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Top 10 Growth Mindset Posters

We enjoy reading quotes, particularly positive ones since they are short lines that impart wisdom and inspire motivation, inspiration, and joy. It’s like eating a piece of good chocolate or a slice of wonderful cake while reading them. Here are a few reasons why quotes are so important in everyone’s life.

  • Motivational quotes inspire, motivate, and encourage people: Quotes have the ability to inspire, motivate, and encourage people. When you’re feeling down or unmotivated. Read a few quotes at that time, and you’ll notice how your mood and state of mind improve.
  • Motivational words energise you and encourage you to act: Motivational quotes may be quite useful when you need a little extra push or fuel to get you to take action.
  • Positive quotes instil hope and optimism: Positive quotations encourage you to see the positive side of life, stimulate you, and give you hope for a brighter future. It would be quite beneficial to read the words of those who have accomplished something in their lives at such moments. Read their energising words and allow them to soak into your subconscious.
  • Insight and wisdom can be found in motivational quotes: Many quotes distil wisdom and insight into a few words. If you read the quotation several times and concentrate on the words frequently, you will get wisdom and insight that will benefit your life.
  • Motivational quotes provide hope: Reading motivational quotations can also provide you with hope. Quotes are like beams of light entering your life and chasing away the darkness when you’re in a difficult position, don’t know what to do, or feel down. I’m not saying that every quote will inspire you, but there are a handful that are truly inspirational.
  • Positive quotes bring joy and brightness into your life: A motivational quotation has the capacity to bring joy and light into your life. It’s a good idea to read a few when you wake up in the morning and again before you go for work. The words you read often stick with you for a long time after you read them, influencing how you think, behave, and react.
  • Inspirational quotes educate: You will get valuable counsel from a quotation if you pay attention to the words while reading it, which you can then put into practise in your life.
  • They allow you to see life from a different perspective: Quotes can help you realise truths and recognise things you might have overlooked otherwise. They allow you to experience life from a different, broader perspective, therefore expanding your intellect and awareness.
  • Motivational quotes can influence your mood: Reading inspirational quotations might help you feel better and change your mood. It’s like drinking something that makes you feel good. That is why it is a good idea to keep some inspirational quotes on hand so you may read them whenever you need a pick-me-up.
  • Positive quotations encourage you to think positively and act positively: Positive quotations make you feel upbeat, hopeful, enthusiastic, and eager to set objectives and take action. They may have an effect for a short time or for a long time. You must read quotes frequently and every day to make this attitude a habit.
  • It takes no effort to read encouraging quotes: Reading them is truly enjoyable and fun, requires no effort, and takes only a few moments.

Reading a few quotes in the morning, after waking up, or shortly before leaving to work is recommended. You can also read them before going to bed at night. These aren’t the only instances when they’re appropriate to read. Any time of day is appropriate. You might want to take a tiny notepad with you, where you can jot down your favorite quotes that have a strong positive impact on you. You can also save quotes to your phone so that they are always accessible when you wish to read them. But if you are a teacher, and want your students to get the benefits of motivational quotes, you can employ a different strategy: Growth mindset posters for the classroom. These can be tremendously useful in your class, especially if you make it a rule, that your pupils read them every single day before settling down in class. Let’s face it; kids are not going to write down these willingly in their notebooks, or think it is important enough to ponder on it any longer than seconds. But if you make it a habit for them, and encourage them to read it every day, you will find that the growth mindset is slowly inculcated in their little minds as days go on. The kids may not fully grasp the meanings of these quotes on their first read. But practice makes things perfect, and the kids will learn vocabulary too as their mind expands with their mindset. If you want to give your students this gift, we have made a list of our picks for you from amazon. Browse through these and find the designs and quotes that will most suit the vibe and energy of your classrooms:

1. ZBRO Growth Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset Posters for Classroom Bulletin Board

This 22-piece poster for the classroom showcases the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset in an effective way. All the negative thoughts are printed on greyscale which means that the kids will find it intuitively dull and boring. All the growth mindset thoughts are printed on colorful sheets, which makes it clear that this is the cheerful way to go! It also illustrates two half brains: one in the dull greyscale and the other in vivid color, to get this exact point across.

2. Momo & Nashi Growth Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset Posters for Classroom Bulletin

This 10-piece poster is perfect for middle schoolers and young adults. Large & easy-to-read fonts are used along with premium quality printing on high-grade paper with glossy lamination which makes these very pleasing on the eyes which is undoubtedly important for the kids. The large title card reads “I start with a growth mindset every day”; and the rest of the motivational quotes are printed on 11”x14” posters.

3. Ceiba Tree Store Mindset Posters

Growth Mindset Posters Bulletin Board Display

Each of the 13 posters measures 12″ x 9″ and contains messages that welcome the students back to school, and draw students’ eyes to the announcement on these posters. You can hang these together on a bulletin board or decorate your learning space all over to keep young minds motivated. The black background and multicolored fonts will look beautiful in any classroom as well.

4. HoneyKick Class Posters

Growth Mindset Classroom Poster

This wall art depicts ten fixed mindset beliefs and their development mindset counterparts. It is used as a teaching tool to help students and children to think in new ways. Any elementary or middle school learning decor will benefit from the poster’s unique style. This comes in a single piece so that hanging it up in a classroom bulletin or wall is much less time-consuming.

5. Tevxj Growth Mindset Posters

Home Sweet Growth Mindset Classroom Decorations

You’ll get 16 pieces of home sweet cards in this box, including 3 pieces of “grow your mindset” cards and 13 pieces of positive saying accents. It also includes 60 adhesive dots that can be used in the classroom. They are both inspirational and amusing. The growth mindset bulletin board set may be used to do a variety of classroom projects on windows, chalkboards, bulletin boards, doors, and hallways. These cute and bright cards can also be used to decorate their classroom.

6. Sweetzer & Orange Growth Mindset Posters

Sweetzer & Orange Growth Mindset Posters

These are much more mature posters, designed for middle school and high school classrooms, which is not to say that they are any less fun. Unlike the ‘same-old chalkboard motivational decor with curling, difficult-to-read words, these huge posters with their focused growth mentality quote and eye-catching image are bold, original, easy, and FUN to read. Common kids’ posters are 150gsm. But these are an extra thick 250gsm so they won’t tear very easily, they’ll hang nice and flat and look perfect if framed. Comes in a set of 13.

7. Sproutbrite Growth Mindset Décor

Sproutbrite Growth Mindset Classroom Decorations

This one comes with a twist. The first letters of all the motivational lines spell out the word MINDSET! And it does not look forced at all. Each line is meaningful and complete. These are designed for preschool, elementary & middle school grades and are perfect for daycares, libraries & learning centers. The 2 pack is 39 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide.

8. GMAOPHY Motivational Posters

Motivational Posters for Classroom Decorations

This 24-pack has plenty of posters to basically fill up your classroom walls. Kids can find motivation in any direction that they look. They also create good vibes with eye-catching and colorful chalkboard art. Each of these posters is 16” by 12” and the design will suit any kind of class with any theme.

9. Positive Mindset Posters

Positive Mindset Posters for Classroom

This poster by Motivation Without Borders Store stays true to its brand name. This single-piece poster is printed on thick, high-quality, durable poster board and laminated. This helps protect it and enables you to reuse it from year to year. It is also packaged, shipped rolled, and handled with great care. The design basically contains two columns which say “instead of thinking this” and “Think this”. The mood of each mindset is captured perfectly by the cartoon figure under each column.

10. Think! Designs Inspirational Wall Art Poster

Inspirational Wall Art Poster Prints

The prints are on thick matte art papers, 11 inches wide and 14 inches tall. This is also a mature design perfect for classrooms with older students, like high school and college classrooms. The black backgrounds and white fonts are easy to read and will look even better if framed.

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