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Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate Program

If you’re serious about pursuing ESL as a career, you should strongly consider an on-site TEFL certification program. TEFL certification will help you develop the skills necessary to teach English abroad.

The field of TEFL represents one of the fastest growing educational areas in the world. In this field, thousands of excellent professional opportunities have been presented in English and native English speakers abroad to earn their TEFL certification in all corners around the world.

Course Description

Teaching English overseas is a huge market with a lot of possibilities. If you’re looking to teach English as a foreign language, then you will need a TEFL certificate. TEFL course will give participants the tools they need to be effective ESL teachers, in particular for those who wish to teach abroad.

Throughout the 6 weeks, participants will be exposed to various teaching methods. In addition to the 60-course hours, students will also have a 5-hour practicum observation. Homework will be given regularly and a reflection report is due at the end of the course.

International students must provide evidence of language proficiency in English by sending us a copy of either a TOEFL or IELTS score. Students who have completed their studies at a Cegep or University must forward a copy of their degree.

The course will starts on Mar 14, 2018, and will end on Apr 21, 2018. 100% attendance and a passing grade of 70% are required to receive a certificate.

Basic Details of TEFL

Course: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate
Number of Hours: 65 – 60 (in-class) – 5 (practicum observations)
Cost: $595
Age: 17 and over
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  • Explain English grammar, syntax and idiomatic language thoroughly
  • Apply pedagogical best practices in the teaching of ESL
  • Evaluate the progress of ESL students using accurate metrics and effective feedback
  • Apply instructional strategies that target the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading)
  • Create course plans and didactic materials for the teaching of ESL
  • Apply metacognition to all teaching and learning activities


Students registered in the – Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate – are expected to attend all scheduled classes and submit their assignments on time.

An online learning platform (Moodle) will be used to prepare for class, submit assignments and maintain contact with the instructor and other students. Typically, scheduled classes will begin with a recap of the content from the previous class and/or homework assignments. Thereafter, students can expect to participate in discussions revolving around TEFL topics.

Students will spend the majority of in-class time working on assignments and the development of teaching materials. Students will also be asked to attend 5 hours of ESL classes held at Vanier and reflect on their observations. Students may also have the opportunity to teach real ESL students.

Get more details through the given link: http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/language-school/tefl/

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