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Shell Reimaging the Car of the Future Challenge

A new Shell Eco-marathon challenge named Future Rider regenerated the Virtual League. The KITT Knight Rider car has very advanced technology, an artificial intelligence system, and its body consists of the highly advanced robotic automobile. The STEM students, i.e., Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, may take inspiration from Knight Rider to create the next more advanced future car. The students must use their design, ideas, technology to build a super energetic, powerful, and advanced car. Every STEM student around the World can participate in this challenge.

The participants who will take part in this competition will get exciting prizes.  The winner will be shortlisted from different perspectives such as design and innovation, creativity, etc., and each will contain different points. The winner will be based on the points they earn. Prizes will be given as regional and one global winner. From $500 to $1000 worth amount will be given to winners with additional points from the judging section out of 100.

The World is being polluted by numerous toxic gases, which will lead to a dark future where we’ll be inhaling toxic gases, and it’ll harm our environment. So Shell’s mission is to bring down greenhouse gases which will better the quality of air and make it easy to breathe. This will also help in preventing the environment. Also, advanced technology will innovate our future where we’ll be using less physical work and more intelligence.

Brief Description

Look at the below description provided here to get the brief knowledge.

Education LevelAll
AmountFrom $500 to $1000
Access ModeOnline
Number of Awards3 regional + 1 global
NationalityDomestic and International
Contest DeadlineNovember 10, 2022
Application FeesNot required

Who is Eligible?

  • STEM- Science Technology Engineering Mathematics students

How to Apply?

The students capable of growing and innovating advanced technology should submit their registration forms. While making the project, the essential points should be considered. The submission must be consisting of a motivation video which will cheer up the advanced energetic technology to the world, an entry video consisting of the future of the car, its modifications, technologies, innovations, and so on, and a written report in pdf format containing the explanation of designs, features, 3d images, and a summary of the whole project of your ideas.

For detailed specifications of the above-required things, click on the below link provided, as well as check out the rules for this challenge and other detailed information.

Learn More

Participants must register to be a part of the challenge below. Sign up now!

Registration Portal


The participant will get points according to their presentation and creativity by Shell, Altair, and Google, which will lead them to be one of the shortlisted finalists in each region this will be stage 1 after this, the three best entries will be selected for the audience vote where the portal will forecast the videos. After that, one global winner will be selected. The regional prizes will be distributed as, 1st regional will be awarded $1000, 100 virtual league points, 2nd with $750 and 85 VLP, 3rd with $500 and 70 VLP, and the global winner from these three will get additional $500 and 50VLP. Apart from that, the winning team will get invited for a money-can’t-buy motorsport experience with exclusive behind the scene access.

Application Deadline

The interested participants (teams) can get themselves registered as soon as possible. The deadline for this challenge has been set to November 10, 2022. Participants who want to take part and share their ideas and to make innovative and advanced care for the upcoming future have to apply before the date expires. Late applications will not be considered and will get rejected.

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