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Top Math Websites for Students

For many students, mathematics is seen as a difficult and dry subject. But there are also many who see maths as an exciting and logical topic, and some of them understand that in order to help those that have problems with numbers, making maths fun can be an effective approach to solve that particular issue.

As it usually happens, the internet is the place to look for that solution, providing thousands of websites designed to explain and illustrate math problems in a fun and interactive way, making it easier to understand for those that have a hard time with it.

We have put together a list of websites so that can be of great help if you have trouble with equations and formulas, by putting them under a different light and a different point of view. Discovers our full list of “Top Math Websites for Students” and choose the right one for you!!

TEDEd Math Videos

The advantages and usefulness of TED Talks in educational settings are very well known, and the way they address maths is novel and entertaining. The section dedicated to maths has clever graphics and cultural references with key mathematical principles so that the students grasp the concepts in a fun way.

Yummy Math

One of the great things about this website is that it tackles the age-old question every student has done to their maths teacher “how am I going to use this in the real world?” Through videos, images and real-world challenges, students can understand more clearly how maths fit into their lives on a daily basis; most of the examples used involve food, holidays and pop culture.

Top Math Websites for Students


The website uses nearly 200 interactive math games so that students play using numbers. It focuses on arithmetic and real-world situations. It also has a section that has the games organized by common core standards. The desktop version is free, but for other devices, you have to pay for either individual activities or a bundle.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS has been giving learning materials for decades and now they have added videos and other interactive resources to their website aimed at giving maths a different point of view and context. You only have to create an account and then you’ll have access to many levels of difficulty, but it’s free.

Absurd Math

This is a multi-level math game that is great fun and a great approach to math learning. It consists of missions in a world where the most powerful skill is mathematical knowledge where the players are presented with video game and movie scenarios like having to beat villains and save creatures. It tests math concepts such as geometry, logic, and pre-algebra.

Top Math Websites for Students

Get the Math

This site has tons of videos and activities that show students the important role math plays in life. Things like musicians explaining how math influences things like tempo and rhythm, or how fashion designers use maths to create affordable clothing for a target price range. It also covers several professions in which maths plays a key role and how they use it to solve problems.

This website has a blend of both free and paid material for kids to practice and learn their multiplications tables, quizzes, and games. The games use trends and imagery that are popular with kids and that way grasp their attention.

Johnnie’s Math Page

Interactive math activities that cover the main categories students face in school are included in this website. While the design of the website might seem a bit outdated, the information is nicely laid out in categories with animations that are attractive.


MathDude Podcast

This website is great for those that feel that their learning is more audio based. One of the hottest topics in education today is how to teach STEM in a way that students find it relatable, and when it comes to maths, it’s usually overlooked. However, this website dedicates itself to this area in a very interesting, fun and different way.

Cliff’s Notes

What’s great about Cliff’s Notes is that it takes maths concepts and problems and reviews them in a concise and easy to understand way, as well as having tons of quizzes for you to practice. It also covers a wide range of levels and categories, so you can use this website for a very long time.

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