The Five Most Common Myths about International Student Programs

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The Five Most Common Myths about International Student Programs

Pathway programs have been very helpful to students across the world in providing quality education and improving employability skills.

However, these study programs are also surrounded by certain misconceptions and myths which lead to a negative perception of international students. As a result, the students are discouraged from applying to foreign institutions.

The top 5 myths about international students are listed below:

  1. Visas to be Allotted Based on Fluency in English– International students having poor communication and reading and writing skills in the English language are considered as deficient. This is entirely wrong as fluency in English and academic performances are two different things. In fact, most international programs provide English language module within their offering alongside the chosen subject to make sure that the students have an acceptable level of English before going into the degree level study.
  2. International Students Consume Places of Domestic Candidates– It is believed that the international students take places of the deserving domestic But in reality, the revenue collected from international students subsidizes the education of many domestic students. International students are the reason for the boost in university revenue and hence in university places allowing the institutions to expand and accommodate a larger number of students.
  3. Rental Problems Caused by International Students– One of the myths about the international students is that they ruin the rental market by occupying places, causing rental problems to domestic people. But the truth is, in the last 5 years about 50000 extra rooms have been built in the UK.
  4. International Students Snatch Part-Time Jobs of Domestic Students- International students are also accused of stealing part-time jobs of domestic students. But according to statistics, about 97% of the students leave the country after completing their studies. Also, their working period is limited to 20 hours per week which makes them ineligible for most of the part-time jobs available.
  5. International Students Stealing Domestic Graduate Jobs- This is also a common myth about the international students. In the UK, there are many employment opportunities for international students, and they are not at the expense of domestic graduates. The institutions provide good quality education to every student whether domestic or international. In fact, the international students can provide economic benefit to the nation and also act as an ambassador for the country.

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