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Top Philosophy Schools in the World

The study of Philosophy develops analytical rigor and the ability to criticize and reason logically. It brings together a wide range of skills and disciplines, historical, textual, linguistic, sociological, literary-critical and philosophical.

Are you looking for top Philosophy Schools? Choosing the best philosophy school or college is important not only for a reasonable degree program, but also one that provides real value in terms of academic rigor, meaningful learning experiences, and student outcomes.

Here we have compiled a list of “Top Philosophy Schools in the World”. Keep scrolling to explore top school for Philosophy majors. Good luck!!

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States. Pitt is ranked among the top research universities in the United States in both domestic and international rankings. The research of Pitt’s philosophy faculty has made a deep impact on the field. Beyond the hundreds of books published by Pitt faculty members, numerous authors worldwide have written about Pitt professors and their work.

Founded In: 1787
: 1st
Tuition &Fees Approximately: In-state 18,192 USD, Out-of-state 28,958 USD
Admission Office Contact: 412-624-4141

New York University (NYU)

The philosophy department of Columbia University has close relations with the faculty and students. It has particular strengths in epistemology, history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic and philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of mind. New York University (NYU) was rated the maximum five QS stars, achieving full marks in the categories research, innovation, facilities and specialist criteria.

Founded In: 1831
: 2nd
Tuition &Fees Approximately: 47,750 USD
Admission Office Contact: +1 212-998-8320

Top Philosophy Schools in the World

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The Rutgers Philosophy Department has been a first-rate training program for philosophers for many years. The new unified department did not take long to place itself on the philosophical map. The universities majors advance to graduate study in many fields in addition to philosophy: law, medicine, business, education, journalism, and the sciences.

Founded In: November 10, 1766
: 3rd
Tuition &Fees Approximately: In-state 14,131 USD, Out-of-state 29,521 USD
Admission Office Contact: 848-932-9861

University of Oxford     

The University of Oxford has widely recognized to be amongst the best philosophy departments in the world, ranked first in the UK and second in the English-speaking world by the most recent Philosophical Gourmet Report (2014-15). The Faculty of Philosophy of the University offers a wide range of graduate classes, seminars, and supervisions, providing you with high-quality tuition in philosophy.

Founded In: 1096
: 4th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: 9,250 GBP
Admission Office Contact: 44 1865 270708

University of Cambridge

Courses at Cambridge encompass a huge number of subjects and study options, allowing you to specialize in your interests. Cambridge occupies a distinguished place in the history of philosophy. Cambridge is formed from a variety of institutions which include 31 constituent Colleges and over 100 academic departments organized into six schools.

Founded In: 1209
: 5th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: Domestic tuition: 9,250 GBP, International tuition: 21,732 GBP
Admission Office Contact: 01223 333308

Top Philosophy Schools in the World

Harvard University

The Department of Philosophy at Harvard University offers several programs of study for both undergraduate and graduate students. Among the special strengths of the department are moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and epistemology, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, the history of analytic philosophy, ancient philosophy, Kant, and Wittgenstein. All students in the department–whether primary concentrators, joint concentrators, or those in the MBB Track–should check the Program Requirements for their particular program and consult with the appropriate faculty members when selecting their courses.

Founded In: 1636
: 6th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: 45,278 USD
Admission Office Contact: +1 617-495-2191

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE offers a range of different programmes, from undergraduate and graduate study to executive education, distance learning, language study, summer school and study abroad options. The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at LSE was founded by Professor Sir Karl Popper. In 1946, and remains internationally renowned for a type of philosophy that is both continuous with the sciences and socially relevant. The Department has come to occupy a leading place as a world-class center for teaching and research in philosophy of science, moral and political philosophy, and decision theory and social choice.

Founded In: 1895
: 7th
Tuition &Fees Approximately:  Local tuition: 9,250 GBP, International tuition: 18,408 GBP
Admission Office Contact: +44 (0)20 7405 7686

Princeton University     

Princeton’s philosophy department has consistently been ranked one of the top few in the country and counts many scholars of international reputation among its faculty. The total number of philosophy graduate students in residence during a given academic year is between forty and fifty, so the ratio of students to faculty members in the department is roughly two to one.

Founded In: 1746 
: 8th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: 43,450 USD
Admission Office Contact:  (609) 258-4289

Top Philosophy Schools in the World

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Berkeley is a large, primarily residential research university with a majority of its enrollment in undergraduate programs but also offers a comprehensive doctoral graduate program. The Ph.D. program is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the field of philosophy while giving them opportunities to work intensively on the issues that interest them the most. At the University of California, Berkeley the department of philosophy offers an undergraduate major in Philosophy leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

Founded In: March 23, 1868
: 9th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: In-state 13,431 USD, Out-of-state 38,139 USD
Admission Office Contact: Phone: 510-642-2722

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The MIT Linguistics Group has been engaged in the study of language since the 1950’s, and the first class of Ph.D. students was admitted in 1961. Initially housed within the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures, the Linguistics Program joined with MIT’s Philosophy Program in 1976 to form the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.

Founded In: April 10, 1861
: 10th
Tuition &Fees Approximately: 46,704 USD
Admission Office Contact: Tel 617.253.4141

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