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The Best Courses to Study in Nigeria University

Over the years, the Nigerian University has increased its scope in offering great courses in order to prosper in future. In a developing country like Nigeria, it is important to choose the best course to succeed in the eventuality and contribute to society’s welfare. The University of Nigeria is a Federal university that was officially opened in 1960 right after Nigerian independence. It is one of the most renowned universities in the country. The University is located in three of its states- Nsukka, Enugu, and Ituku-Ozalla. Modelled upon the American educational system, It offers 82 undergraduate programs and 211 postgraduate programmes.

If you have completed your secondary school or diploma or you’re taking another program in a university, it is important to put some careful thought and do contemporary research on what course you enrol in. Do not worry about it, I have literally done half of your work. The following are the best courses offered by the University of Nigeria. All you have to do is pick the course from this article to replenish your interests and passion.

1. Food Science and Technology

In the field of agricultural sciences, Food science and technology has a larger scope for high paying jobs. The agricultural industry is growing rapidly, which requires qualified professionals in areas of food and renewable energy.

Agriculture is one of the leading sources of income for the economy of Nigeria. It is a competitive field with a wide variety of scopes in Agri economics, soil science, nutrition and dietetics. The university offers a curriculum in crop science as well as home science and management.

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2. Theatre Arts and Films Studies

The cinema industry in Nigeria is thriving where many of the renowned actors from the country are employed in Hollywood. The movies of Nigeria itself is set to stage the worldwide audience. With a great opportunity like this, choosing Theatre Arts will sweep up your career.

It is a passionate course which requires a lot of interest and skill. The course also focuses on acting, directing and other skills required in the silver screen field. It is a top-rated course.

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3. Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Industries that particularly focus on Oil and gas requires a lot of skilled engineers to develop the business. The development in the extraction and coal mining business will also help the country to build its economy.

The career prospects are great in engineering. The University of Nigeria offers intensive engineering courses, including Agaric, Bioresources Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering. This course is highly recommended if you have a wider interest in pursuing engineering.

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4. Accountancy

One of the top business administration course in Accountancy. It surpasses the banking finance, management and other business fields. The competition is high for the field.

Choosing an accounting course from the University of Nigeria would be the best decision since it has world-class faculties and great classroom knowledge. This course is highly recommended if it is taken particularly in this university.

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5. Medicine

With a lot of exposure to private hospitals and clinics in Nigeria, studying medicine will not only help you have a prospering career but also very good pay. Countries with a lot of government-aided hospitals usually have less payroll for doctors.

The University of Nigeria offers a lot of courses in Medicine. It includes  Pathology, Microbiology, Obstetrics, Parasitology and Entomology which are considered to be top class courses that are not available in a lot of universities.

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6. Adult Education

Adult education courses are designed for adults 16 years and older. Some popular areas of adult education include General Educational Development (GED) preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL), family literacy and citizenship training.

The course is a general perspective on overall subjects, including taxes, medical assisting classes, court reporting classes, and many more. This course is highly recommended for having ease of life and to survive in other countries.

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7. Pharmacy

With a course duration of whooping 6years, pharmacy courses are exclusively offered by the University of Nigeria. The course is offered only on the main campus located in Nsukka.

Pharmacy is not only about studying medicines. It is a bit complicated program that covers Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Toxicology, Pharmaceutics Technology. There is a separate curriculum for Industrial Pharmacy which usually differs from Pharmacognosy and Environmental Medicine. The University also offers Clinical Management, Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology.

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8. Computer Science

The evolution of technology has changed and there is always a huge demand for computer science engineers. Recent technology like cloud computing, programming, and other computer science courses requires great skill.

The career offers you to communicate professionally and intercultural, both orally and in writing, which will facilitate a great high paying career in the country as well as abroad.

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9. Urban and Regional Planning

If you have a wide interest in planning and design cities to meet our long-term economic and environmental needs. The course will not only help you to land a good career but also help society in such.

The course helps to have a career that ultimately helps in Urban processes and social problems, such as poverty, crime, racial segregation, homelessness, housing policy, urbanization, and neighbourhood ethnic diversity. You can also have improved critical thinking on the opportunities and challenges for nature-based solutions to contribute to transforming cities. This course is highly endorsed.

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10. Customary and Indigenous Law

Out of various branches in law, the Customary and Indigenous law course has greater prospects considering various legislations and laws on customary and indigenous law. Nigeria has a vast variety of customs which of course, is an advantage to take this subject.

The program also includes International and Comparative Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Customary and Indigenous Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Property Law & Public  Law. The law degree respects credential and guarantees tremendous career chances and it is deemed as the top course to study in Nigeria.

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