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SparkLabs Tech Startup Challenge 2018

SparkLabs is delighted to announce the SparkLabs Tech Startup Challenge (TSC) to encourage young makers in identifying a problem in a nearby or faraway community and providing a tangible solution. TSC is the most distinguished international competition in technology, engineering, and business for high school students.

The challenge theme is “Find a problem and provide a technological and entrepreneurial solution.” TSC is aimed to foster young makers, engineers, and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to solve a real-world problem by creating a prototype and a business plan to implement it.

The first part of the challenge consists of making a prototype that can solve the problem you’ve pinpointed, and the second part requires you to generate a business proposal on how you will turn your idea into a company.

Who May Eligible:

High School students can participate as an individual or team of 2-3 members, to complete the task of building a prototype and creating a business proposal for the judges.

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To participate in the challenge, applicants must need to do register through the given link:


  • Number of Participant(s): You may enter as an individual or a team of 2 or 3 members (no more than 3 members)
  • Part 1: Technical Prototype
    • The finished product must be your original design.
    • This means you have no limitations in using some or all of the following elements (and beyond); microcontroller motherboard, programming, 3D printed parts, various sensors, mechanical components, and electrical/electronic devices.
    • If you choose to use Arduino, make sure to use genuine Arduino product(s)
      YouTube Demo Video (under 3 minutes):

      • You must create and submit the link to a YouTube Demo Video of your working prototype including an explanation of the technical detail.
      • The length should be no longer than 3 minutes.
    • Part 2: Business Proposal
      • You must submit a business proposal that answers the following questions in the submission form
      • Describe the problem found and the solution provided
      • Market analysis: target market, market need, competition, barriers to entry, and more
      • Plans for funding, launching, and projection for growth


There is $5,000 cash prize, tens of various awards, Arduino kits, and free mentoring opportunities to be won by participating teams.

  • Grand Prize (1-2 winners): $2,500 for each winner
  • Gold Prize (3-4 winners)
  • Silver Prize (5-6 winners)
  • Bronze Prize (5-6 winners)
  • Honorable Mention (10 Winners)

Application Deadline:

You must submit your work by September 30th, 2018.

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