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Scholarships and Financial Aid Search Services

We’ve been helping students like yours stand out for over 10 years is part of the AMIZOA Education family, an online resource for all things college and career related. This resource is dedicated to helping students with every step of the college admissions process, financial aid applications, course planning, and more.

Our objective is to help students completing their primary, secondary and college education with ease.

Scholarship Search

We provide scholarship search service to our readers as a service to you. We are committed to providing quality scholarship help and can provide a wide variety of scholarship funds at low costs, and can help students find the right funds and appropriate institutions, and the scholarship programs which best fit the students’ needs. We offer good scholarship search results for all students and can help you understand all scholarships, and especially the ones which you have a chance to apply. The tutors from this website are well-educated, with graduate degrees in different fields, and have a good understanding of the market. As our articles cover a wide range of issues and topics, and students may search by their specific needs, we are very confident in the information and the choice we provide for our readers. There is no scholarship we will not find a solution for, so if you are having difficulties with finding suitable scholarships, you will be able to get the proper help.


Student Competitions Search

We want student to win money and grants, as you know, and competition gives you the opportunity to compete in competitions for free cash. Nowadays there are a huge number of student competitions for different purposes, whether you are searching for your post-graduate studies, research paper or any project, you will find many good competitions that you can submit your ideas for. You can get free cash as prizes and cash grants, scholarships and financial aid, scholarships for children, project finance, educational grants and more.


Student Deals and Sweepstakes

We help students get great discounts on tuition and other fees, so that you can get what you pay for, it’s the perfect time to get cheap tuition and college courses. There are a lot of deals which are exclusive for students. But many of them can’t be used by anyone but students. But the good thing is that many online retailers offer us access to the deals. So, if you are looking for some amazing deals to help you pay for your college courses, you can get the best student deals on all kinds of items, from books to food to electronics.

Deals and Sweepstakes

Textbooks deals

We help students finding deals for cheap college text books. Students can save up to 60% of the prices of the books. No wonder you can find some good deals. Plus, we have a huge collection of college textbooks, and can help you get the best deals on text books for you.
With, students can earn extra money by selling their unused/unneeded textbooks and academic materials. Many schools have student activity centers, which allow students to sell their used textbooks and materials to earn some extra cash, or for their own use. We are the perfect place to sell your used textbooks, books, and paper.


About us

We are a scholarship and financial aid blog that offers expert advise for wealth management.


The content on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. We are not a financial institution and does not provide any financial products or services. We strive to provide up-to-date information but make no warranties regarding the accuracy of our information.