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Scholarships for Left-Handed People

Being left-handed has been considered as something to change directly from the formative phases of a youngster for decades. Truth be told, it’s even been considered as an aberrance and an irregularity for centuries before that. For instance, dark sorcery was even alluded to as the ‘Left-Hand Path’. This has not been the situation since however, as it’s been acknowledged with the adjusting times and attitudes. Individuals view right-handers and lefties as pretty much similar now. But lefties actually deal with issues in a right-handed world consistently.

Ballpoint pens, measuring tapes, watches, and surprisingly the gaming console regulator — all appear to have been made in view of right-handers. The ballpoint pen works best when pulling the ball sideways from left to directly on the page, however, a lefty would push the ball across the page, confining the ink stream when contrasting it with a right-hander utilizing it; destroying our penmanship once more. Also, the numbers on a measuring tape would seem topsy turvy to a lefty, and most simple watches have the crown to change the time on the right half of the watch. The gaming console regulator too appeared to be intended for right-handers, as the vast majority of the key activity catches are found on the right side, compelling a left-handed individual to utilize the more fragile side of his mind to keep up.

Being left-handed is harder than the vast majority think. All through your tutoring, you’ve needed to awkwardly adjust with work areas, scissors, pencil sharpeners, computer mouse, and three-ring covers intended for right-handers. The following impediment to beat will be college cost. Increasing costs make it crucial to discover interesting grants for a free monetary guide. Recall that grants for left-handed students are uncommon, so apply generously for any honors you’re qualified for. The absence of a split between right-handed and left-handed grants implies there’s possibly a huge number of dollars accessible to you. Please go through the list and choose wisely what suits you the best.

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarships

Lefties who have a solid obligation to community administration could apply for the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship for $1,000. To qualify, applicants should be full-time high school seniors, live locally served by Comcast, display administration capacities, plan to go to an accredited, non-benefit school, be designated by a head or direction advisor, and keep a base 2.8 GPA. There’s additionally the one-time $5,000 Gustave G. Amsterdam Leadership Award for Philadelphia-region students.

Provided By: Comcast
Amount: $5,000
Education Level: High school seniors
Subject: All
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ESA Foundation Scholarship Program

Since 2007, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation Scholarship has been offered to right-handed and left-handed students who are enrolled full-time in an accredited bachelor’s program prompting a vocation in computer or video game expressions. Up to 30 scholarships are granted for $3,000 every year. Qualified candidates should be females or minority students, have U.S. citizenship, show imaginative specialized abilities, and have a cumulative school GPA of 2.75.

Provided By: ESA Foundation
Amount: 30 scholarships worth $3,000 each
Education Level: Undergraduates and above
Subject: Computer or video game-related field
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Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award

The American Association of Railroad Super-intendants (AARS) gifts some special grants, including the Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award for $1,000. Intrigued left-handers should be enrolled full-time at an accredited school in the United States or Canada, have accomplished essentially sophomore standing, accomplish a base 2.75 GPA, submit two letters of recommendation, and compose a story articulation. The inclination is given to students who are selected majors applicable to the transportation field.  

Provided By: AARS
Amount: $1,000
Education Level: High school and above
Subject: All
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Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship

Six U.S. Presidents in the last century have been left-handed. On the off chance that you have comparative interests in studying political theory, history, government, or financial aspects, the Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship can give you $5,000. Every year, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chooses two worth college juniors and seniors with U.S. citizenship who have a monetary need and scholarly legitimacy for going to any certified four-year college cross country. You also have the option to consider the Lucinda Beneventi Findley History Scholarship, as well.

Provided By: Daughters of American Revolution
Amount: $5,000 each to two students
Education Level: College juniors and senior
Subject: Political theory, history, government, or accounts
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Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund

Esteemed at $2,500, the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund is accessible from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) for left-handed high school seniors who are acknowledged at an accredited school to examine culinary or cake pastry arts. Praiseworthy candidates will hold a base total GPA of 2.5, have participated in culinary competitions, be dynamic in the charitable effort, plan to turn into an ACF enlisted disciple, submit two recommendations, and display commitment to functioning as a gourmet specialist. This is one of a handful of the devoted left-handed grants that are available today.

Provided By: American Culinary Federation
Amount: $2,500
Education Level: Professionals
Subject: Culinary or Pastry Arts
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Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship

Managed by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship could give $3,000 to inventive left-handers who are seeking after four-year certifications in dramatization, music, show, theatre, and other performing expressions. Qualification standards expect candidates to be African American, be U.S. residents or lawful occupants, go to a licensed school full-time, keep a base 2.5 GPA, show administration capacity, and present a two-minute visual recording sample.

Provided By: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Amount: $3,000
Education Level: Undergraduates
Subject: Drama, music, theatre, etc.
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James River Church Left-Handed Scholarship

In collaboration with Evangel University, the James River Church (JRC) grants the Left-Handed Scholarship for $500 every year to southpaws who are seeking an associate degree in administration from the JRC Leadership Campus. Qualified candidates should show their imaginative capacity by composing a 500-word article about being left-handed or presenting an arrangement of drawing, painting, photography, or visual communication manifestations. Grant financing is appropriated equitably across the program’s four semesters.

Provided By: Evangel University and JRC
Amount: $500
Education Level: Associates degree
Subject: Management
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Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program

Subsidized by Foot Locker, the Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program grants 20 scholarships for $20,000 to student competitors who are moving on from high school and seeking a four-year certification from an authorized U.S. college. Left-handers can apply in case they’re U.S. residents or long-time inhabitants, effectively associated with varsity sports or intramurals, holding an unweighted GPA of 3.0, exceptionally energetic, enthusiastic about community administration, and not employed by Foot Locker.

Provided By: Foot Locker
Amount: $1,000 each for 20 students
Education Level: High School and above
Subject: All
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Fredrick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship

One of a handful of the grants for left-handed individuals is the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship, which was made in 1979 at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. Worth $1,000 to $1,500 yearly, this grant is saved for lefties who have finished basically their first year at Juniata with top scholastic accomplishment over the 3.3 GPA imprint and grounds authority. Applications should incorporate two individual references, verification of monetary need, and affirmation of grades.

Provided By: Juniata College
Amount: $1000-$1500
Education Level: Undergraduates
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Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship

Begun by a Last Vegas-based individual injury law office, the Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship is granted for $1,500 yearly to left-handed high school, college, and graduate students who are selected full-time at an accredited U.S. establishment. Candidates should record a two-minute video by means of a cell phone or computerized camera examining what left-handedness meant for their schooling encounters. Entries will be made a decision about dependent on innovativeness, humor, energy, and generally speaking quality.

Provided By: Lawyers Plus Southpaw
Amount: $1,500
Education Level: high school and above
Subjects: All
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The Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship

The Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship is offered to left-handed female college students. The applicants should plan to go for a capability in science to qualify. Furthermore, those candidates considering a research professional will be given an inclination. Any learner is able to present an application for this specific honor. Students should have a minimum of 3.0-grade point average and be viewed as a resident of the United States.

Provided By: AWIS
Amount: Need-based
Education Level: Graduates
Subjects: Research and related field
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MRCA Foundation Left-Handed Scholarships

Another grant for left-handed individuals is conceded by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) every year for $500 to $3,000. Qualified southpaws should study exchange-related majors, like engineering, architecture, industrial plan, material science, construction, or metallurgy. Beneficiaries should be U.S. residents, keep up with full-time study, go to an accredited U.S. school or specialized school, convey a base 3.0 GPA, and have working experience in construction.

Provided By: MRCA
Amount: $500 – $3,000
Education Level: Undergraduates
Subjects: Engineering, architecture, metallurgy, and related field
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Rick Chase Foundation Scholarship

The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) funds the Rick Chace Foundation Scholarship each spring to grant $4,000 to full-time graduate students who are seeking postgraduate educations in moving images studies, data science, recorded organization, exhibition hall contemplates, film science, or related fields. Left-handers who go to a licensed U.S. school, hold a base 3.0 GPA, show creative initiative potential, and compose a 1,000-word exposition on interests in moving picture documenting can apply.

Provided By: AMIA
Amount: $4,000
Education Level: Full-time graduates
Subjects: Data science, film science, etc.
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Students Rising Above Scholarships

The Students Rising Above (SRA) Scholarships are allowed to around 100 high school juniors who come from low-pay families and show the colossal people in beating snags, like vagrancy, kid misuse, or parental passing. Right-or left-handed students living in the nine-district San Francisco Bay Area can apply. Other required rules incorporate accomplishing a combined 3.0 GPA, be enrolled in a bachelor’s program, and is strongly suggested by a coach or advisor.

Provided By: Students Rising Above
Amount: Need-based
Education Level: Bachelor’s Program
Subjects: All
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Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship

Creative left-handed students with neglected needs could get the two-year Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship for $15,000 to pay tribute to a Seattle artist who worked for ASIFA Hollywood before her less than ideal demise. The Bainbridge Community Foundation searches for beneficiaries who are graduating high school seniors, live in Washington, are acknowledged into visual craftsmanship programs at accredited U.S. organizations, keep a base GPA higher than 3.0, and show excellent creative ability.

Provided By: Bainbridge Community Foundation
Amount: $15,000
Education Level: High school seniors
Subjects: artists and craftsmen
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