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Scholarships for Black Nursing Students

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious professions to choose. Besides Doctors, it is Nurses who provide proper treatment and care to help patients return back home to their normal lives. Nurses are superheroes, they are the backbones of any health organization, and without them, Doctors cannot conduct their treatments, most importantly they cannot conduct operations without a Nurse’s help.

This 24*7 selfless care of Nurses is what helps people return back to normal life from severe injuries and death-like situations. Thousands of students every year across America choose Nursing as their field of study and professional. And it is for this reason, Colleges, Universities, and Organizations offer NursingScholarships to deserving students, and those in need.

There are also varied Nursing Scholarships offered especially for racial minorities across the U.S. And the scholarships that will be featured in this article are especially for African American students who dream to become nurses and be an integral part of the Healthcare industry.

NBNA Board of Directors Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association offers many scholarships for providing opportunities to students of African American origin, to excel in the field of Nursing. More than 20 different scholarships are offered by this organization every year, and their amounts range from $1,000 – $90,000, the scholarships are presented each year to the Awardees at the Annual Institute &Conference.

In order to avail of the Board of Director Scholarship, students must be a member of NBNA, they must be currently enrolled in a Nursing program, and must have at least one full year of school remaining. Students must provide all the documents required at the time of applications such as Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, and Essays to stand a chance of winning this scholarship.

Provided By: National Black Nurses Association
Education Level: Undergraduate or Graduate
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Black Nurses Rock Scholarship

The main aim of Black Nurses Rock is to encourage the young generation to become successful Nurses, who provide selfless care and services towards humanity. Their mission is to inspire and empower the younger generation who can become potential to become future leaders.

Students of African American origin who are currently enrolled in a Nursing program, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and have at least one full year remaining of their academic program are eligible for this scholarship. Students must also showcase their involvement in nursing organizations or any community health activity to become more preferable. Lastly, students must clearly demonstrate their financial needs and must be permanent residents of the U.S. Visit the official website for more details from the link given below.

Provided By: Black Nurses Rock
Amount: Varies
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
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Dr. Lauranne Sams Scholarship

Another scholarship on our list by the National Black Nurses Association, Dr. Lauranne Sams is one of the many scholarships provided by the organization for African American students with a dream to become Nurses.

This scholarship is open to any Black student who is a member of NBNA, currently enrolled in a full-time Nursing program and has at least one full academic year remaining. There are quite a few documents that you must submit, such as letters of Recommendation, Essays, a photograph, Transcripts, and proof of participating in any Nursing activity.

Provided By: National Black Nurses Association
Amount: Up to $5,000
Education Level: Undergraduate
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Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation Scholarship

The Tamara Latimer Cancer Foundation Scholarship is offered to African American students who are residents of Michigan and have chosen Nursing or any Medical related program from an accredited College. Students who wish to apply must have a GPA of at least 3.0 or above in their academic year, and along with that have to submit a few important documents including a Transcript, an Essay on which the award will be decided, a Letter of Recommendations along with a completed online application. Students may also be personally interviewed.

Provided By: Thomas Latimer Cancer Foundation (TLCF)
Amount: Varies
Education Level: College
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Johnson & Johnson/AACN Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars

Number 5 on our list is a scholarship that is awarded by a tie-up of two organizations, Johnson’s & Johnson’s, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to minority students enrolled in Nursing courses or Schools.

Every year, at least 5 students are selected for receiving a huge scholarship amount of $18,000 that can be directly used in Tuition, books, or anything related to their studies and practice. This scholarship will offer aid for up to two years as students complete their doctoral or Master’s degree program in nursing.

Provided By: Johnson’s & Johnson’s and American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)
Education Level: Graduate and Postgraduate
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M. Elizabeth Carnegie African American Memorial Award

A scholarship named after a promising,  dedicating and ground-breaking nurse, Mary Elizabeth Carnegie has contributed a lot for the people and has also worked as an Educator, Author as well as a long-time active member of  AAHN. Elizabeth is one of those outstanding personalities in the history of Black nurses, who continue to inspire young students especially females. Before her death, Elizabeth left $125,172.06 to NEF to be used explicitly for Black nurses enrolled in Doctoral programs in memory of Dr. M. Elizabeth Carnegie.

To obtain this scholarship, you must demonstrate your academic excellence, should be enrolled in full- or part-time Doctoral programs with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher. Proving yourselves the residents of the U.S is mandatory.

Provided By: American Association for the History of Nursing.
Education Level: Postgraduate and Doctoral
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Mae & Mary Legacy Foundation Scholarship

A scholarship for students of African American origin, the Mary & Mar Legacy Foundation Scholarship is only for students who are pursuing careers in the healthcare profession, and are in need of financial support.

If you are currently a High School Senior or have recently graduated, and are currently enrolled in a two/four-year Healthcare program, then this scholarship is just for you. Winners can use the scholarship amount for tuition, books, fees, or other needs while attending the institution. Read in detail about the application criteria from the link given below.

Provided By: Mae  & Mary  Legacy Foundation, Inc.
Amount: Varies
Education Level: High School (Senior)
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Ron Brown Scholarship

Every year, the Ron Brown Scholar Program offers scholarships amounting to up to $40,000 to African American students with outstanding academic performances. Students can enroll themselves in any discipline to avail of this scholarship however, they must attend an accredited four-year College or University of their choice within the United States. There are almost no particular criteria for this scholarship except that students must be Black/African American, U.S citizens, or permanent residents, and must be current High School seniors at the time of their application.

Provided By: Ron Brown Scholar Program
Amount:Up to $40,000
Education Level: High School (Seniors)
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The Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program

The Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program offered by the United Negro College Fund paves the opportunity for African American students to win an exciting amount of $10,000 as a scholarship amount that they can use in pursuing their higher studies. One male and one female High School senior with academic excellence and potential will be awarded this scholarship, based on their financial needs and application.

The students must however be enrolled in accredited public or private historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”) form. Students who demonstrate their financial needs clearly, and are able to show their commitment to community service will be given preference.

Provided By: United Negro College Fund
Education Level: High School (Senior)
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Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship

The last scholarship on our list, the Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship is named after the late Agnes who was an active member of the NAACP, from the San Francisco branch. This scholarship is offered with an aim to support African American students who dream to become successful Nurses to serve their community. Students who have demonstrated academic excellence, and have the potential to make their dreams come true will be winning this scholarship amount. A total 25 deserving students will be selected for this scholarship based on their financial needs, and their programs.

Provided By: Poise Foundation
Amount: $2,000
Education Level: College
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That’s all for the best Scholarships offered especially for Black Nursing Students. All of these scholarships on our list will provide the required financial support to aspiring Nurses who dream to become successful Healthcare Professionals and serve their community. The scholarships are offered by organizations to Students who have the capability and the potential to achieve what they dream of. So if you think you are one of those students who have the potential and academic results to obtain any of these scholarships, then you must apply asap.

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