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Tech Sales Career Path

Are you a tech sales professional looking for a new opportunity? You should read this. The tech industry is booming, and the demand for qualified professionals in the field is high. If you’re looking to jump into an exciting career with long-term potential, then this blog post will help get you started on the right path. In it, I’ll cover everything from where to work to how much money you can make and what skills are needed to succeed in tech sales.

1. What are Tech Sales?

Tech sales are the sale of second-hand hardware, including but not limited to video game consoles, handhelds, and accessory packs. It is a form of trading with similar principles as those from traditional real-life markets or from online platforms such as eBay or Craigslist. In most cases, they are governed by independent regional trade laws, with no exception made for video games.

Tech sales are legal in most countries around the world, even though some regions have specific regulations on how they can be carried out or prohibited altogether. However, being legal is not enough to prevent some limitations your tech sale might encounter on its way.

2. Who is a Tech Sales Professional?

A tech sales professional is an individual who earns a living by selling used gaming hardware or anything else for that matter. There are two types of tech sales professionals: the first type sells his own property, which you have accumulated throughout the years, junk you no longer use or items you never needed in the first place; and the second type buys used hardware from individuals such as yourself and re-sells it in the name of a business.

3. What is a Tech Sales License?

A tech sale license is a document issued by authorities to an individual allowing them to conduct their activities. There are no singular licenses that allow you to carry out your activities everywhere in the world, but rather there exist a number of different types depending on the region you are residing in. Each region has its own specific rules and regulations for issuing these licenses, but they all have the same scope: to put you under their control and responsibility; your business is not allowed to operate without them.

4. How does One Become a Tech Sales Professional?

The requirements to become a tech sales professional vary from country to country, but there are some general rules which apply everywhere:

– You must be at least 18 years of age. This is typically the minimum allowed age for operating a business without assistance. Some countries have no limit whatsoever, while others require you to be older.

– You need money. The amount varies between countries, but it’s typically a small sum that should not affect your budget too much. You can raise it by selling some of your old stuff or working on the side for a few weeks.

– You need an office. The office does not have to be professional looking, although some countries require you to rent an actual space to conduct business. Others allow you to run the business from your home, which is usually a preferable option for most tech sales professionals.

– You need to register with local authorities. This is where it gets complicated depending on the country in question. If you’re selling used hardware, then registering will be extremely easy, requiring little more than your signature and a few pieces of paper. But if you’re running a business dealing with both hardware and software, then it will be trickier since most governments consider video games to be intellectual property and patent their own laws about them.

– You need to pay taxes depending on the region where you’re operating. Most countries do not tax businesses, but some of those that do will also include tech sales professionals as part of the list.

– You need to understand your legal limits and follow them at all times. Considering this is a business where you’re buying and selling used hardware, it’s not necessary for you to go through any additional educational requirements or tests; however, understanding what can and cannot be done under your criteria is one of the most important things.

5. Tech Sale Activities

There are two types of tech sales professionals: those who sell their own items and those who trade/re-sell goods bought from individual sellers, but both have to work within similar boundaries. Here are some activities you can participate in as a tech sales professional:

You are selling your own goods.

In most cases, this is the optimal choice. You may have a large collection of used hardware that you no longer use or need, and they can be sold at a good price for profit. In many cases, it may even be more profitable than buying and selling from individuals since your stock will always be larger in size, thus allowing you to sell at a lower price. When selling your own goods, you have to remember to make sure they work properly and show no signs of damage or misuse since there is little reason for anyone else to purchase items in a broken state if a working version exists.

Trade/re-sell from individual sellers

This can be slightly advantageous when it comes to price and sometimes inventory, but it’s also more complicated and time-consuming. The first thing you need to do is find a source; this can be done by putting up flyers in your local community or simply putting ads on the internet. In some countries, it may even be possible to purchase a list from a company that specializes in selling contact information of potential buyers/sellers. Once you obtain a list, you must contact each of these people and see what they have to sell. If the items are in good shape and quality, then it’s possible to make an offer or determine a certain price for their goods which can be used as a starting point when negotiating with other sellers. However, this process takes a long time, which is why it’s not recommended for someone who is just entering the field.

Selling new merchandise

If you deal with video games, then there may be an opportunity for you to buy newly released games and sell them at a premium price. However, this requires highly desirable items which are in short supply since it’s not easy to find someone willing to purchase or trade new releases within just a day or two of their release date. More importantly, you will have to pay a considerable amount for this privilege, and it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to get such an item at a price that will make the venture worthwhile.

Selling used merchandise

This is your bread and butter; finding people who wish to sell their used hardware at a good rate. In some cases, there are even people willing to sell hardware that has never been used, which means you will make the sale often without any hassle. However, there are also items that have been sold several times before and may be useless by this point in time, so selling them without some form of guarantee is not recommended.

6. Limitations When Doing Business from Individual Sellers

There are also some limitations when doing business from individual sellers:

– You cannot sell a game or console without a proper license unless you bought it within a specific timeframe (typically 2-3 years). Selling used games and consoles falls under gray market rules.

– You cannot market or promote your business in public spaces without prior permission from the owner of that space (you can do it only after getting permission). This is why you’ll often find tech sales professionals using websites, forums, and social networking sites.

– You cannot conduct business within a certain time frame on someone else’s property without the permission of the owner. For example, you cannot conduct a tech sale at someone’s house.

– You cannot sell items that were stolen or obtained illegally (you can only purchase them and use those as stock). This is why it’s important to find your source – if they’re clean, then there should be no problems with their products.

7. How Much Does a Tech Sales Professional Make?

The answer to this question comes down to your skill level, the items you sell, and how much business you do. If you’re a novice, then it’s going to take some time before you can make a living from tech sales; however, once you become more experienced and establish yourself as a legitimate source for gadgets/hardware/consoles, then the sky is the limit.

Let’s take the second scenario; those who sell items, regardless of whether it’s new or used, and make a decent amount of money from this business. If you’re selling 20-30 goods per month (for example, ten consoles and ten games), then you can expect to make at least $1,200 USD per month. This assumes you have a set rate for each item, which means your business is very lucrative. However, if the items are not in good shape, then it will be harder to sell them and thus reduce your income by several hundred dollars per month or maybe even more (if you can’t sell certain items).

8. The Job Outlook for A Tech Sales Professional

The outlook for a tech sales professional is great, as it’s a field that is expanding at a rapid rate. This means that there will always be people who need your help and expertise. Furthermore, those who have been working in this field for several years already will know all the good places to go when selling their merchandise, which is why they will often come to you instead of taking their chances by themselves.

9. What Kind of Companies Hire Tech Sales Professionals?

There are many companies that hire tech sales professionals, both those who market and sell their products to the public (for example, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) as well as those who want to purchase used items.

– The bigger your store is then, the more likely you will employ tech sales professionals, as it’s unlikely that one person can handle all the sales. Larger stores often get items that are new and hardly used, while small stores get more used goods or stock that has been sold to them by other tech sales professionals; then again, this depends on the store’s location and target market (for example, a big box store may not accept used consoles).

– Companies like Microsoft and Sony always need people who know their products inside out. These companies want to hire the best of the best, so you must be very knowledgeable about games, consoles, and their hardware specs in general. This just shows how important this role is for these companies; they need professional help when it comes to marketing new releases and convincing buyers that their latest gadgets are worth purchasing.

– There are also companies in the business of buying used goods. These businesses often deal in high volumes, and they have very strict criteria when it comes to what they accept, which is why they’re going to need a lot of tech sales professionals on staff (to get rid of their old stock). Larger stores may not be able to buy used items from individuals, but instead, they will sell them to a company that specializes in buying these products and reselling them for a profit online. This is quite beneficial for the companies involved as they can get rid of their stock without lowering their revenue (as they get paid for each item).

10. What are the Educational Requirements to Become A Tech Sales Professional?

There are no educational requirements to become a tech sales professional, but it would help if you have previous experience in the field or at least some knowledge of computer hardware. Note that companies may only consider experienced professionals for entry-level jobs, but they will often train new hires directly in their stores when it comes to marketing and selling their products.

Even though you don’t need previous experience, it would help enormously if you have experience in marketing and/or retail. This will make it easier for employers to trust you with their valuable products, as they can be quite expensive. You will also gain valuable knowledge about pricing and how to market a product in a convincing manner.


Sale is an important part of any technology company, and a successful tech sales career path can be very rewarding. There are many different ways to break into the tech sales industry, and the best way to find out what works for you is to explore your options and talk to people in the field. The most important thing is to stay positive, motivated, and focused on your goals. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve great things in tech sales. What are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

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