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8. RELG 101 – Introduction to the Western (Abrahamic) Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Well, aren’t we all tired of the amount of hate and propaganda fueling our education on religions? So, to come out from the stereotypes, let us take this opportunity to get our facts right about these religions. This course covers the main monotheistic Western religions that are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Use this course as an opportunity to bust all the stupid myths people believe about these religions.

This course is considered to be a valuable investment. You can become the only rational person in the group conversation with baby boomers. So it’s completely worth it to take this exceptional course.

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9. ACAM: Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies

Asian hate has become very common in most western countries, and it is high time people have a complete perspective on Asian migration and the concepts of the community. Asian countries generally don’t succumb to China, Korea, and Japan. Indians and other brown people from Asia face a similar situation to the Chinese.

In this course, you will learn popular culture’s role in the production of Asian Canadian and diasporic communities, emphasizing race, gender, sexuality, and other identity categories. You will also learn about Transpacific, migratory and socio-cultural connections of Asian migrations in a global context.

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10. ARTH 101 – Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies

ARTH 101 – Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies is the only art program suggested on this list. It made it to the top 1o courses offered by UBC because it will give you a great understanding of the visual world today. You will learn how this shapes the culture as well as the social standards of a country.

It is pertinent to note that this course is not an introduction to visual studies per se; it is more of a course that gives you what path you have to go towards learning visual studies. This course deals with the role of the visual in society, culture, and everyday experience. It covers all the visual materials like painting, photography, public monuments, print, film, advertisements, etc.

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