Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

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Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

For some, getting a perfect GRE score seems impossible, but if you are a high achiever, it might only be just another hurdle you want to cross. Getting an ideal score makes your applications outstanding because it shows that you are well-versed in all sections of the test, and it also makes you more eligible for funding for your program.

You should also note that you do not need a perfect GRE score to secure admission. All you need is a score that is high enough to meet your school’s standards, but if you are one for perfection, then you can go for it. This article outlines how to get perfect GRE score-tips, tips for acing all sections of the test as well as general information for preparation to ensure a stellar performance.

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To begin with, a perfect GRE score means scoring the highest points on each section. This means a 170 in Quantitative Reasoning, 170 in Verbal Reasoning and 6 in Analytical Writing. Attaining these scores in each section connotes that you have a 99th- percentile score in Verbal, 97th- percentile in Quantitative and a 99th- percentile in Analytical Writing. If you are seeking admission to an Ivy League, then it may be required of you to have a perfect score in one of the two main sections depending on which is relevant to your field of study. Now, let’s check out essential tips on how to excel in each section.

Excelling in the Verbal Section

In this section, you can only get just one question wrong. So, you must ensure that you answer all questions correctly and leave no room for error. There are twenty questions per section, which means you have to get forty questions right. You spend an average of a minute and thirty seconds on each team. Here are some essential tips for this section.

  • Vocabulary Improvement – Many students find GRE vocabulary to be quite tricky. The words and reading comprehension can be quite challenging. This means that improving your language is a must. You must be prepared to answer questions, especially with vocabulary that you are not familiar with strategically. Vocabulary improvement can be made with the use of flashcards, word games, as well as practice tests. All these are essential in improving your vocabulary, and that in turn means a higher chance of getting all your verbal questions right.
  • Time Management- The concept of time management cannot be overemphasized for a lot of things, and this is not an exception. Timing is vital in answering questions in the GRE, especially if you hope for a perfect score. In the Verbal section, this can be quite challenging with regards to reading the comprehension questions. You must make sure you have enough time to work on these problems. This is because they require a lot of thinking and patience, which makes them time-consuming. Therefore, you must make sure you work faster on your vocabulary-based questions to afford you enough time to work on your reading comprehension questions. Ensure you spend no more than one minute on each of these questions so that you can be able to spare about two minutes on each of your reading comprehension questions.

Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

Excelling in the Quantitative Section

Unlike the Verbal section, where you can get one question wrong and still have a perfect score, this is not the case in the Quantitative section. To have a perfect score here, you have to get all your questions right. You must answer all forty questions correctly within an average of one minute and forty-five seconds per question. Here are some tips:

  • Extensive Knowledge – Having a vast knowledge of quantitative/math topics is essential in securing a perfect score in the Quantitative section. You must know that the GRE Math is quite different from typical high school math in its application. Its goal is to test whether or not you can interpret data critically and correctly and not just relying on formulas. You must therefore ensure that you garner extensive knowledge on how you are expected to perform. So, you must study and practice more to broaden your understanding and application.
  • Efficient Strategy for Certain Question Types – This is also very important. It would help if you had an efficient and effective strategy for the different question types you will encounter in this section. You cannot use the same method for all questions. For example, regarding your Quantitative Comparison questions, you will come across about eight problems with the same instruction. So, you will have to do the same thing in all these questions, i.e., compare two relative quantities. This is because the instructions and answer options remain the same. As long as you know the rules, Quantitative Comparison questions can be handled effectively, which leaves you more time for other uncertain question types. In all, understanding these question types helps to save you time and is less stressful.

Getting a Perfect Score in the Analytical Writing Section

This is not very essential in your bid to attaining a perfect score because it does not matter much. This is because most programs are only interested in high GRE scores in the Verbal and Quantitative section and not in Analytical Writing. Aiming for a perfect score in Analytical Writing is not worth your time because schools do not care about it. However, if you still wish to ace this section, you must write an excellent essay. Some things to consider include:

  • Ensure all your sentences are grammatically correct.
  • Make sure your words are smart and coherent.
  • Ensure that your sentences are of varying lengths.
  • Make use of advanced vocabulary. (This is not an essay to your friend)
  • Make sure your essay is well-organized.
  • Let it be knowledgeable and insightful.
  • Be prepared to write a lot. (Four or five paragraphs).

Having considered specific essential tips required to excel in each GRE section, it is evident that having a perfect score in the GRE is no cakewalk. It requires adequate preparation and focuses as well as knowledge of the kind of performance required of you. If you are still determined to attain a perfect GRE score, be sure to make use of all tips needed to excel in each section, as well as the next set of recommendations to be given.

Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

General Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

When preparing for any examination or test, there are specific essential tips you must take note of if you want to perform excellently, and the GRE is not an exception. No matter the detailed information that you may need to make use of, there are also general tips that you must consider to enable you to ace the test as a whole. These tips do not only apply to the GRE but also other related tests you may write. Let’s check them out.

1. Predict Your Possible Mistakes  

When preparing for the test, it is always best that you predict where you can go wrong. You must note the sections where you are not so proficient. The truth is that you cannot get more than one question wrong and still have a perfect score. As earlier stated, you can only get one wrong question in the Verbal section, and you cannot get any wrong in the Quantitative section.

This means that there is no margin for error, and you must answer all your questions correctly. On Analytical Writing, you must make sure you score at least a six on one essay and a 5.5 on the other. Therefore, you need to work on all the sections which are not exactly your forte so that you can ace the test.

2. Motivate Yourself 

To be honest, preparing for an exam like the GRE can be quite rigorous and tiring because it requires a lot of preparation and focuses on getting the perfect store. This is why you have to be very motivated. It would help if the tedious workload did not weigh you down; neither can you sit idle nor wish to get a perfect score. You must motivate yourself and be determined to get it. Always think of your end goal, whether it is to secure admission in an Ivy League or get a scholarship. Use that inspiration to study hard and wisely.

3. Pay Attention to Details  

This is very important because getting a perfect score means that you must fully concentrate on every minute detail. And fully pay attention to all the various strategies to ensure that you do not make cheap mistakes or overlook the right answers. You need to be versed in all the required content in whatever way they may come. Do not be monotonous about it but ensure that you figure out the best ways to work on your strengths and flaws.

Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

4. Use Top-notch Practice Materials 

You must make sure you use the best practice materials you can find. If not, it really would not matter how long you spend studying; you would not be able to get that perfect score. The best practice materials are the official ETS materials by the organizers of the GRE. They contain practice questions, which are most likely what you will be given in the test.

5. Do Away with Careless Mistakes 

When you intend to attain a perfect score, there is no room for making mistakes. You do well to read your questions carefully to avoid mistakes. It would help if you also double-checked your calculations to ensure that there are no errors and you must not forget to answer your questions in the required format. All these should be done even during your preparation. Otherwise, they are costly mistakes that will deny you a perfect score.

6. Use Your Time Wisely 

It is commonly said that do not study harder; study smarter. This is very important because applying this rule will enable you to spend your study time wisely. It would be best if you took time out to observe whether your preparation styles are working. Please do not spend time on practice tests without critically analyzing your mistakes and working on them. Spend time on sections you need to do better at.

7. Critically Analyze Your Mistakes

If you make mistakes in your practise questions, you must take time out to identify them. This will enable you to fix specific weaknesses, which will reduce your chances of making such mistakes in the future. It is a good idea to keep a journal where you keep a record of every question you get wrong and the reason behind it. This helps you to work on your mistakes and produce maximum results.

8. Time Management

As earlier stated, you must learn to manage your time wisely. To get a perfect score, you not only have to answer all your questions correctly, but you also have to answer ALL of them in record time. If you know all the answers to all the questions, but you do not manage your time well enough to be able to answer them all, then your preparation was a waste of time. Make sure you allow an average amount of time to be spent on each question.

Tips on How to Get a Perfect GRE Score

9. Last-Minute Preparations

Ensure you get enough rest days before your test. Be sure to eat right and have an adequate amount of nutrients. Also, do yourself the favour of packing your bag the night before. Fill it with all the essential supplies and surplus that you may need for the test. This helps you have a smooth, stress-free test day.

10. Have a Positive Attitude

Lastly, having a positive attitude cannot be overemphasized. Do not entertain any form of fear or doubt; make sure you stay positive, and even when you feel you probably made a mistake, maintain a positive attitude, and do your best.


Getting the perfect GRE score is not a must. It is not a prerequisite for your admission, so even if you do not get it, you do not have to beat yourself up. Ensure you make fair use of all the sectionalized tips and general tips on how to get the perfect GRE score. You might get all your questions right and, above all, have a positive mindset because nothing is impossible.

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