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Top Seminary Schools

Seminaries, schools of theology, theological seminaries, or divinity schools are educational institutions for educating students, also known as seminarians, in theology and Scripture. This is generally for preparing them for ordination to serve as clergy, either in Christian ministry or in academics. This word is derived from the Latin – “Seminarium,” which translates as ‘seedbed,’ and the general image is taken from the Council of Trent document – “Cum adolescentium Aetas,” which called for the first modern seminaries. In the United States of America, this term is currently used for graduate-level theological institutions, but in history, it was used for high schools.

The established modern seminaries originated from Roman Catholic reforms of the Counter-Reformation after the Council of Trent. Seminary education usually includes degree programs in biblical studies, ministry, liturgy, and theology. It also involves some fieldwork and other advanced degree programs that require more intensive study and may allow students to focus on a specific area of interest related to one’s ministry or theological goals. People new to theological education can find themselves questioning seminaries. In simple words, seminaries are focused on the Christian religion and everything that goes with it. Following are some of the best seminary schools within the United States:

Yale Divinity School

Yale Divinity School is a rare place in American society where one can enthusiastically explore the questions and answers that lie between intellect and faith. The campus of this school not only dives into the grey spaces between the black and white that so often characterize public discourse. They thrive in those spaces, and for scholars, researchers, politicians, and athletes, Yale Divinity School has produced some of the world’s most influential leaders since the school’s inception in 1822. Till this date, this school has put forward more deans of colleges, universities, and seminaries, along with presidents, heads of denominations, than any other divinity school or seminary in the United States. YDS’s faculty have been and continue to be among the most prominent religious scholars of their day. While exploring this school’s campus, anyone will get a full sense of what YDS is all about.

It is Christian in tradition and ethos, but they are open to others and welcome the opportunity to have dialogues and learn from other faith traditions. YDS has accepted the challenge of appropriately and adequately applying biblical knowledge and principles to critical issues of the day. Their students and faculty regularly engage in activism and conversations around issues like immigration, women’s and LGBTQ rights, health care, and racial justice.

Founded In: 1822
Tuition: $ 25,950
Acceptance Rate: 50%
Rank: 1
Contact: (203) 436-8379
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at Yale Divinity School for students. You can check out all the scholarships available at Yale through this link.

  • YDS scholarship (from endowed funds)
  • The offer of a federal William D. Ford Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Earnings from work-study student job(s) at the University
  • Marquand Scholarships
  • The William Sloane Coffin Scholarship
  • The St. Luke’s Scholarship

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Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University is known for preparing Christ-centered, career-ready graduates for more than 80 years. This private Christian college/university was founded in 1932 and embraces its Baptist convictions, and propels graduates into careers and service opportunities all around the globe. CSU’s main mission is to prepare Christ-centered, career-ready graduates. It is established in Johnson City, New York, and generally is an educational institution that embraces its Baptist heritage. CSU is committed to biblical authority and serves undergraduate, graduate, and seminary students by preparing them for lives of significant service for the cause of Jesus Christ in a variety of ministries and careers.

Moreover, it is a learning community dedicated to biblical higher education and works towards strengthening the church of God and influences society by cultivating an environment that promotes academic excellence and Christlikeness. Furthermore, students are challenged to pursue biblical wisdom and truth, to embrace a Christian worldview, and to develop professional relational and competence skills. This University aspires to be a community of individuals who serve and love God with all their soul, heart and mind, and who love their neighbours as themselves. Additionally, CSU launches its graduates into the world as servants of God and as lifelong learners.

Founded In: 1932
Tuition: $27,200
Acceptance Rate: 40.6%
Rank: 2
Contact: 800.451.7664

Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at Clarks Summit University for students. You can check out all the scholarships available at Yale through this link.

  • Distinguished Student Scholarship
  • Christ-Centered Scholarship
  • Career-Ready Scholarship
  • Ministry Matching Grant
  • High School Dual Enrollment Scholarship
  • Discounts for Online Undergraduate, Graduate and Seminary Studies
  • FAFSA, Student, and Alternative Loans

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The University of Chicago Divinity School

The University of Chicago’s first president was William Rainey Harper, who was also a distinguished Semiticist and a member of the Baptist clergy. He believed that for a research university to be great, it ought to have the scholarly study of religion as one of its central occupations. These commitments are what led him to bring the Morgan Park Seminary of the Baptist Theological Union to Hyde Park, making the Divinity School the first professional school at the University of Chicago. The University of Chicago Divinity School has pursued Harper’s vision of an institution devoted to systematic inquiry into the manifold dimensions of religion, seeking to serve both those preparing for careers in teaching and research and those preparing for careers in ministry.

This school has served as the largest single educator of faculty members for decades. This educational institution involves departments of theology, theological seminaries, and programs in religious studies across the spectrum of institutions that comprise American higher education. Simultaneously, the UCDS is privileged to number among its alumni a long and distinguished list of religious leaders. It provides programs like The Master of Arts in Religious Studies (AMRS), The Master of Arts (MA), The Master of Arts in Divinity (MDiv), and The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Founded In: 1856
Tuition: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 44%
Rank: 3
Contact: 773-702-8200
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at The University of Chicago Divinity School for students. Click here for more information.

  • Divinity School Scholarships for Masters Applicants
  • Fellowship package for Doctoral Applicants
  • External Fellowships
  • FAFSA- federal student aid (student loans and work-study)

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Top Seminary Schools

Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton is an academic, business, research, and residential community located between Philadelphia and New York. Students have access to churches, museums, libraries, concerts, theatres, athletic events, and public lectures in the immediate vicinity of Princeton Theological Seminary. Princeton Theological Seminary is dedicated to preparing men and women to serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by scholarship, competence, compassion, faith, integrity, and joy. PTS equip them for leadership worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena.

This seminary is a professional and graduate school related to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and stands within the Reformed tradition, affirming the sovereignty of the triune God over all creation. Along with that, they stand with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as God’s saving word for all people, the renewing power of the word and Spirit in all of life, and the unity of Christ’s servant church throughout the world. Princeton Theological Seminary’s traditions shape the research, instruction, practical training, and continuing education provided by the seminary, as well as the theological scholarship it promotes. This seminary embraces in its life and works a rich racial and ethnic diversity in response to Christ’s call for the unity of the church.

Founded In: 1812
Tuition: $18,500
Acceptance Rate: 41%
Rank: 4
Contact: 08542-0803
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at Princeton Theological Seminary for students. Click here for detailed information.

  • Merit-Based Aid Programs
  • Need-Based Aid Programs
  • Masters-level Grant and Scholarship Programs
  • Doctoral Scholarship and Fellowship Programs

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Top Seminary Schools 1

Multnomah University

Multnomah University’s mission statement is to equip Christian students through higher education to become spiritually formed, academically proficient, biblically competent, and culturally engaged servant leaders, shaped to be a transforming force in the community, church, and world. Their vision is to be a diverse community that equips students to love Christ and serve their neighbours through their lives and work. Multnomah University follows the following core values: Scriptural Centrality, Christ-like Spirituality, Institutional Integrity, Academic Excellence, Practical Expression, Community Nurture, Church Partnership, Global Mission, and Cultural Engagement.

Reverend John G Mitchell was convinced by the idea of the Pacific Northwest needing a school in 1936 that would faithfully instruct women and men in the truths of God’s Word. So, on February 14, 1936, he called a meeting of Christian businessmen and Portland-area ministers to discuss his vision. Together, they laboured to make that vision a reality, and the Multnomah School of the Bible was born. Adapting to its growing educational programs since its formation, Multnomah School of the Bible became Multnomah Bible College and Seminary in 1993. Multnomah offers its graduates a regionally accredited biblical education as it became a member of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities in 2005. Additionally, this accreditation allowed even more flexibility for graduates to transfer their Multnomah credits to more institutions.

Founded In: 1936
Tuition: $ 28,030
Acceptance Rate: 54%
Rank: 5
Contact: (503) 255-0332
Financial Aid: To get the information regarding its programs, please click here.

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Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary was founded in 1924 with a mission to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide. DTS is known as a non-denomination evangelical seminary located in Dallas, Texas. It also has satellite campuses and regional locations throughout the United States and the world. Their main areas include Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Extension Centers, Regional Locations, and Online. DTS, as a faith-based institution, admits students who agree with the following seven Christian essentials: the Trinity, the full deity and humanity of Christ, the spiritual lostness of the human race, the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ, salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, the physical return of Christ, and the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. DTS’s mission as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

They provide a contribution to a broader constituency through community, theological and ecclesiastical involvement, and dialogue. Dallas Theological Seminary has a world-class theological education that prepares its students for a lifetime of ministry, and their bible-based scholarship covers all sixty-six books of the Bible and a spiritual formation process that ensures that learning is inseparable from growing in Christ and being conformed to His image.

Founded In: 1924
Tuition: Varied
Acceptance Rate:N/A
Rank: 6
Contact: 800-387-9673
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at Dallas Theological Seminary for students. Click here for more information.

  • General Scholarships
  • Doctoral Scholarships
  • Minority Scholarships
  • International Scholarships

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The Master’s University and Seminary

The Master’s University and Seminary were established for Christ and Scripture in 1927. Since then, this University has transformed young people to have a significant impact on Christ in the world. The Master’s Seminary has committed staff and faculty pouring their lives into students by teaching every subject with a biblical worldview. They hold firm to the inerrancy, sufficiency, and authority of Scripture in their uncompromising commitment to Christ and Scripture. TMU is known to not only compel students to professional excellence and academic achievement but also establish convictions, wisdom and produce leaders in every student.

Each and every TMU graduate is set on the path to success with the skills and perspective to do all they do for the honor of the great God. They offer 150+ programs that include bachelors, masters, credential, and certificate options across eight schools. Their main locations include Santa Clarita (California), Sun Valley (California), and Israel, with 2,500 students enrolled at TMU&S and about 1,000 students located on-campus in Santa Clarita. Overall, 60% of students are from California and 40% from around the world, including 40 different countries and 40 different states. The Master’s University and Seminary have accreditation like WASC, NASM, ACSI, ECFA, AHEAD, etc., and provides financial aids for all online, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Founded In: 1927
Tuition: $27,950
Acceptance Rate: 67.1%
Rank: 7
Contact: 1-800-568-6248, 1-661-259-3540, 1-661-362-2363
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at The Master’s University and Seminary for students. Click here for more information

  • Steadfast Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Music Scholarships
  • Ministry & Alumni Scholarships
  • Church Scholarships
  • Need-Based Grants
  • Departmental Scholarships
  • Donor Scholarships
  • Outside Scholarships
  • Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and Military/Veterans
  • 1st-Generation
  • Early Admission Scholarships
  • Spring Semester Scholarships

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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary combines its own rich tradition with sophisticated educational innovation. This seminary seeks to develop Christian leaders who are thoughtful, globally aware, spiritually mature, and ready for a broad array of ministries through the Gospel and God’s Word. GCTS is deeply privileged to have a history that includes people of vision in the founding and development of what is now Gordon-Conwell. These people include visionaries like A. J. Gordon, Russell Conwell, Harold John Ockenga and Billy Graham. These individuals provide a paradigm and heritage from which this seminary is moving into the future. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, despite being a historically orthodox and evangelical place, seeks to address the issues of the current times with both relevances to the culture and faithfulness to Christ and God’s truthful word.

This seminary is unique because of its broad array of students from 85 denominations and 50 different countries. They offer multiple delivery systems and sites to meet the varied needs anyone might have as a prospective student. These locations include a classical model of residential education at the South Hamilton, Massachusetts campus; an urban context offering classes in five languages in downtown Boston, Massachusetts (CUME); and adult educational models in both our Charlotte, North Carolina campus and our offerings in Jacksonville, Florida. Along with that, the seminary offers online services to address student needs, despite location and vocational commitments. And their Doctor of Ministry programs, delivered at various locations, are geared to provide strength and renewal for your students’ own ministry and calling.

Founded In: 1969
Tuition: Varied
Acceptance Rate: N/A
Rank: 8
Contact: 1 (800) 428-7329
Financial Aid: Below is some of the best funding programs open at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for students. Click here for more information

  • Partnership Program
  • Merit-Based Scholarships – Domestic Students
  • Merit-Based Scholarships – International Students
  • Ministry Scholarships
  • Fellowships and Research Scholarships
  • Partnerships with other Ministries

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Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is the seminary part of Trinity International University. They offer master’s degree and doctoral programs in Florida, Korea, Illinois, and at extension sites in the US. Whichever location students choose, they will find a variety of evangelical denominations and theological traditions teaching, studying, serving, and worshipping together. TEDS is entrusted with the Gospel and is known as the premier institution preparing the next generation of ministers and academic scholars. Trinity’s faculty is among the most well-known published in evangelical academia and has deeply influenced the current and future leaders shaping evangelical Christianity across the globe. TEDS is broadly an evangelical school that prides itself on theological diversity and encourages respectful engagement in difficult conversations and topics while remaining committed to the inerrancy of Scripture.

Since TEDS founding, they have taught critical and creative thinking while simultaneously upholding gospel fidelity in an effort to fulfil the age-old adage, “in the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.” The DNA of TEDS involves a diverse community of ideas, church traditions, cultures, ideas, stories, and experiences. The three cords running through all things in TEDS are Mentor in Hope, Worship in Faithfulness, and Build Bridges in Love. The courses provided by this Seminary are Accelerated BA/MA, Advance: 5-Year BA/MDIV, BA In Psychology/MA In Mental Health Counseling, Certificate courses, Doctoral programs, MA courses, Master Of Divinity, Master Of Divinity: Advanced Placement, Master Of Theology, and much more.

Founded In: 1897
Tuition: $21,218
Acceptance Rate: 60%
Rank: 9
Contact: 800-822-3225
Financial Aid: Click here for more information

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Top Seminary Schools 2

Denver Seminary

Denver Seminary, a graduate-level school of theology, is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, the Higher Learning Commission, the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP), and the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. This school offers MDiv, MA, ThM, and DMin degrees with numerous specialized concentrations and has campuses in Denver and Washington DC, as well as a fully online campus. DS’s students, faculty, and staff work hard in the classroom and play hard out of it. Their 6000+ alumni are known for both their depth of faith and their excellent quality of work as they serve globally. Even though charitable orthodoxy is one of this seminary’s core commitments, they are firmly rooted in biblical faith and Scripture. With almost 900 students from over 50 denominations and a God-honoring intensity, this institute marks the pursuit of faith and scholarship. DS’s main campus is located in Denver, and an extension campus is located in the Washington DC area.

This seminary provides theological education for a broad spectrum of God’s people, and irrespective of your current status of location, Denver Seminar provides various degree and program delivery options that will allow you to pursue your calling. The course catalogue for this institution includes Master of Divinity, Master of Arts Academic, Master of Arts Professional, Master of Arts Counseling, Fully Online Degrees, Master of Theology (ThM), Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision (PhD), Clinical Pastoral Education Center, Master’s-Level Certificates, Non-Credit Programs, Training and Mentoring, Personal Formation, Extensión SETECA, etc.

Founded In: 1950
Tuition: Varied
Acceptance Rate: 76%
Rank: 10
Contact: 800.922.3040
Financial Aid: Click here for more information.

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