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Top School Districts in Michigan

Choosing the right school for your children can be challenging, because there are a plethora of them scattered across the state and country, and can really be confusing to choose the right one. As a child’s future largely depends on the quality of education they receive from the beginning of their academic journey, it is essential to choose wisely and enroll them in the best schools that provide high-quality education and also encourage other activities and skills.

The state of Michigan is home to some of the best school districts in the country, and one of them can be an ideal beginning for your child’s academic career. Here are the top district schools in Michigan that are highly ranked and offer quality education:

Northville Public Schools

Northville Public Schools is a district school with its headquarter in Northville, Michigan and has been ranked as number 1 among all district schools many times. These districts schools include pre-school, elementary school, middle school and high school, a total number of 9 renowned schools fall under Northville District Schools that are very popular for its educational success. Some of the best schools among the list are Ridge Wood Elementary School, Hillside Middle School and Northville High School.

Founded In: 1959
Location: Northville, MI
Ranking: 1st
Contact: (248) 344-3500
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Lake Orion Community Schools

Lake Orion Community Schools run a total number of 10 traditional schools ranging from elementary, middle and high schools. A total number of 7,600 students are enrolled in these community schools, andOrion Oaks Elementary School, Oakview Middle School, and Lake Orion Community High School are some of the most renowned schools of Orion Community Schools.

Founded In:1964
Location: Lake Orion, MI
Ranking: 2nd
Contact: 248-693-5400
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Novi Community School District

The 3rd most popular district schools fall under Novi Community has been consistently ranked among top-20 district schools in Michigan. This highly ranked district schools run 8 renowned schools from Child Education Center to High School, these community schools can be the best option for your children. The most popular schools of Novi Community include Deerfield Elementary, Novi Woods Elementary, Novi Middle School and Novi High School.

Founded In: 1968
Location: Novi, MI
Ranking: 3rd
Contact: 248-449-1200
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Bloomfield Hills Schools

Number 4 on our list is Bloomfield Hills Schools, a district school that began as a one-room classroom in 1822, and in the recent years grew into a prestigious district schools community and has more than 5,000 students enrolled. With more than 400 teaching faculties, Bloomfield Hills Schools provide the best level of education starting from elementary to high schools. The best schools that fall under Bloomfield hills are Lone Pine Elementary, Bloomfield Hills Middle School, International Academy and Bloomfield Hills High School.

Founded In: 2013
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ranking: 4th
Contact: 248.341.5400
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Troy School District

A school district in Troy, Michigan in Greater Detroit, that is another popular choice of the state when it comes to district schools. A total number of 20 schools fall under Troy School District and number of students enrolled are more than 12,000. With more than 700 teaching faculties, these schools offer education from Pre- Kindergarten to grade 12. Some of the best schools of Troy district are Bemis Elementary School, Barnard Elementary, Baker Middle School, Larson Middle School, Athens High School and Troy High School.

Founded In: 1950
Location: Troy, MI
Ranking: 5th
Contact: (248) 823-4000
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Oakland Schools

Oakland Schools are the biggest school district in Michigan, Oakland Schools comprise of a total number of 45 Middle and Junior high schools, 168 Elementary schools, and 69 Senior High and Alternative high schools. It is the largest school network scattered across Michigan and includes some of the most highly ranked schools.

Founded In: 1962
Location: Waterford, MI
Ranking: 6th
Contact: 248.209.2000
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Birmingham Public Schools

A top-rated public school district situated in Beverly Hills, Birmingham Public Schools can be the best choice for your child’s future. With more than 8,000 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12, there are a total number of 12 schools run by this district school. Beverly Elementary School, Pierce Elementary School, Birmingham Covington School, and Groves High School are some of the top rated schools of Birmingham Public Schools.

Founded In: 1883
Location: Beverly Hills, MI
Ranking: 7th
Contact: 248-203-3000
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Okemos Public Schools

Another popular district school and number 8 on our list is Okemos Public Schools. These public schools have more than 4,000 students enrolled, and a total number of 298 teaching faculties provide the best level of education to students of Kindergarten to grade 12. Okemos Public Schools has been constantly ranked among top-10 district schools of Michigan. A total number of 7 schools fall under Okemos Public Schools, and Okemos High School, Bennett Woods Elementary and Okemos Public Montessori at Central are most renowned ones.

Founded In: 1849
Location: Okemos, MI
Ranking: 8th
Contact: 517-706-4900
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Saline Area Schools

Saline Area Schools comprise of 9 public schools serving 5,175 students in Saline Area Schools School District. Saline Area Schools School District has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Michigan, and has been constantly ranked among top-10 district schools. The top ranked public schools in Saline Area Schools School District are Harvest Elementary School, Pleasant Ridge Elementary School and Heritage School.

Founded In: 2004
Location: St. Saline, MI
Ranking: 9th
Contact: 7344014000
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Ann Arbor Public Schools

The last one on our list, Ann Arbor Public Schools is a large public district that includes 33 public schools serving 17,456. Ann Arbor School District has been on top-10 list of highly ranked public schools and district schools in Michigan. And the best public schools in Ann Arbor School District include Angell School, Martin Luther King Elementary School and Eberwhite School. 

Founded In: 1905
Location: St. Ann Arbor, MI
Ranking: 10th
Contact: 734-994-2200
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