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Tufts University Graduate Student Research Competition

Tufts University is pleased to announce Graduate Student Research Competition (GSRC). The competition is open to any graduate students who are enrolled in a doctoral or master’s program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering.

The objective of this awards process is not only to assist students with their research expenses but also to give students a practice tool to help prepare them for crafting external grant proposals in the future.

The GSRC program supports the research of graduate students by providing funding for expenses including Equipment, materials, and supplies, Research participant compensation, expenses of travel to conduct research.

Who May Eligible:

To be eligible, applicants must meet all the following:

  • Applicant must be a graduate student
  • Applicant must be enrolled in a doctoral or master’s program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering are eligible to apply.

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To participate, the applicants must download the application form and submit with your proposal electronically to GSAS@tufts.edu.


The following documents are required, and comprise a complete proposal:

  • Exhibit A: Application Cover Sheet – Note, if applicable, other sources of funding. If this is a retroactive request, list all expenses requested for reimbursement in the itemized budget and submit the original receipts.
  • Exhibit B: Abstract – In 200 words summarize your proposed project and its significance to your work and the field as a whole. This must be communicated in a manner that is understandable to scholars in other disciplines. You are proposing for GSRC funding, including an explanation of the significance of the project to both your own work and the field as a whole. Abstracts and project titles may be published online.
  • Exhibit C: Project Prospectus – In 1000 words, describe the project you are proposing for GSRC funding. The text of the prospectus should:
    • Be written in a language comprehensible to colleagues in other disciplines. Your proposal will be read by individuals outside your field.
    • Note that overuse of jargon and terminology incomprehensible to colleagues outside of the field of the proposal is the top reason students do not receive GSRC funding.
    • Describe as specifically as possible the proposed research, including methodology and procedures to be used.
    • Explain the significance of the project to the field and its relationship to your overall scholarly work and degree progress.
    • Explain the intended use of the grant money. If applicable, indicate if this project is part of a larger project, and include a statement of existing funding.
    • Explain the consequences of not receiving funding, and, if external funding is being sought, the consequences of not receiving the external funding.
  • If applicable, note any progress made with prior GSRC funding.
  • Exhibit D: Itemized Budget –
    • List and justify all items for which GSRC funding is requested. Even if the budget is no more than one or two items, this list must be submitted as a separate Exhibit.
    • Overall budget justification may be included in the prospectus, but Exhibit D must contain justification for each line item as well as the funding category that line item falls under. If other sources of funding are being used, please note this alongside the cost for each line item. If this funding request is retroactive, all expenses requested for reimbursement must be listed in Exhibit D, with original receipts attached for each item.
  • Exhibit E: Curriculum Vitae
  • Exhibit F: Letter of Support –
  • A detailed letter from the applicant’s academic advisor or a faculty member familiar with the project is confirming the need for the support and the significance of the project to the applicant’s individual academic career.
  • The committee recommends the letter be at least one page in length, and should not only praise student character and grades but should contain substantive discussion about the relevance of the research and the need for funding. The letter of support may be sent separately to GSAS@tufts.edu.

Note: that while this may be submitted separately, it must be submitted by the stated deadline.


  • Sixteen awards are available each semester.
  • The maximum amount for an award is $1,000 and students are limited to one award per academic year.

Application Deadline:

The application will close on October 11, 2018.

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