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The Life Coach Spotter Scholarship

Life Coaches is proudly introducing the Life Coach Spotter Scholarship intending to improve a student’s educational life. The US and international students who will enrolled as a full-time student are applicable for this program.

The study grant is specially designed for students to talk about their challenges with the best overcoming solutions through a well-written essay. The award will be handed over to an inspiring student with a compelling and valuable story.

Life Coaches takes the initiative to work for relatively healthy people who want to improve their lives in specific ways. They assist in changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, losing weight, taking their business to a new level, or deepening their self-understanding. Life Coaches have an aim to develop people skills.

Who May Eligible

Students are told to review the eligibility criteria before applying:

  • Students need to be enrolled or due to be registered as a full-time student at an accredited US university or college for the semester that they are applying to receive the grant.
  • No minimum GPA and a specific Major required to apply
  • Domestic, international, and undocumented students may apply to this award

How to Apply

The students who are interested in applying for the Life Coach Spotter scholarship need to fill an online application form to be considered.

Supporting Documents:

  • The online form will include some necessary information such as full name, Email address, college or university name with its mailing address.
  • The essay must be submitted as a Google document via a shareable link and essay in other than this form will be void.
  • Must submit an essay of 1,000-1,500 words describing “a personal story of the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your life. What was the hardest part? How did you overcome it? What life lessons have you learned as a result?”
  • Must attach proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter in an accredited university.
  • A recent transcript, tuition bill or acceptance letter can be accepted as proof.
  • Students who are engaged in the process of applying for colleges and universities are required to indicate their current school and submit a document with the schools they have currently applied. If you got selected, you would have to provide proof of enrollment for your college or university at that time.


The scholarship will grant an award amount of $1,000 to an outstanding and talented student.

Application Deadline:

The deadline of the Life Coaches Spotter Scholarship is 1 August annually. Winners are announces on 15 August.

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