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The Peace First Challenge for Students Age 13 to 25

Applications are actively being accepted for “The Peace First Challenge” for the academic year of 2021-2022. This challenge is open for students age 13 to 25 and gives them a chance to create and lead a project that addresses the injustice in their communities. Young individuals from across the globe can enter this competition and work on their projects with compassion, courage and collaborative leadership. As a participant of this program, individuals will have guidance throughout the five stages journey and provided with needed tools and support, including training, mentorship and funding to work on a social change project in their communities. So if you are concern about injustice or any issue that is causing problems in your community and want to contribute to remove it, then this challenge is your opportunity.

With each passing year, the cases of injustice are increasing. There are various issues that our society is dealing with today, such as inequality, racism, poverty and homelessness and so on. These are the issues that need to be addressed and removed so that our society can grow and people can live peacefully. If you take a look at your surroundings, you might notice any problem easily, from small like pollution to large such as gender inequality. All you should do is give attention to such societal problems and inspire others to take initiatives by doing so yourself. The Peace First Challenge can be your first step toward making your communities hassle-free, and you can make a good impact on the lives of others by leading a wonderful and thoughtful project.

The Peace First is a well-known organization co-led by young people. This organization has been committed to encouraging young people age 13 to 25 to contribute to creating a more compassionate and just, and peaceful world by providing digital tools, community support, start-up funding and stories that celebrate their social change journeys and impact. The foundation was started in 1992 by teenagers dedicated to their communities to solve the problems by connecting others with compassion, standing up for principals and others with courage, and creating collaborative change.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization The Peace First
Educational Level Individuals age 13 to 25
Subjects All
Amount $250
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards N/A
City Boston
Nationality All
Country United States
Application Status Open
Application Fee No
Requirements N/A

Who May Be Eligible?

Individuals age 13 to 25 from around the world are invited to apply.

How to Apply

To become a part of this program, you need to log in with your existed account if you have or set up a new account to further the application process. You can do so on the online portal of The Peace First.


This program consists of the following benefits:

  • A mini-grant of up to $250
  • A self-guided virtual training developed by young social change leaders from around the world takes you step-by-step through the process of creating an impactful project or make an existing project stronger
  • Tools, developed over Peace First’s 30 years of supporting young people, to build a just and peaceful world, to deepen your learning and support your project planning
  • Personalized feedback and mentorship to help your project succeed, including multiple rounds of written feedback and a coaching video call
  • Opportunities to apply for further funding through our Accelerator program once you complete the Challenge
  • Opportunities to gain exposure for your work, including being featured in Peace First social media and newsletters
  • Become part of a community of change-makers in your region and around the world.

Application Deadline

The applications are ongoing. Please send your application as early as possible to get better consideration.

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