Top Part Time Jobs for Engineering Students

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Top Part Time Jobs for Engineering Students

Engineering is a smart choice if want a high-paying career. But to do study engineering is also expensive. If you are looking for a part-time job to pay for your education, we can help you through our list of the “Top Part-Time Jobs for Engineering Students”.

Ready to get started? There are multiple options available in the engineering world. So, when it comes to finding part-time jobs for engineering students, job hunting prospects might look pretty dreary at first glance.

Below we have listed part-time engineering jobs that can help you to get pay/income according to your needs and requirements while you are studying as an engineering student. We wish you all the best of luck!!

Research Assistant ($7-28 USD per hour):

  • Working as a research assistant as a part-time job could be the ideal position for any an engineering student who wants to get serious about their education, whether it’s to pursue a career in academia or further their education with masters or doctorate after they graduate.
  • Being a research assistant would be advantageous if you’d like to make connections in the engineering field or if you’d like to spend more time learning about engineering in an academic setting.

High School, College, or University Tutor ($9-22 USD per hour):

  • If you’re an engineering student who wants to help other people and likes studying, becoming a tutor could be the perfect position for you.
  • Working as a high school, college, or university tutor is an emotionally rewarding part-time job that could yield many benefits for your future career.
  • The most common ways to get a job as a tutor is to either apply for a position as a private tutor through a job board or apply for a tutoring position at a tutoring company in your local area.

Top Part Time Jobs for Engineering Students

Freelance Writer ($7-90 USD per hour):

  • Freelancing as a writer can be extremely flexible and remarkably lucrative, as long as you have the time, determination, and knack for writing to make it work.
  • If you’re a talented writer and know how to turn up well-paying writing gigs, freelance writing can be an excellent part-time job solution.
  • There are many benefits to being a freelance writer, such as working wherever you want, making your own hours, setting your own writing fees, and being able to find clients and projects you genuinely care about.

Teaching Assistant ($8-18 USD per hour):

  • Teaching assistant positions are great options for academically-inclined students who like working with other people and don’t mind a little bit of paperwork.

Data Entry Clerk ($7-27 USD per hour):

  • Data entry clerk positions aren’t just limited to plugging numbers away onto a computer screen, though that could be a large portion of your day to day tasks.
  • Data clerks are responsible for inputting all kinds of information into computer software, from real estate listings to dental labs. As an engineer, it’s a very suitable part-time job for you.

Social Media Coordinator ($12-25 USD per hour):

  • If you’re an engineering student who’s addicted to posting to Facebook, surfing hashtags on Twitter, or commenting on Instagram, working as a social media coordinator could be the ideal part-time job for you.
  • The role of a social media coordinator is to create social media campaigns, run advertising budgets, schedule regular social media posts, and monitor and analyze social media data to find trends, engage audiences, and support the marketing team’s efforts.

Top Part Time Jobs for Engineering Students

Internet Researcher ($15-19 USD per hour):

  • Becoming an internet researcher is a great option if you’re tech savvy – which is almost every college student nowadays.
  • If you find work as an internet researcher, you could be researching for a broad range of industries, from looking for online information for law firms to doing the legwork for university or college departments.
  • There’s really no limit to who you could be working for when you’re an internet researcher.

ESL Tutor ($12-41 USD per hour):

  • Working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor is a great option if you enjoy spending time speaking with new people and learning about different cultures.
  • To be a great ESL tutor, you’ll need to have interpersonal and communication skills, patience, and an excellent understanding of the English language. However, if you’d like to become a professional ESL teacher, you may require additional certifications to teach in your area.
  • You can work as a private ESL tutor, as well as work as a tutor for an English language school or business in your area.

Grant Analyst ($23-29 USD per hour):

  • If you’d like to be employed as a grant analyst, you’re probably an analytical person who enjoys detail-oriented work, evaluating, and problem-solving.
  • Grant analysts work in a wide range of industries, such as the federal government and educational institutions.

Night Auditor ($7-20 USD per hour):

  • Night auditors can work in many different types of industries, such as hospitals, hotels, and government institutions.

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