Top Petroleum Engineering Schools in the U.S.

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Top Petroleum Engineering Schools in the U.S.

Do you have an interested in Petroleum Engineering? Look no further to get a degree in petroleum engineering program. Petroleum engineering is an exciting field of professionals dedicated to providing energy that powers a modern society.

There are many engineering colleges or universities offering petroleum courses at all levels. As a petroleum and natural gas engineer, you can expect to earn the highest starting salary among all of the engineers. Starting salaries are around $90,000, and median annual earnings for petroleum engineers are now well above $140,000.

For you, here we have compiled a list of the ‘Top Petroleum Engineering Schools’ that can help you to fulfill your needs. Learn more about the opportunity here! See the top-ranked petroleum engineering schools on our list and apply as soon as possible.

Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, UT at Austin

Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is committed to educating the next generation of petroleum engineering leaders who will improve our quality of life. In 1930, The Department was formed with Frederick Plummer as the first Chairman. UT PGE is home to the No. 1 graduate and No. 2 undergraduate petroleum engineering programs in the country. It has been the most efficient department in the U.S. in terms of granting B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees per each of their 20 faculty members and lecturers.

Founded In: 1930
Rank: 1st
Tuition & Fees: In-state: $10,136 Out-of-state: $35,766
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 
+1 512-471-3161

Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University

Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M offers Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering. The department also offers both masters and doctoral degrees, including the Master of Science and Master of Engineering, and the Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Engineering. U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the petroleum engineering department at Texas A&M first for best undergraduate programs in petroleum engineering where the highest engineering degree offered is a doctorate. The Department of Petroleum Engineering offers graduate degree programs and coursework at both the masters and doctoral levels.

Founded In: 1871
Rank: 2nd
Tuition & Fees:
In-state: $10,403 Out-of-state: $37,154
Finance and Adm. Office Contact:
+1 979-845-2241

Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering at Penn State University

The Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering provides expert training to students who will address the delicate balance between societal needs for more energy and mineral resources and the management, health & safety, environmental impacts associated with the production, processing, and utilization of these resources. The program of petroleum engineering department is considered one of the premier and historic petroleum engineering programs worldwide in one of the most highly ranked public universities in the nation. The EME department strives to inspire and motivate students to develop a lifelong attachment to the disciplines in EME and to promote learning and discovery in energy and minerals engineering.

Founded In: 1855
Rank: 3rd
Tuition & Fees:
For PA Resident-$17,900, Non-PA Resident-$32,382
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 814-865-4700

McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering-University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa is a private, independent, doctoral degree-granting institution. TU’s McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering is internationally recognized as one of the top petroleum engineering schools in the country, the McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering is the largest department on the TU campus with an enrollment of more than 500 students. The mission of the school is to provide a high-quality educational experience that prepares each graduate either to work in the petroleum industry or to pursue an advanced petroleum engineering degree.

Founded In: 1894
Tuition & Fees: 
Not Known
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 918-631-2533

Top Petroleum Engineering Schools in the U.S.

Petroleum Engineering Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is known globally for the quality of its distinctive graduates, the success of its alumni and its unique expertise in topics related to earth, energy and the environment. The Mines Petroleum Engineering Department enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in petroleum engineering education & research and attracts highly qualified students from all over the world, which creates a healthy international atmosphere. It offers both an undergraduate degree program (ABET accredited) and graduates degree programs at Master and Ph.D. levels.

Founded In: 1874
Rank: 5th
Tuition & Fees: In-state -$15,690 per year, out-of-state- $34,020 per year
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: 
+1 303-273-3740

Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, Oklahoma University

Founded in 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a public research university located in Norman, Oklahoma. The Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering (MPGE) is ranked amongst the top for petroleum education. The mission of the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering is to provide their students with educational experiences which allow them the opportunity to develop technical competence and intellectual perspective to function effectively in and continue professional growth during their careers.

Founded In: 1919
Tuition & Fees: Not Known
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 405-325-0311

Top Petroleum Engineering Schools in the U.S.

Stanford University Petroleum Engineering

Stanford University is one of the world’s leading research universities. The Petroleum Engineering department at Stanford was renamed the Energy Resources Engineering Department in 2006 to better reflect the focus of its degrees. Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford focuses on the design of processes for energy production and energy transformations, and the long-term storage of energy byproducts such as carbon dioxide. It offers BS, MS, Engineer, and Ph.D. degrees in Energy Resources Engineering and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering.

Founded In: 1885
Rank: 7th
Tuition & Fees: $44,757
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 650-723-2300

The University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Petroleum Engineering program is one of the oldest in the country with considerable industry support and interaction. Its assets are numerous – the advantages of a relatively small, friendly program, combined with the University’s impressive academic and research facilities. It’s proximity to major oil fields in California and a quality education provided by experienced and nationally renowned faculty. The graduate program offers Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Engineer degrees and a Certificate Program in Smart Oilfield Technologies.

Founded In: 1880
Rank: 8th
Tuition & Fees:
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 213-740-2311

Top Petroleum Engineering Schools in the U.S.

Department of Petroleum Engineering – Louisiana State University

The Department of Petroleum Engineering at Louisiana State University (LSU) offers undergraduate degree program and both a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Engineering. In 1998, the department was named the Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering in recognition of the two pioneering faculties that built the program. The department has offered graduate-level coursework in New Orleans, and more recently, evening classes on the main campus.

Founded In: 1939
Tuition & Fees: 
In-state: $11,374 Out-of-state: $28,051
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 225-578-3202

Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University (TTU) was founded in 1923. The Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering is staffed with industry-experienced faculty who have an average of more than 15 years of experience per faculty member. The department offers Bachelors & Masters of Science, as well as Doctoral Degrees in Petroleum Engineering. Masters of Science is available with both thesis and non-thesis options and the department allows, based on special application request, a combined Bachelors/Masters of Science degree with added research and coursework along with a dedicated faculty advisor.

Founded In: 1923
Tuition & Fees:
Finance and Adm. Office Contact: +1 806-742-2011

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