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The Best Online Medical Transcription Courses

Medical Transcription or MT refers to the process of typing voice records of Healthcare Professionals,  particularly Doctors into text files. The process plays a very vital role in the lives of Healthcare Professionals because it releases their burden of writing everything down or creating handwritten reports. MT also makes it way easier for Doctors to keep accurate medical records for patients.

The work of a Medical Transcriptionist is quite similar to a Stenographer, but Transcription is a way more modern process and even more efficient. Since the demand for Medical Transcriptionists is rapidly increasing, they are also offered a high amount as salaries,  according to the 2020 Occupational Outlook Handbook, Medical Transcriptionists can earn up to $55,220 annually. If it is your dream to work alongside Healthcare Professionals and become their trustable Medical Transcriptionists, then our article consists of the best online courses that can make you ready to work in the comfort of your homes.

1. Online Medical Transcription Training by U.S Career Institute

The Medical Transcription and editing program by U.S Career Institute are all you need to begin your career on the right path. The institution values the dreams of students hence provides the best support to make them succeed in their careers. The course will introduce students to the most important topics that one needs to have knowledge about before working as a Medical Transcriptionist such as Human anatomy and physiology, Medical terminology and pronunciation, the impact of Medical Transcription on Healthcare, the use of speech-recognition technology by transcriptionists, and lastly transitioning medical records to electronic, computer-based systems.

This course will cover every necessary topic, and help students develop the desired skill of a Medical Transcriptionist. Since the course is self-paced, you can proceed with it anytime from anywhere.

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2. Medical Transcription Training by Penn Foster

Penn Forster College has designed the perfect course for students who aspire to become Medical Transcriptionists. Whether in a Physician’s Office, Clinics, Hospitals, or other relevant areas, Medical Transcriptionist holds a reputed position on whom Doctors and other Healthcare Practitioners can depend. Keeping this in mind, Penn Foster has designed its course in such a way that upon completion, students are all set to work.

This course will train students to produce medical reports and related documents, discharge summaries, history, and physical examination reports, operative and autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, and much more. The special emphasis will be put on how to use speech-to-text recognition software and transcription editing, which is actually the most important thing to learn and everything else depends on it. The schedules of the course are flexible and can be customized, also the course fee is very affordable.

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3. Medical Transcription Course by Ashworth College

The online Medical Transcription course by Ashworth College is the fastest way to your dream profession. This course is affordable and provides students with real-world training that leads to a fun learning experience where they actually understand their job roles.

You will be trained by transcription experts, get familiar with real physician dictations, and practice with tools and software that you will be using in the future while working as a professional. This course will undoubtedly make you ready for the industry in much less time. Since this course is self-paced, you can customize it to fit that in your busy schedule.

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4. Step-by-Step Transcription from Home Course by Skillshare

A Step-by-step Transcription course that can be applied in any discipline be it in Medical or any Organization, this course by Skillshare can be your perfect beginning of learning the art of transcription. If you are a complete beginner and hoping to start learning about Transcription at the comfort of your home, then this course will provide you the best beginning with its set-up, a brief introduction, and simple step-by-step instructions to follow. After some introduction, the course will proceed to introduce you to several Transcription styles, you will be working on these styles along with the tools and software required during the process. Finally, you will be able to locate your job roles such as locating job opportunities in various sectors and applying on them. This course is ideal for students who want to work in General Transcription, gain in-depth knowledge on Transcription before applying for any Medical Transcription certificate or diploma courses, or anyone who wants to establish their career as Transcriptionists.

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5. Medical Transcription Training Programs by Accredited Schools Online

Accredited Schools Online is one of the best platforms to find Medical Transcription programs. You can choose between two options available on the website that is, you can either opt for the traditional two-year Associate Degree program, or One-Year Certificate program, according to your requirements and achieve your professional goals. This program equips you with every skill necessary to begin your career as an MT, and work in a greater variety of medical office jobs.

Some of the key skills you will be acquiring from these programs include exploring medical terms and getting familiar with them, understanding the differences between many medical documents, identifying and reporting errors, and lastly understanding and following patient confidentiality regulations and legal documentation requirements. Programs by Accredited Online Schools can make anyone industry-ready.

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6. How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist by Udemy

If you are not after costly certificate courses or degrees, then Udemy is your one-stop solution. An affordable course presented by an expert Medical Transcriptionist will help students master the skills required to become a professional that too from home.

The course will begin right from the introduction to the world of medical transcription, and then proceed with making students work on real Transcription works with the help of real-life audio files. These practices will enhance your listening, understanding, and typing skills and you will get familiar with the process in no time. A bonus point in this course is that students will be provided with 15 real entry-level employment opportunities that will help them easily become Medical Transcriptionist. If you are dreaming to become a Medical Transcriptionist, then you are just one step away, and this course on Udemy is going to turn your dream into reality.

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7. Blackstone’s Online Medical Transcription Training Program

Blackstone’s Online Medical Transcription Program is very popular among students for it is all you need to secure a place in the healthcare field. With quality education and training, Blackstone prepares students for the professional world in the best possible way using modern equipment and techniques.

In this training program you will be gaining knowledge about your role as an MT, and about medical terminology, medical diagnoses, and laboratory procedures. You will also get familiar with medical terms, disease names, and will easily be able to transform audio clips into important Health Records. The certificate earned after completion will add great value to your career, and the best thing is you learn the whole process at your home, and get unlimited access to Student’s Service Center for support.

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8. Medical Transcriptionist Diploma by ICS

The Medical Transcriptionist Diploma program by ICS Canada is also a great choice when thinking of an online course. ICS is known to have turned beginners into skilled professionals in as little as nine months and helped them achieve their goals through their completely online, self-paced program.

The program will introduce students to modern tools such as speech recognition software, which will play an inseparable part while working as an MT. Students will also be introduced to some important topics that they must know about such as the process of creating medical reports and documents, producing discharge summaries, working on the history and physical examination reports, Autopsy reports, and lastly dealing with Diagnostic imaging studies. Students who are seeking the best online training programs can definitely opt for this course.

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9. Medical Transcription Course by Global Institute of Health Science

An Indian institute that offers online courses to both domestic and international students, the Global Institute of Health Science is your ideal destination to get the training for becoming a successful Medical Transcriptionist. As the name suggests, this institution features programs in relation to Health Science so getting a degree or certificate from here will be worthwhile. Students who complete this course can begin their career in the Medical Transcription Industry, and work under various roles such as Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Editor, Medical Proofer, and Medical Super-proofer.

Students will be introduced to the basics of advanced medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and common diseases which is absolutely mandatory to know and will help them develop many skills including communication, listening, typically, and memory skills. This program also includes MCQ, Theoretical and Practical exams that will make you all set for work. Learning and earning a Certificate from an international institute has its own perks, and this program by GIHS can change your life.

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10. Medical Transcription Course by Ed2Go

The last one on our list is a Medical Transcription course by Ed2Go which is one of the most affordable and effective courses you will find online. At just $149, you get a chance to learn and prepare yourselves for the professional world, by getting trained by expert MT. Don’t judge the course by its price because it is one of the most briefly explained courses you will ever come across that will let you explore and work on nine main report types, along with required tools and techniques. You will be able to download free transcribers and prepare reports according to it, the process which will be similar to your job role.

By the end of this course, you will have Clinical Knowledge along with the ability to produce medical reports easily, and work alongside Doctors and Healthcare Professionals to turn their dictations into important health records.

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