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Top Ten Selenium Courses on Udemy

For those who are trying to get a head start in the IT domain with limited programming knowledge, then Selenium can be a choice of interest. If you are tired of managing the web browsers manually, it is high time to get it automated. The automation testing tool which helps computerize everything and anything existing on a web page is Selenium. It is free to be used by anyone in need as it is an open-source tool.

It is a website testing and automating tool, too, with the use of Selenium WebDriver. The course will only increase your requirement in the career market. Moreover, the current job prospects can be upgraded through various assorted systems on Selenium provided via Udemy.

1. Selenium Webdriver with Java -Basics To Advanced Frameworks

The course is rated as one of the best sellers for mastering Selenium. There is an association with worldwide experts to deal with the subject. The course on completion enables you to be an expert in Selenium Automation Testing and implement it successfully in the workplace. Nowadays the job prospect is also high with an understanding of the topic. The course promises you to be well-versed in Selenium Webdriver with sturdy Core JAVA basics. You will be confidently building Page objects, Data-driven and Hybrid Automation Frameworks from scrape. There can be an assurance in the comprehensive grasping about Test Ng, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Log4j, Cucumber, Html Reports, Excel Api, Grid Parallel Testing, Mobile Testing Database testing, and Performance testing with Selenium. The trainers are experts in dealing with the queries of the learners and helping them with the preparation of interview and resume preparation.

The course can be taken up by manual testers and non-programming aware testers involved in learning Automation. Beginners and graduates who would like to give it a try in the IT sector can also opt for it. Your coding skills can be improved, and be able to write the most acceptable codes which are optimized for Automated test cases. You will be capable of selecting any website and automating it too. Verification of Data Integrity with the GUI of the application, creation of great-looking reports to impress clients, detailed knowledge acquisition of Automation guidelines and code quality standards, and a practice website to experiment with the available web driver functions to computerize are also included in the course.

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2. Selenium Webdriver Training with Java & Many Live Frameworks

The course has been of help to a high range of aspirants who are looking for a program on Selenium. It basically is a tool for automation testing and helps in automating everything that is available on the web page. The lectures corresponding to the area extend complete access to the Automation of web-based applications and implementation of various frameworks such as Data-driven, Hybrid, Page Object model, Page factories, and Cucumber BDD. Along with the basics of Selenium, java programming basics are also built upon. Here all the topics are covered in detail, and the other portion of the course focuses on the Architect level topics.

Here, it is more of the facing of live projects with many frameworks and approaches covered, including; parallel execution frameworks, multi-threading, Java Generics, and Virtual environment. The additional inputs are obtained in areas such as; loops arrays, basic OOPS – inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, Collections, Reflections, and many more topics related to Java that is; File Handling, Log4j, Java MAIL API, Interactive report generation using Report NG, and Extent Reports. The classes can be assessed for a lifetime and include about 100 hours of the session, and you can earn a lifetime opportunity to work on live projects with in-depth framework designing and end-to-end Automation. 

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3. Selenium Webdriver with Java – Novice to Ninja 

The name itself creates an urge to take up the course. It leads us through the basic to the advanced level along with POM, Grid, Maven, GitHub, and Jenkins. Web Automation Frameworks is taught in detail along with the Selenium WebDriver challenges with real-time examples. You can be thorough about implementing continuous integration testing using JENKINS, perform cross-browser testing using Selenium Grid, create striking using the best-advanced reporting tool, absolute perception of TestNG Framework, great dominion on Build Management using MAVEN, competent to guide any Selenium Automation Project from scrape, understanding of Behavior Driven Testing Using CUCUMBER and Gherkin language, understand and write efficient testing code, automate any web application, confirm Data Integrity with the GUI of the application, authenticate Data Integrity with the GUI of the application, additional knowledge of running performance tests with Selenium WebDriver Automation and easily pass Selenium Automation interviews. This course includes a wide variety of topics from Selenium Webdriver Basics and Advanced, Java Concepts, Test NG Framework, Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Page Factory, Data-Driven, Reading Excel Files), Logging with Log4j, Best reporting tool – Advanced Reporting, Cross-Browser Testing with, Maven Build Management, Git and GitHub Selenium Grid 2.0, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Git integration with Jenkins, 

Database Testing, Performance Testing, Behavior Driven Testing Using Cucumber, Sauce Labs Integration, Interview Preparation. They have ten enthusiastic instructors to help with the queries within 24 HOURS and also for resume preparation and handling the interview questions.

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4. Selenium Webdriver and Java

The progressive course on automation testing using Selenium WebDriver and Java from scrape is what it is about. Not only learning about it but also getting the chance to put it into practice. This course embraces an open series of topics from Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Java Concepts, TestNG Framework, and Automation Framework Design. You will be able to automate any web application and can excel in any kind of job prospects with respect to the knowledge gained in Selenium Automation. It ensures complete know-how about Automation, frameworks, Selenium WebDrive. 

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5. The Complete Selenium Webdriver with Java Course

If you are a newbie in Coding, there is no point in worrying. Instead, select the course which provides the wholesome info about Core Java Programming and Selenium WebDriver Automation. Selenium WebDriver with Java, TestNG Framework, Page Object Model, Page Factory Design are the primary concerns, along with a detailed session on CodingCoding. The course finds its place accurate for professionals who are changing over to DevOps and are in need of getting a coding booster and for manual testers who are on the verge of switching to Automation. This course takes care of the Selenium WebDriver and Java topics thoroughly from essential to advanced levels. There are lessons on Java, too, for those who are entirely new to it. Once that is completed, you can successfully shift to the Selenium WebDriver videos. 

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6. Selenium Webdriver – Java, Cucumber BDD 

The way of delivering is in the format of a boot camp for Full Automation Testing. The idea of automation testing is practiced using selenium Webdriver, Java, Cucumber BDD, TestNG. You can also learn about Cucumber BDD as a fresher and move along the whole way to the advanced level making use of Java. This also helps to develop the skills to deal with complex Cucumber Frameworks. Automation test engineering is another area that is considered in this program.

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7. Selenium Webdriver With Python from Scratch Frameworks

The freshly released course helps to learn Python and Selenium Python Automation from basics to advanced level. You are entrusted with project works too to increase the confidence of the work. The course completion ensures the entire understanding of Python Automation using Selenium Webdriver. The implementation of the Python Test Automation Frameworks from Scratch with all the most up-to-date technologies, along with the comprehensive learning about Python Basics, indeed guarantees a strong foundation. Python Unit Test Frameworks like Pytest are taught together with Selenium Python API Methods. You will be a master in Python Basics, Selenium Python, and Pytest Unit Testing Framework, Page object Design Patterns, Excel Data-driven Frameworks, Log4J Logging, Cross browser testing, and Git HUB.

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8. Selenium Webdriver Course with Java for Beginners

The course is intended for those who are stepping into the arena. This can ensure you handle Selenium 3.0 web driver, Java, Maven, and TestNG Framework. You will be excelling in writing web applications using Java and Selenium libraries. The course completion will make me able to write selenium scripts for automating browser application testing. The course setup is in such a way that, from the basics to the advanced, it follows a gradual successive pattern. It is also supplemented by the assignments and quizzes for practice and reinforcing the information.

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9. Selenium with Java – A Complete End to End Course

It will help you learn Selenium as a tool for automation testing with Java as the language for programming. Once after, you will be using Selenium with Java to test the utility of the web applications. The sessions are life lessons, and a specific time is provided to practice the information. All relevant practice sessions are provided and made to implement various frameworks over Selenium. 

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10. Selenium Webdriver Advanced – Industry Standard Framework

The course is only for learning the ways to create a wholly equipped Industry Standard Selenium Webdriver Automation Framework. The main aim of the study is accomplished when you know to do so supplemented with the detailed perceptive of Web Automation Frameworks. Other acquired skills include; elucidating, designing, and employing structured automation frameworks using page object or factory model; and the understanding of Selenium Webdriver challenges with actual examples. The highly dedicated instructors are always ready to extend help and to answer the rising queries. A wide variety of topics are covered throughout the session; Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Data-Driven, Reading Excel Files), Logging with Log4j2, Best reporting tool – Advanced Reporting. 

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