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Top Prep Schools 2018-19

What are the most famous prep schools in the U.S.? Choosing the best school for your education is not always easy – but we’re here to help! We have created a list of Top Prep Schools that dedicated to helping students choose the best option for their study.

Have a look at the Top Prep Schools 2018-19 listed below. Here we are guiding you about Prep Schools for K-12 grade students including their ranking, student/faculty ratio, tuition fees, contact information etc.

So go ahead, view all mentioned schools, compare the study programs and don’t hesitate to contact the school directly for more information!

Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the oldest secondary schools in the United States, founded by John Phillips in 1781. Located in New Hampshire, it is a coeducational independent school for boarding and day students in grades 9 through 12 and offers a postgraduate program. Phillips Exeter Academy has educated several generations of the New England establishment and prominent American politicians but has introduced many programs to diversify the student population, including free tuition for families whose income is $75,000 or less. With more than 450 courses, you’ll have virtually unlimited opportunities to discover your potential. Books and Supplies (estimated) $900 same for both boarding and day.

Founded In: 1781
Student-Faculty Ratio: 5:1
Tuition Approximately
: Boarding- $53,271 & Day – $41,608
Contact information: 603-772-4311
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Top Prep Schools 2018-19

Trinity School

Trinity School is a highly selective independent, preparatory, co-educational day school for grades K-12 located in New York City, USA. It is a member of both the New York Interschool and the Ivy Preparatory School League. Founded in 1709 by William Huddleston, the school is the fifth oldest in the United States and the oldest continually operational school in New York City. The Lower School program carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development: emotional, social, physical, and cognitive. The Middle School program is designed to carry out Trinity’s mission by helping young people in grades 5-8 acquire knowledge and skills through conversation, discovery, and deep understanding. Students in Upper School celebrate the responsibility of keen inquiry. The atmosphere is wonderfully academic, vibrant with insight.

Founded In: 1709
Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Tuition Approximately
: Grades K-11 – $52,235 & Grade 12 – $52,795
Contact information: (212) 873-1650
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Andover Phillips Academy

Founded in 1778, Phillips Academy is an independent, coeducational secondary school with an expansive worldview and a legacy of academic excellence. Phillips Academy was founded on the idea that an Andover education should be—must be—open and accessible to “youth of requisite qualifications from every quarter.” The Academy offers more than 300 courses and seeks students of intelligence and integrity from diverse cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds. They fall into roughly these categories: the arts, English, world languages, history and social science, lab science, math (including statistics and computer science), and philosophy and religious studies. Most students take courses in all of these fields. Some are interdisciplinary. Some are college level. All of them are designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Founded In: 1778
Student-Faculty Ratio: 5:1
Tuition Approximately: Boarding – $55,800 & Day – $43,300
Contact information: 978-749-4000
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The Dalton School

The Dalton School is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs within a common curricular framework. Dalton offers its 1,300 students a wide array of stimulating and challenging programs taught by passionate and dedicated faculty. The school seeks to enroll students of sound character and educational promise who will provide a diverse population in talent, background, and experience. Dalton is looking for students with strong academic potential who will benefit from the school’s unique educational philosophy through the methodology of the Dalton Plan. Dalton reflects and promotes an understanding of diversity in their community as an integral part of school life.

Founded In: 1919
Student-Faculty Ratio: 7:1
Tuition Approximately: Grades K-12 is $48,450
Contact information: 212.423.5200,
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The Lawrenceville School

The Lawrenceville School was founded in 1810 as the Maidenhead Academy, is one of the oldest preparatory schools in the United States. It is a coeducational, independent college preparatory boarding school for students in ninth through twelfth grades including a post-graduate year as well. A Lawrenceville education builds on a tradition of intellectual and civic engagement and prepares students to be responsible leaders in the 21st century. The Lawrenceville School is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a meaningful and authentic experience abroad, which is tied to their curriculum, service programs or other co-curricular initiatives. Lawrenceville is proud to offer financial aid providing support to those students with demonstrated need.

Founded In: 1810
Student-Faculty Ratio: 8:1
Tuition Approximately: Boarding – $64,430 & Day – $53,290, Books and supplies: $1000
Contact information: (609) 896-0400, Admission – (609) 895-2030
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Top Prep Schools 2018-19

St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School (SPS) is a co-educational, coeducational boarding, and fully residential high school that was founded in 1856. At St. Paul’s School you will find a wide variety of courses unfolding within dynamic classrooms. Their departments are Arts, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, and Science. At the heart of their academic program is a commitment to learner-centered instruction in which students make discoveries for themselves with guidance from and in partnership with their teachers. St. Paul’s School offers seven regional scholarships, established to attract outstanding students from many distinct areas of the United States. They want to help you attend SPS! St. Paul’s School awarded over $12 million to 211 students in the 2018-19 academic years alone.

Founded In: 1856
Student-Faculty Ratio: 5:1
Tuition Approximately: $59,900
Contact information: 603-229-4600
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Brearley School

The Brearley School is an all-girls private school in New York City. The school’s curriculum is based on the liberal arts.  The school is divided into the Lower School (kindergarten-grade 4), Middle School (grades 5–8) and Upper School (grades 9–12), with approximately 50 students per grade. The school offers art, music, and drama classes, each based on their own floor. Brearley challenges girls of adventurous intellect and diverse backgrounds to think critically and creatively and prepares them for principled engagement in the world. A Brearley education unfolds over a lifetime. Tuition includes lunch, books, supplies and class trips.

Founded In: 1884
Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Tuition Approximately: K-12 $49,680
Contact information: (212) 744-8582, Fax: (212) 472-8020
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Harvard-Westlake School

Harvard-Westlake School is an independent, co-educational college preparatory school for grades 7-12, located in Los Angeles, California. Harvard-Westlake is dedicated to the joyful pursuit of educational excellence. Their curriculum celebrates independent thinking and diversity, encouraging students to discover both themselves and the world around them. Their departments are Communications, English, History, Interdisciplinary Studies & Independent Research, Library & Technology, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Science, Visual Arts, and World Languages.

Founded In: 1900
Student-Faculty Ratio: 8:1
Tuition Approximately: $38,400
Contact information: 310-274-7281 for Middle School and 818-980-6692 Upper School
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Milton Academy

Milton Academy is a coeducational, independent preparatory, boarding and day school in Milton, Massachusetts consisting of a grade 9–12 Upper School and a grade K–8 Lower School. Milton offers several off-campus programs. Milton offers 15 interscholastic sports for boys and girls each, as well as nine intramural teams. Milton Academy offers a wide variety of student facilities, including performing arts and athletic facilities. Their departments are Classics, English, History-Social-Sciences, Mathematics, Language, Music, Performing, Physical, Science, and Visual-Arts.

Founded In: 1798
Student-Faculty Ratio: 5:1
Tuition Approximately: Boarding – $47,000 and Day – $39,000
Contact information: 617.898.2227, Fax: 617.898.1701,
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Top Prep Schools 2018-19

The Winsor School

Founded in 1886, the Winsor School is a girls’ college prep school for day students. It is an independent day school for academically promising and motivated girls in grades 5-12. Winsor enrolls approximately 450 students from diverse cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Winsor prepares young women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world. Winsor teachers share a passion for their individual disciplines as well as a vision of the school’s overarching educational mission. The departmental offices are typically abuzz with activity. The departments are Arts, English, Health & Wellness, History, Mathematics Physical Education, Science, and World Languages.

Founded In: 1886
Student-Faculty Ratio: 7:1
Tuition Approximately: $48,400
Contact information: 617.735.9500
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Hopkins School

Hopkins School is the third-oldest independent school in the United States. It is one of the top independent day schools with a strong reputation for its excellent academic curriculum. Hopkins offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum, deeply rooted in the classics, humanities, and sciences.  As students, a wide array of electives and opportunities for independent study is offered to allow students to explore their passions and interests. Hopkins’ academics are broken into departments including English, mathematics, science, history, arts, modern language, classics, and computer science.

Founded In: 1660
Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Tuition Approximately: $43,500
Contact information: (203) 397-1001
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What are the Most Famous Prep Schools in the World?

You can find these schools listed below based on the number of votes cast for each institution and your votes can help determine the ranking as well. Among the best worldwide prep schools are:

  1. Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
  2. Phillips Exeter Academy
  3. Trinity School
  4. Andover (Phillips Academy)
  5. Eton College
  6. Institut Le Rosey
  7. Middlesex School
  8. The Lawrenceville School
  9. Paul’s School
  10. Hotchkiss School
  11. AMADEUS International School
  12. American School of Sao Paulo
  13. Charterhouse School
  14. Regis High School
  15. Crystal Springs Uplands School
  16. Winsor School
  17. Pingry School
  18. Mark’s School of Texas
  19. Sidwell Friends School
  20. Albert Einstein International School

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