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Tests to Find a Career Path

There are a lot of tests out there to find your career path. But which ones will get you the best results?

In order to help answer that question, we’ve put together this list of five helpful and interesting tests from around the web. These tests will give you information on what careers might suit you best, what personality traits may be affecting your success in certain fields, and even what animals represent your personality type! That way, when it comes time for exploration or decision-making about a potential occupation or new job opportunity, you’ll have some useful tools at your disposal. 😉 Enjoy!

1) Career Personality Test

Career assessment tools to help you find your ideal career. This popular test from Career Assessment Site is designed to reveal which careers will suit you best based on specific personality traits.

The test consists of 93 questions that are broken into four sections, covering areas like Sociability, Perfectionism, Achievement Drive, and Leadership Style. Each section offers five unique question types, and within each of those question types, there are four possible answers – for a total of 520 unique questions.

The Career Personality Test results page offers you specific career recommendations based on your personality type, as well as detailed reports about how your traits compare with those of other people in different occupations. It also includes some great career resources to help you further explore the possibilities.

2) What’s Your Career Personality?

An interesting quiz that will give you insight into your career path

This quick test from Angel & Faerie is similar in nature to the one above but with a slightly different twist.

It consists of only seven questions that are designed to reveal your Career Maturity Level. This is a quality that is said to affect your career capacity, which can be defined as the extent to which you are capable of using your skills and abilities in the workplace.

For each question, you will be given two possible answers, with more detailed descriptions of both options. After answering all seven questions, you’ll find your Career Maturity Level and a brief interpretation. This is followed by a list of careers that you might be well-suited for, based on the results of the quiz.

3) Career Information Finder

Quick and useful information on a variety of careers

This quick-and-easy tool from College Raptor is fantastic if you’re looking for simple, concise information about different careers and what they involve. All you have to do is select a category that interests you, and the site will provide short bullet points about what that type of career entails, along with links to more detailed information.

The Career Information Finder currently has 25 different types of jobs listed, ranging from Accountant to Zoologist. Each listing includes standard job description information as well as salary ranges for the US. There are also links out to other sites where you can find more information, including our own blog, and each career listing has a brief sentence or two summarizing what you’ll need to do to work in that occupation.

4) Career Test

Discover the Job You Were Meant To Do This test from InstantShift is designed to provide information on your ideal job as well as the best workplace environment for you. All it takes is 20-30 minutes, and you’ll get a personalized result at the end.

There are 12 main questions on this test, which cover various areas such as how you process information, what you enjoy doing most in your free time, and whether or not you require structure or creativity in your work. Each question offers three possible answers to choose from.

The Career Test results page provides you with a job and workplace environment match, as well as detailed information about your personal style in regard to work. It also includes links to other career assessment tools that can be very useful when it comes time for you to pursue a new occupation!

5) Discover the Perfect Career for You

An interesting quiz that provides you with more insight into yourself

If you’re looking for a test with a slightly different twist, this one from MyPlanIQ might be right up your alley.

The Perfect Career Test is made up of 40 questions that cover various areas, such as your preferred learning style and your ideal work environment. You’ll also be asked about your communication style, your level of planning, and what type of decisions you enjoy making.

After completing the test, you’ll receive a personalized Career Personality Profile that includes information on your preferred work environment as well as how compatible you are with other occupations. There’s also a brief paragraph providing advice based on the results of the quiz. And while the test is not nearly as detailed or accurate as some of the others on this list, it can be an interesting way to discover more about yourself.

6) Career Assessment Test

This unique quiz from LiveCareer consists of 70 different questions that are divided into eight main topics. It’s designed to provide you with insight into your personal skills, values, and interests so you can figure out your ideal career path.

Each question on the Career Assessment Test includes three possible answers to choose from. When you’re finished with the test, LiveCareer provides a personalized report that gives you information about how well-suited you are for different types of occupations based on your individualized results.

This is a great online career test for beginners since the information you get at the end of it is intended to be very straightforward. It can also help if you are looking for an occupation that will allow you to pursue your true passion in life.

7) Career Quiz

Take this survey to discover which job matches your skills, lifestyle, and personality

The JobMatch quiz from CareerPlanner.com is another good option for those looking to explore what career options might be most suitable for them.

This test consists of 65 simple questions covering various topics such as your preferred work environment, the type of tasks you enjoy performing, and your preferred attitude toward risk. You’ll also be asked how you like to learn new information and whether or not you prefer working as part of a team.

After completing the test, CareerPlanner.com provides you with a personalized Career Match Profile that includes your strengths and weaknesses as well as your recommended career path based on the results of the quiz. This is definitely one worth checking out!

8) Career Interests Assessment

Discover Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This career test from LiveCareer is similar to the one mentioned above (i.e., the one that requires you to answer 70 questions), but this particular test focuses more on your personal preferences and interests when it comes to working.

The Career Interests Assessment consists of 20 questions that cover topics such as your preferred work style, how important teamwork is to you, and whether or not you’d prefer a management position.

After completing the test, CareerPlanner.com provides you with a personalized report that gives you information on your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to choosing an occupation. This report also includes your ideal career path, as well as several occupations that are considered to be a good match for you.

The Career Interests Assessment is an interesting online career quiz that can help you discover more about yourself and how you’d like to approach your career choices in the future. It’s definitely worth checking out!

9) Discover Your Career Personality with the Holland Code Career Test

The Holland Code Career Test is a free career assessment test that was designed to help you discover your ideal work environment and whether or not it’s a good match for you.

The quiz is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. Section A contains 45 true/false questions, while Sections B and C are each made up of 30 multiple-choice questions.

After you’re finished with the quiz, CareerPlanner.com generates a personalized report that includes information on your best career match, as well as how likely it is that you’d enjoy working in this line of work. This is definitely one worth checking out!

10) The Strong Interest Inventory

Career Test for Adults

The Strong Interest Inventory consists of two separate career assessments that are designed to take you 30 minutes each. It’s really one worth checking out!

You’ll be asked about your interests, preferences, values, and how you feel about various activities. After taking the first assessment, you have the option of taking the second one if you’d like. The results will be personalized reports for both assessments, which can help point you in a more focused direction when it comes to your career interests and goals.

These two assessments are definitely worth checking out because they’re very comprehensive and well designed. You’ll get a lot of information from them!

11) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

If you’d like another career test that can help you determine your personality type, then consider taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

This assessment consists of 93 questions and will take about 25 minutes to complete. The results are a personalized report that includes information on your personality type as well as your interests, values, work preferences, social style, and whether or not you prefer working with people or in a more isolated environment.

Although some of this information may seem obvious to some of you, some of the results will likely surprise you. When it comes to career development and choosing an occupation that’s both rewarding and fulfilling, this is definitely one of the most effective online career quizzes out there.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is definitely worth checking out!


Testing can be a great way to help you find the right career path for you. By taking different tests, you can get an idea of what types of careers might fit you best. You can also learn more about your personality and strengths, which can help you make a decision about what career to pursue. We hope that this article has helped give you some ideas about how to start testing for your ideal career. If you have any questions or want more information, please let us know.

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